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Pick 181f

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Auction 166
World Banknotes World (42) in mixed grades includes some about UNC - UNC notes comprising 5 s QE2 pictorial & The B343 (Pick 378c, BY BE113c) issue 1980 prefix LR40. (2) including Pick 176b. 100 Escudos Pick 178b. (4) including 1st July 1925 issues Pick 69c (2). 15th August 1928 Pick 76b without prefix letter in serial number 6534651. 17th November 1970 Pick 152. (6) including Pick 103b">Pick 103b (2). s (4) including Pick 119c (2) and a constive pair Pick 119e (2). (2) including 1 Dollar Pick 18a and Pick 10. Pick 81a. South 10 Jeon Pick 28. Pick 91. (22) including H.S.B.C. 5 Dollars (16) including Pick 181c (4) various dates, Pick 181d (2) 1970 and 1971 issues along with Pick 181e 1972 and Pick 181f 1973. The (6) including 5 Dollars (3) Pick 73a and Pick 73b (2). Pick 74a (3). Emergency World War II issues (8) including Cebu 1 Peso Pick S215. The "Cebu Currency Committee" was created by president Quezon in a telegram dated 29.12.1941. C. Mda, acting manager of the PNB-Cebu Branch, became chairman. Mindanao Emergency Currency Board (7) including (5) Pick S507 series of 1943 CC. Pick S526a (3) series of 1944 along with Pick S517b series of 1944 C. (2) Pick S498a series of 1943 BB number 55946 and Pick S508a series of 1943 BB number 61140. Pick 99c. 3 Rublya Pick 214a.

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (42) - (29) & (13) group in mixed circulated grades, some duplication, comprising Companhia de Mozambique (13) 5 Libras Esterlinas Pick R32 15th January 1934, along with Portugal (29) - (2) 4th October 1978 Pick 176b, 20 Escudes (2) 27th July 1971, 20 Escudos (7) 26th May 1964 Pick 167a & Pick 167b, 50 Escudos(2) Pick 168 dated 28th February 1964, 100 Escudos (3) Pick 178b dated 24th February 1981 & Pick 178c (2) dated 12th March 1985, 100 Escudos (2) Pick 179f dated 24th November 1988, 100 Escudos (3) Pick 169a (2) dated 30th November 1965 & Pick 169b dated 20th September 1978, 500 Escudos Pick 177 dated 4th October 1979, 500 Escudos (2) Pick 180d dated 13th February 1992 & Pick 180f dated 4th November 1993, (2) Pick 175e dated 26th October 1982, 1000 Escudos(2) Pick 181b dated 12th June 1986 & Pick 181f dated 9th November 1989, and 2000 Escudos Pick 186c dated 16th July 1992

Auction 165
World Banknotes and Banking Corporation (10) comprising Pick 181a signature titles Chief Accountant and Chief Manager dated 2nd May 1959 serial number 938050 AF, Pick 181c (2) dated 31st July 1967 serial number 255974 BV and 27th March 1969 serial number 134649 CU, Pick 181d (2) dated 1st April 1970 serial number 902628 DD and 18th March 1971 serial number 378372 DP, Pick 181d signature titles now Chief Accountant and General Manager (2) dated 13th March 1972 serial number 427537 DW and 31st October 1972 serial number 577427 EK, Pick 181f small serial number (3) dated 31st October 1973 serial number 282905 FC and 31st March 1975 (2) serial numbers 460789 FR & 724266 FW. All in brown on multicolour underprint woman seated at right and bank arms and denomination in wording at centre on obverse and new bank building at centre and value at left on reverse. Watermark helmeted warrior and denomination. Printed by , Wilkinson & Co Ltd New Malden Surrey England. Mixed high grades
£60 London Coins : A165 : Lot 621 : Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation 5 Dollars (10) comprising Pick 181a signature titles Chie... London Coins : A165 : Lot 621 : Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation 5 Dollars (10) comprising Pick 181a signature titles Chie...

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