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Auction 166
World Banknotes , Netherland Indies & , and (112) in mixed grades comprising Philippines Bank of the Philippine Islands (2) including Pick 23 series 1933 serial number E64672E. Pick 22 series of 1933 serial number E290486E. Philippines 5 Pesos Pick 83a series of 1936 serial number D2132309D. Philippine 5 Pesos Pick 46b">Pick 46b signatures Mercado & Concepcion serial number A1500569A. World War II Emergency & Guerrilla Currency Apayao Legal Tender 2 Pesos Pick S113 number 4971 ND (1942) "Arms" Issue. Philippines Certificate 10 Pesos Pick 84a serial number D33440D. Philippine National Bank Emergency Cebu Guerrilla 5 Pesos Pick S219 serial number 188452. Philippine National Bank Emergency Iloilo City 2 Pesos Pick S306 serial number 677028N, the "Iloilo Currency Committee" was created by president Quezon in a telegram dated 29.12.1941 and C. S. Cervantes, manager of the PNB-Iloilo Branch, became chairman. Board of Mountain Province Emergency note 2 Pesos Pick S596a serial number 3159. of The Philippines (11) including Pick 132 serial number BJ306696. 1 Pesos ND (2) Pick 133g serial number SZ498342 & Pick 133h serial number XM648258. 2 Pesos ND (2) Pick 134b serial number AG152731 and Pick 134d serial number DP 660149. 5 Pesos Pick 135f serial number EY999194. 10 Pesos Pick 136e serial number EC924458. 20 Pesos Pick 137d serial number DJ777984. 50 Pesos Pick 138d serial number L581195. Pick 139 serial number A070144. 200 Pesos Pick 140 serial number A009642. Netherland Indies (4) including 10 Gulden Pick 79b serial AI 01539 dated 16th September 1938. 10 Gulden Pick 79a serial CX 08151 dated 16th January 1934. Pick 80a serial EC 07754 dated 17th January 1935. 5 Gulden / Rupiah Pick 88 dated 1946 series DBD 043454. Indonesia (64) some of which include 400 Rupiah Possible facsimile. Dutch Civil Administration 1st December 1947 set (2) including Pick 31 and 2 Pick 32. Republik Indonesia (2) including 01.01.1947 "ORI II" Issue 5 Rupiah Pick 21 variety 1 with 2 block letters serial number Hr 637933 and 26.07.1947 "ORI III" Issue 100 Rupiah like Pick 29 possible Facsimile. Republic Indonesia Serikat (d Republic of Indonesia) 10 Rupiah Pick 37 dated 1st January 1950 serial number E/8 027216. Republic Indonesia 1951 & 1953 "Small Change" Issues (2) including h Pick 38 serial number C/D 199589 and 2 1/2 Rupiah Pick 39 dated 1953 serial number C/G 666088. Republic Indonesia 1 Rupiahs (2) Pick 72 and Pick 74. Bank Indonesia 1952 issues (4) comprising 10 Rupiah Pick 43b, 50 Rupiah Pick 45, 100 Rupiah Pick 46 and 1000 Rupiah Pick 48. Maldives (5) including 2 s Pick 3b dated 1960. 5 Rufiyaa Pick 10a. 10 Rufiyaa Pick 11a. 20 Rufiyaa Pick 12a and Pick 14a. Malaysia Pick 31.

Auction 166
World Banknotes (163) in mixed grades average VF - GVF and better including s some of which constively numbered (10) including 1976 no plate letter Pick 77t (8) and 1985 Pick 78Aa (2). 1 Rupees (23) including Pick 117c dated 2017 (17) a ly numbered set 80A 853301 - 80A 853317. Pick 77t dated 1976 no plate letter (3). Pick 77w plate letter A dated 1979. 2 Rupees ND (10) comprising signature I. G. Patel (1977-1982) Plate letter B Pick 53e, a consecutive pair signature I. G. Patel (1977-1982) Plate letter C Pick 53f (2) and signature Venkitaramanan (1997) Plate letter B Pick 53Ae (7) a consecutively numbered pair and consecutive set of 5 notes. 2 Rupees (9) including Pick 53e Plate letter B signature I. G. Patel 1977-1982 (4). Pick 53f Plate letter C signature I. G. Patel 1977-1982. Pick 79i Plate letter B signature Malhotra (4) in 2 sets of consecutively numbered pairs. Pick 80o ND without plate letter and with text below Asoka Column signature Malhotra (10) all with prefix 81B and close numbers and in 2 consecutive sets of 4 notes each along with a pair. 5 Rupees Pick 80o no plate letter signature Malhotra with text below Asoka Column (10) series 81B 128615 along with a consecutively numbered set of 9 notes series 81B 128621 - 81B 128629. some of which consecutively numbered (13) including Pick 88c, Pick 88d (4) 10 Rupees ND (9) comprising signature Malhotra (1985-1990) Plate letter F Pick 60k along with signature Venkitaramanan (1997) small serial number Pick 60Ac (8) all with prefix 03P and come in a consecutive pair and a consecutive set of 6. 10 Rupees (12) including Pick 69a signature L. K. Jha. Pick 57a signature Bhattacharya (1962-1967) title cantered below signature (2). Pick 60k signature Malhatora 1985-1990 Plate letter F (2). Pick 60Ac small serial number signature Venkitaramanan 1997 (2). Pick 81g Plate letter B signature Malhotra (3). Pick 88d Plate letter B signature C. Rangarajan (2) a consecutive pair 39A 593699 - 39A 593700. 20 Rupees ND (4) including Plate letter B signature C. Rangarajan with text below Asoka Column Pick 82i (2) series 69V 866000 & 81T 687606 along with Plate letter B signature Malhotra Pick 82h (2) series 73A 790274 & 73A 790238. 20 Rupees signature C. Rangarajan with text below Asoka column (2) including Pick 82i Plate letter B and Pick 82j Plate letter C. Pick 84j ND Plate letter C signature C. Rangarajan (3) a consecutively numbered trio 3KA 829737 - 3KA 829739. 50 Rupees Pick 84j Plate letter C signature C. Rangarajan (3). (5) including Pick 62a (2) and Pick 62b (3). 100 Rupees (12) including No Plate letter signature Malhotra Pick 86c (2) prefixes 1CF & 1BG. No Plate letter signature S. Venkitaramanan Pick 86d (3) prefix JAS, 3CE & 4DH. No Plate letter signature C. Rangarajan Pick 86f (4) prefixes 3SQ, 0QK,6VA & 9RN. Plate letter A signature S. Venkitaramanan Pick 86e prefix 6CB. Plate letter A signature C. Rangarajan Pick 86g prefix 8LN. Plate letter B signature C. Rangarajan Pick 86h prefix 4BF. 100 Rupees (6) including Pick 62a signature Bhattacharya (1962-1967) FIRST series AA1 596962. Pick 86a Plate letter A signature S. Venkitaramanan (2). Signature C. Rangarajan without Plate letter Pick 86f (2), Plate letter A Pick 86g and Plate letter B Pick 86h. Ink Offset s parts of obverse design Mirror transferred on reverse (5) including No plate letter signature Bilmal Jalan Pick 93a, plate letter C signature Bimal Jalan Pick 93d and No plate letter signature C. Rangarajan Pick 92a (3). 500 Rupees (4) including 2009 no plate letter Pick 99p, 2010 plate letter L Pick 99v, 2014 signature Raghuram G. Rajan no plate letter Pick 106j and 2015 serial number of same height plate letter E Pick 106o. Gandhi 500 Rupees (8) including 2009 no plate letter issues Pick 99p (4) all with prefix OGW and a fairly close numbers along with new Rupee Symbol issues (4) including 2012 no plate letter Pick 106b prefix OFF, 2014 signature Raghuram G. Rajan no plate letter Pick 106j prefix JBQ and 2015 serial numbers of same height and plate letter E Pick 106o (2) a consecutively numbered pair JVQ 749802 & JVQ 749803. Gandhi (5) including 2012 plate letter L issues Pick 100w (4) and 2013 plate letter L Pick 107g.

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