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Pick 341b

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Auction 170
English Banknotes Great Britain (92) a mixed circulated group mostly average Fine/VF some better with examples from England, Scotland and Jersey circa 1950's to modern. Comprising (72) including O'Brien 10 Shillings (2) B271 Britannia medallion prefix C60Y originally hidden in jewellery or similar along with the QE2 portrait B286 prefix E20. QE2 portrait examples (10) including 10 Shillings (6) consisting of B294 prefix X97 and B295 (5) prefixes 47A, 31D, 80D, 46H and 75H. Also 1 Pounds (4) B292 G reverse (2) FIRST prefix A48N and A74N. Along with B288 (2) prefixes A90Y along with a BINARY number C99R 777744. QE2 portrait (20) including 10 Shillings (13) consisting of B309 (6) prefixes 57S, 20W, 85X, 22Y, 30Y and 68Z. B310 (6) prefixes B93N, C25N, C40N, C67N, C68N and D02N. And B311 prefix M67. Also, 1 Pounds (7) including 305 (2) prefixes R33D and R86E and the scarcer B307 G reverse gaps (5) prefixes R15L, R64L, R71L, R74L and R90L. 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial & portrait issues (10) consisting of B320 prefix Y55B and B322 (6) prefixes BW21, BZ49, BU68, DX16, EX63 and HS07. Along with the pictorial B337 prefix K32 and B339 (2) prefixes 07R and 26X. QE2 pictorial (28) including 1 Pounds B341 W Reverse (27) prefixes AY04, AY60, Z53 (5) 4 + 1 closely numbered to them, BU27, BZ72, CN05, CN15, CS33 (2) consecutive, CU77, CZ26, CX11, CX44, DT34, DT51, DU48, DX11, DX13, DX51, DY08 and DY13 (3) consecutive. Along with a 5 Pounds B343 L Reverse prefix HY73. And a pair of 5 Pounds QE pictorial B353 L Reverse (2) prefix SE09 and SE38. Together with Scotland (16) various issuers including Bank of Scotland 1 Pounds (3) Pick 111d 15th October 1979 signatures Clydesmuir & Pattulo (2) prefixes D/ and D/7, along with Pick 111f 9th November 1984 signatures Risk & Pattulo prefix D/66. Limited 1 Pounds (5) consisting of Pick 329a 19th March 1969 signatures Robertson & Burke prefix A/10. Pick 341a 3rd May 1982 prefix C/65 signature Winter. And, Pick 341b 4th January 1984 signature Winter (3) prefixes C/98 and D/1 (2). The Royal Bank of Scotland plc 1 Pounds Pick 351a (6) 5 dated 13th December 1988 prefixes A/50, A/55, A/58, A/64 and A68 along with a 19th December 1990 prefix B/16. plc (2) including 1 Pound Pick 211c signature Hamilton 25th November 1985 prefix D/CZ and 5 pounds Pick 218c signature Goodwin 1st December 1997 prefix E/DX. Along with the Jersey 1 Pounds group (4) including Pick 11b signature Leslie May prefix MB, first prefix for signature type. Pick 15 signature Leslie May value at upper left outlined prefix BC. And the Pick 20 signature George Baird value at upper left filled (2) prefixes MC and GC. An interesting and varied group
£120 London Coins : A170 : Lot 18 : Great Britain (92) a mixed circulated group mostly average Fine/VF some better with examples from En... London Coins : A170 : Lot 18 : Great Britain (92) a mixed circulated group mostly average Fine/VF some better with examples from En...

Auction 168
World Banknotes Royal Bank of plc 1 s 1980's onwards (28) including some commemorative issues, the majority in constively numbered sets, consists of 2 different designs and most in about UNC - UNC including 3 VF-GVF examples. Comprising Pick 341b (PMS RB80b, BY SC831b) signature C. R. Winter Wilkinson printing and without sorting marks (6) a ly numbered set serial numbers C/82 440765 - C/82 440770. Pick 346 (PMS RB90a, BY SC833a) dated 19th December 1990 signature R. M. Maiden (8) a consecutively numbered set serial numbers B/20 886064 - B/20 886071. Pick 351c (PMS RB90c, BY SC833c) signature G. R. Mathewson (2) containing a first date for issue 24th March 1992 serial number B/53 608737 along with 24th February 1993 serial number B/87 361906. Pick 351e (PMS RB92b, BY SC833f) signature F. Goodwin and a last date of issue for type 1st October 2001 (6) a consecutively numbered set serial numbers C/89 828515 - C/89 828520 . The Commemorative issues consist of the following - an Summit Edinburgh 1992 Commemorative issue Pick 356 (PMS RB93, BY SC834) dated 8th December 1992 signature G. R. Mathewson (4) a consecutively numbered set serial numbers EC 1393557 - EC 1393560. 150th Anniversary of Birth of Alexander Graham Bell Commemorative issue Pick 359 (PMS RB95, BY SC836) dated 3rd March 1997 serial number AGB 0820873. And a First Meeting of Scottish Parliament Commemorative issue Pick 360 (PMS RB96, BY SC837) dated 12th May 1999 serial number SP 0577032. A various and attractive lot
£65 London Coins : A168 : Lot 258 : Royal Bank of Scotland plc 1 Pounds 1980's onwards (28) including some commemorative issues, th... London Coins : A168 : Lot 258 : Royal Bank of Scotland plc 1 Pounds 1980's onwards (28) including some commemorative issues, th...

Auction 166
World Banknotes (15) in mixed grades comprising The 1 s Pick 324b signed Balnetine serial AK945722. The Royal bank of Scotland Limited Pick 336a dated 1st May 1979 signature Burke serial number A/71 095547. The Royal Bank of Scotland plc 1 Pounds (3) including Pick 341b signed Winter serial number D/24 682915, Pick 346 signed Maiden serial number A/2 177752 and Pick 356 dated 8th December 1992 "an Summit Edinburgh" Commemorative Issue signed Mathewson serial number EC1194826. The of Scotland 5 Pounds Pick S817a (Calloway-Murphy UB69a, BY SC913a) dated 5th February 1952 signed Morrison serial number B359/113. plc 1 Pound Pick 211c dated 8th April 1985 serial number D/CX 072764. Bank of Scotland (2) including 1 Pound Pick 111f dated 7th October 1983 signed Risk & pattullo serial number D/49 0928283 along with 5 Pounds Pick 112f dated 12th September 1984 serial number DA358098. Clydesdale & North of Scotland Bank Limited 1 Pound Pick 191b (Calloway-Murphy CL24d, BY SC311b) dated 1st May 1958 serial number A/R 635343. The Linen Bank (4) comprising 1 Pounds (3) including Walker signature issues Pick 166c (Calloway-Murphy BL71b, BY SC208b) dated 1st July 1963 serial number D/4 134644 and Pick 168 (Calloway-Murphy BL71b, BY SC208b) dated 13th June 1967 serial number S/4 642817, Pick 169a (Calloway-Murphy BL75, BY SC210) dated 5th November 1969 signed Walker serial number B/5 097924 along with 5 Pounds Pick 167a (Calloway-Murphy BL76a, BY SC216a) dated 21st September 1962 serial number D/12 117689 signed Anderson. The of Scotland Limited 1 Pound Pick S331a (Calloway-Murphy CO61d, BY SC404c) dated 22nd June 1938 signed Irving & Thomson serial number E/24 219389.

Auction 134
World Banknotes Royal Bank PLC £1 (4) dated 1982 series C/61 Pick341a GVF, 1985 series D/29 EF+ Pick341b, 1986 D/59 EF Pick341Aa and 1986 first series D/68 GEF Pick341Ab

Auction 113
World Banknotes Royal Bank £1 (2) dated 1983, prefix C/67 Pick 341b and 1986 prefix D/57 Pick 341Aa, both about UNC to UNC

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