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Pick 113c

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Auction 166
World Banknotes World (28) mostly about UNC - UNC including a issue The Bradford Banking Company Cut- with bottom third of note cut away (Outing 247c) number D9737. (22) comprising Limited (10) including 1 Pounds Pick 204c, Pick 211b (2) and Pick 211d. 5 Pounds Pick 218a. (4) including Pick 219a, Pick 226a very FIRST series for type A/AA 494680 along with a constive trio Pick 226f series CG/5 824028 - CG/5 824030. (12) including 5 Pounds (4) Pick 112f, Pick 116b, Pick 119a and Pick 119c. 10 Pounds (8) including Pick 113b, Pick 113c (2), Pick 113d, Pick 117a (2), Pick 120a and Pick 125b. World War II Occupation Pick 1a (BY JE1) serial number JN 580645, trimmed. Charles Commemorative Coin & Banknote Cover Limited Edition of 500 including a 10 Pounds B390 FIRST RUN series AA01 999642 along with a Charles Darwin Commemorative Copper-nickel 1 Coin 1999. Banknote Vignette The unissued Five Note of 1946 1989 UNC as issued serial 4635/20000. Museum on the Mound limited edition presentation folder of Linen Company 1 1819 modern pull pencilled 69/100. Cumberland & Carlisle Bank £5 contemporary pull printed on card dated 180x, a Thomas Berwick engraving, (Outing 435a for type)

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (42) in mixed grades includes some about UNC - UNC notes comprising 5 s QE2 pictorial & The B343 (Pick 378c, BY BE113c) issue 1980 prefix LR40. (2) including Pick 176b. 100 Escudos Pick 178b. (4) including 1st July 1925 issues Pick 69c (2). 15th August 1928 Pick 76b without prefix letter in serial number 6534651. 17th November 1970 Pick 152. (6) including Pick 103b">Pick 103b (2). s (4) including Pick 119c (2) and a constive pair Pick 119e (2). (2) including 1 Dollar Pick 18a and Pick 10. Pick 81a. South 10 Jeon Pick 28. Pick 91. (22) including H.S.B.C. 5 Dollars (16) including Pick 181c (4) various dates, Pick 181d (2) 1970 and 1971 issues along with Pick 181e 1972 and Pick 181f 1973. The (6) including 5 Dollars (3) Pick 73a and Pick 73b (2). Pick 74a (3). Emergency World War II issues (8) including Cebu 1 Peso Pick S215. The "Cebu Currency Committee" was created by president Quezon in a telegram dated 29.12.1941. C. Mda, acting manager of the PNB-Cebu Branch, became chairman. Mindanao Emergency Currency Board (7) including (5) Pick S507 series of 1943 CC. Pick S526a (3) series of 1944 along with Pick S517b series of 1944 C. (2) Pick S498a series of 1943 BB number 55946 and Pick S508a series of 1943 BB number 61140. Pick 99c. 3 Rublya Pick 214a.

Auction 165
World Banknotes (3) Lord Clydesmuir portrait Denomination set comprising 5 s Callaway & Murphy BA 114c ( Pick 112c ) dated 21st November 1977 attractive serial AT 662666 GEF - about UNC. Callaway & Murphy BA 116c ( Pick 113c) dated 20th October 1986 GEF - about UNC. Calloway & Murphy BA118e dated 6th January 1987 series F 795252 about UNC - UNC
£95 London Coins : A165 : Lot 1014 : Scotland (3) Bank of Scotland Lord Clydesmuir portrait Denomination set comprising 5 Pounds Callaway... London Coins : A165 : Lot 1014 : Scotland (3) Bank of Scotland Lord Clydesmuir portrait Denomination set comprising 5 Pounds Callaway...

Auction 165
World Banknotes 1 s (5) including Pick 111c (Calloway-Murphy BA 113c) Clydesmuir & Russell signatures (2) dates & serial numbers as listed 28th October 1974 - C/37 0229207 and 3rd October 1978 C/92 0954754. Pick 111d (Calloway-Murphy BA 113d) Clydesmuir & Pattullo signatures FIRST SERIES LOW serial number D/2 0000101 dated 15th October 1979. Pick 111e (Calloway-Murphy BA113e) LAST prefix for encoded type of Risk & Pattullo signatures serial number D/42 0085141 dated 30th July 1981. Pick 111g (Callaway-Murphy BA 113g) LAST PREFIX and HIGH serial number E/13 0649876 for signatures Risk & Burt dated 19th August 1988 series goes up to E/13 0650000. All in green on multicolour underprint with arms at centre flanked by two women and Sir W. Scott at right on obverse and sailing ship at left, arms at upper centre and lion of Pallas seated at right on reverse. All in high grades
£32 London Coins : A165 : Lot 762 : Scotland Bank of Scotland 1 Pounds (5) including Pick 111c (Calloway-Murphy BA 113c) Clydesmuir &... London Coins : A165 : Lot 762 : Scotland Bank of Scotland 1 Pounds (5) including Pick 111c (Calloway-Murphy BA 113c) Clydesmuir &...

Auction 135
World Banknotes (5) £5 1974 series AB Pick112c GVF, £5 1991 first series EK000341 Pick116b UNC, £10 1981 (2) first series X in GEF and series Z pressed EF & £10 1986 series BR pressed aUNC, these Pick113c

Auction 135
World Banknotes £10 dated 1981 series AA226709 signed Risk/Pattullo, Pick113c UNC

Auction 122
World Banknotes (4) £5 dated 1970 prefix B, £10 (2) dated 1987 prefix CB & 1990 prefix EP and £20 dated 1995 prefix AA, Pick112a, Pick113c, Pick113d and Pick121a, £20 in UNC remainder EF or better

Auction 114
World Banknotes £10 dated 6th August 1987, prefix ZB , Pick113cr, almost UNC

Auction 110
World Banknotes (6) 1975, 1984, 1986, 1990 and 1992 (2), Pick113a, 113c and 117, EF to aUNC

Auction 109
World Banknotes (4) 1981 Pick111e, EF, 1985 Pick112f, good Fine, 1986 Pick113c, VF and 1987 Pick114e

Auction 109
World Banknotes (2) £10 1987 prefix CP Pick113c GVF and £1 1988 prefix E/5 Pick111g last date aUNC

Auction 108
World Banknotes dated 14th Oct. 1983, Pick113c(r), pre

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