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Pick 155c

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Auction 166
World Banknotes (9) in mixed high grades GVF and above comprising Pick 98a dated 22nd July 1943 series Q.46 57483. (2) including Pick 99e dated 22nd June 1944 series J.85 34780 and Pick 147c dated 5th March 1970 series B.564 83701. Pick 100c dated 29th January 1948 series N.171 88052. Pick 127b dated 8th April 1948 series P.105 26401. (2) including Pick 128b dated 19th May 1949 series T.338 31924 and Pick 149c dated 5th February 1970 series F.458 65107. 200 Francs Pick 155c dated 1988 series G.056 498729. 5000 Francs Pick 131b dated 1st February 1951 series M.39 11476

Auction 166
World Banknotes Banque de France (40) in mixed grades comprising Pick 73e short lived issue from 17.12.1936 to 25.02.1937 dated 17th December 1936 signed Boyer & Srohl. Pick 146b (2) dated 4th September 1969 & 5th May 1967 signed Tondu, Morant & Bouchet. Pick 151i last date of issue 1997 signed Bruneel, Bonnardin & Barroux (2). (6) including Pick 154a dated 1979 signed Strohl, Bouchet & Tronche, Pick 154b (2) dated 1980 & 1983 signed Strohl, Tronche & Dentaud, Pick 154e (2) dated 1990 & 1991 signed Bruneel, Dentaud & Charriau and Pick 154h dated 1994 signed Bruneel, Bonnardin & Vigier. 200 Francs (4) including Pick 155c (2) dated 1988 & 1989 signed Ferman, Dentaud & Charriau and Pick 155e both dated 1992 signed Bruneel, Bonnardin & Charriau. Correct spelling of Saint -Exupery (10) consisting of Pick 157Ab dated 1994 (2) and Pick 157Ad (8) dated 1997 (7) including a constive set of 4 and a pair along with a 1999 issue. 100 Francs 158a (6) dated 1977 (5) & 1998 all signed Bruneel, Bonnardin & Barroux. 200 Francs (9) including Pick 159a (5) dated 1995 & 1996 (4) signed Bruneel, Bonnardin & Vigier, Pick 159b (3) dated 1996 (2) & 1997 signed Bruneel, Bonnardin & Barroux and Pick 159c dated 1999 signed Bruneel, Bonnardin & Barroux. Pick 160a dated 1994 signed Bruneel, Bonnardin & Vigier.

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London Coins holds auctions every three months in Bracknell, Berkshire with a dedicated section for World Banknotes. This section covers paper money from all countries, we include here also Scottish and Irish notes as well as Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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