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Auction 166
World Banknotes (56) a high grade group including Bank of Communication Pick 118q dated 1st October 1914 place of issue (2). Bank of China (28) comprising s (7) including Pick 80 dated 1937 (5) and Pick 84 dated 1940 (2), 10 Yuans (21) including Pick 81 dated 1937 (20) along with Pick 85b dated 1940. The of China (26) comprising Post World War II 20 Customs Gold s Pick 328 dated Shanghai 1930 (2) and 2000 Pick 340 along with 1 Yuan Pick 212a dated 1936 printer Thomas De la Rue & Co., 5 Yuans all dated 1936 but different printers (10) including Pick 217a printer Waterlow & Sons (5) and Pick 213a printer Thomas De la Rue & Co. (5), 10 Yuans (10) including Pick 197g dated 1928 printer n Banknote Company, Pick 214c dated 1936 printer Thomas De la Rue & Co., Waterlow & Sons (8) including Pick 218a (3), Pick 218b & Pick 218d (4) and s Pick 243a (2)

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (24) a mixed group in various grades from F to UNC. (7) a 1951 set comprising 3 Pick 81a series ВЕ 114184. Pick 82a series ВЛ 637183. 10 Leva Pick 83a series ГЯ 251181. 25 Leva Pick 84a">Pick 84a series БГ 861083. 50 Leva Pick 85a series АД 625983. 100 Leva Pick 86a series БА 460883. 200 Leva Pick 87a series АВ 186883. The set comes with a ticket. (10) comprising 1928 Pick 197e series SX313817AZ. 1941 Pick 243a">Pick 243a series KN 427317. 10 Customs Gold s 1930 Pick 327d series YM183008. 20 1930 Pick 328 series VD066821. 10 Yuan SHANGHAI 1st October 1914 Pick 118q series SB474577G. 10 Yuan SHANGHAI 1st October 1914 Pick 118q series SB383217F. 10 Yuan 1935 Pick 155 series B881969U. 1937 Pick 80 series CB533287. 5 Yuan 1940 Pick 84 series M405058A, small hole at margin top centre. $20 dated 01.10.1979 Pick 68a series RT 961317. dated 1st February 1941 portrait Pick 30 series A2 162794, pinholes. ND (1943) George VI Pick 24 series B32 386154, pinholes. Stamford, Spalding & Banking Company, Stamford issue £5 dated 1st May 1901 series No.L7944, Outing 2036f, triangle cut-, bank stamps, pinholes. Provincial Stamford, Spalding and Boston Banking Company £10 dated series No.F4913, Outing 2036h, triangle cut-cancelled, bank stamps. Wisbech & Lincolnshire Bank £5 dated 11th October 1894 No.X5031 for Gurney, Birkbeck, Barclay & Buxton, triangular cut-cancellation through signature, Outing 2382y. Wisbech & Lincolnshire Bank £10 dated 11th October 1894 No.N8550 for Gurney, Birkbeck, Barclay & Buxton, triangular cut-cancellation through signature, Outing 2382aa.

Auction 116
World Banknotes (100) a constive run of Pick118q, dated 1914 , issue, slight wear & some mildew on outer notes, avera

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