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Auction 166
World Banknotes (10) in mixed grades comprising Fiji Government Administration 1937-1951 King portrait issues (3) 5 s Pick 37g dated 1st January 1946 signatures Robertson, Banting and Hayward serial number B/4 151287 and the note in blue on brown and blue underprint featuring King George VI facing 3/4 left and Coat of Arms at upper centre on obverse. 10 Shillings Pick 38k dated 1st June 1951 and last date of issue signatures Taylor, Donovan and Smith serial number B/5 162141 and the note in brown on blue underprint featuring King George VI facing 3/4 left and Coat of Arms at upper centre on obverse. 1 Pick 40d dated 1st August 1949 signatures Taylor, Banting and Smith serial number B/4 174876 and the note in green on red underprint featuring a portrait of King George VI now facing forward and Coat of Arms at upper centre. Fiji Government 1942 World War II Emergency Shillings issues (3) 1 Pick 47a dated 1st July 1942 serial number P/1 039396 signatures Robertson, Martin and Banting and this black on green underprint featuring a holed Penny coin at lower right and Coat of Arms in the underprint and the reverse with a guilloche panel and the reverse of the Penny Coin dated 1942. This note although it was nothing of value at the time was a source of amusement for the n GI's that were in Fiji, because it featured a holed Penny on the note and they thought of a penny in very different terms. Being low value and paper many of the GI's sent them back to their families with their letters home. 1 Shilling Pick 49b dated 1st September 1942 Block letter B 5-digit serial number 00798 signatures Robertson, Banting & Martin and partial watermark "Gowen EXTRA STRONG". Pick 50a dated 1st January 1942 serial number 159168 signatures Robertson, Hayward & Banting. The 1 Penny printed by Government Printer and the Shillings - Fiji Government Printer, letter press. Fiji Government British Administration H.M. Queen young portrait 1953-67 issues (3) Pick 51d dated 1st September 1964 serial number C/13 172650 signatures Richie, Griffiths & Cruickshank and the note in grey-blue on lilac underprint. 10 Shillings Pick 52e dated 1st October 1965 signatures Richie, Griffiths & Cruickshank (2) close serial numbers C/9 84561 & C/9 84580. The notes in brown on pink, yellow and green underprint. Government of Fiji Ad-Interim Currency Board Pick 64a ND 1971 serial number A/2 690284 signature Wesley Barret titled Chairman Currency Board and the note in blue-green on multicolour featuring H.M. II at right and Coat of Arms at upper centre on obverse and Thatched bure (house) and coconut Palm trees on reverse.

Auction 165
World Banknotes World a collection in mixed grades mostly circa 1900's and mostly issues, some duplication. Includes 10 s Pick 38k dated 1st June 1951. The Rothmans Cambridge of Rare Banknotes Presentation Wallets (3). Issues in homemade protective cases made from " & Co. 100 Cream Laid Envelopes" box tops and glass and notes easily removable (2) comprising Huddersfield Bank 1 dated 22nd August 1806 For Perfect, Seaton, Brook & Co. with Perfect crossed out Entered Harris and signed Brooks ( Outing 1001 for Type unlisted variety ) and Bank 1 Guinea dated 17th October 1806 For Frans, Wm. Ingram & Co. Entered signed with initials AD ( Outing 877a ) Both scarce

Auction 123
World Banknotes (12) all QE2 portrait issues, $1 Pick13k GEF, $5 Pick18v, $1 Pick21k, $1 Pick21L, $1 Pick21u, $5 Pick22L2, $5 Pick31k, $5 Pick31v, $10 Pick38k, $10 Pick43m,$20 Pick44v these all UNC plus $50 Pick45v about UNC to UNC

Auction 120
World Banknotes (14) QE2 portraits 1965 to 2003, $5 (6) Pick14h, 14i, 18a, 18g, 18m & 18u, $10 (3) Pick38k, 43m & 43u, $20 (4) Pick44a, 44m, 44u & 44v and $50 Pick45v, mostly about UNC to mainly UNC

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