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Pick 322d

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Auction 167
World Banknotes & (23) in various grades VF-GVF to UNC comprising The (11) including W H Egan reverse 1 s Pick 324b (PMS RB55h, BY SC803) dated 1st March 1957 signature Ballantyne (2) a constively numbered pair including a BINARY REPEATER serial number AN 577577 & AN 577578. 1 Pounds (4) signature Dick Pick 322d (PMS RB55, BY SC802f) and a very FIRST date and prefix for this type 1st December 1953 serial number AA 332699. Signature Ballantyne and the variety with the hidden W H Egan on reverse Pick 324b (PMS RB55h, PMS SC803) (2) dated 1st October 1957 and 2nd December 1963 and serial numbers AP 371867 and BP 727353 respectively. Along with the changed size Robertson signature Pick 325b (PMS RB56b, SC804b) dated 1st June 1966 serial number CO 432878. 1 Pounds (4) including Robertson signature David Dale portrait issue Pick 327a (PMS RB63, BY SC805) dated 1st September 1967 serial number A/14 930285. Robertson & Burke signatures Rail bridges Pick 329a (PMS RB68, BY SC814a) dated 19th March 1969 serial number A/7 926660. PLC issues signature Winter issues Pick 341Aa (PMS RB80c, SC831) dated 1st May 1986 (2) serial numbers D/38 570007 & D/66 770912. Also includes a Bank of Scotland Daniels & Kane signatures Pick 124b (PMS BA127b, BY SC124b) dated 19th January 2009 serial number AU 571016. Along with Gibraltar Government Thomas printing (11) including 1 Pounds Pick 20e dated 4th August 1988 (10) ly numbered set serial numbers L 629515 through L 629524 along with Pick 22b dated 21st October 1986 serial number A 921635. A very attractive and collectable group
£220 London Coins : A167 : Lot 1591 : Scotland & Gibraltar (23) in various grades VF-GVF to UNC comprising The Royal Bank of Scotland ... London Coins : A167 : Lot 1591 : Scotland & Gibraltar (23) in various grades VF-GVF to UNC comprising The Royal Bank of Scotland ...

Auction 142
World Banknotes £1 dated 1st October 1954 series AD152516, Pick322d, pressed EF
£8 London Coins : A142 : Lot 361 : Scotland Royal Bank of Scotland £1 dated 1st October 1954 series AD152516, Pick322d, p...

Auction 134
World Banknotes Royal Bank £1 dated 1st April 1953 first series Y/1 934478 signed Dick, Pick322d, lightly pressed, about UNC

Auction 134
World Banknotes Royal Bank £1 dated 1st August 1953 last series Z/1 617456 signed Dick, Pick322d, light stains reverse, about VF

Auction 122
World Banknotes (5) £1 dated 1954, 1960 and 1962, £5 dated 1959, and smaller size dated 1964, Pick322d, Pick324b, Pick323c and Pick326a, gFine to VF

Auction 110
World Banknotes Royal Bank s (4) includes 1947 Pick322b pressed, 1954, Pick322d pressed, 1965 and 1967, average GVF

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