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London Coins Auction 159
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Auction 158
World Bulk Lots World in an album with strength in sized issues many of these in , an unusual fantasy 1964 pliar details probably base metal and including the sought after Caribbean issues from the 1970 , , |, , St Lucia, St Christopher, and St Vincent (lot) mixed grades many in Unc

Auction 155
World Cased FAO Four s issues (8) 1970, 1970, 1970, 1970, St. Vincent 1970, St. Lucia 1970, 1970, St. Kitts 1970 nFDC to FDC in the blue boxes of issue some of the cases a little dirty

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots FAO Album 1 issued in 1971 52 coins from 33 different countries some in and including the sort after Caribbean from , Dominca, , St Christopher Nevis , , St Lucia and St Vincent, along with individual FAO Pages 4a and 6 which include 33 more coins, so 85 coins total in this lot in Unc

Auction 140
World Coins ed Coinage 12 Dogs (2 Bits - ) 1772-1789 KM#10 a cut quarter segment of a Colonial Obverse countermark Cross, Reverse Countermarked with three M's, host coin date visible (1781) weight 6.85 grammes, host coin largely smooth, countermarks Fine and bold, extremely rare and the first we have offered, our research indicates a specimen of similar appearance without the host coins date fetched £2600 hammer price in a London saleroom in September 2010
£1,800 London Coins : A140 : Lot 1616 : Montserrat Countermarked Coinage 12 Dogs (2 Bits - Quarter Dollar) 1772-1789 KM#10 a cut quarter seg... London Coins : A140 : Lot 1616 : Montserrat Countermarked Coinage 12 Dogs (2 Bits - Quarter Dollar) 1772-1789 KM#10 a cut quarter seg...

Auction 136
English Cased The 2003 Collection comprising Two Pounds 2003 DNA Proof, One Pound 2003 and Fifty Pence WSPU Proof, Two Pounds 1999 Rugby Hologram Reverse Silver Proof Piedfort, Two Pounds 1999 Silver Proof, One Pound 2001 Silver Proof Piedfort, One Pound 2002 Silver Proof Piedfort, Fifty Pence 2003 WSPU Silver Proof Piedfort, Montserrat Ten Dollars 1998 Volcano Appeal Silver proof FDC in the cases of issue with certificates

Auction 134
World Bulk Lots FAO Money Album 1 the red album contains 52 coins from 33 countries includes the seven 4 coins from , , , St. Christopher Nevis , , Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent all UNC as issued

Auction 134
World Cased 1992 Two Pounds to One Penny FDC in the case of issue with certificate, Ten Dollar 1998 Appeal Fund Silver Proof with coloured reverse FDC in the case of issue with certificate, Three Dollars (2) 1997 Silver Proof, 1998 Silver Proof FDC in the case of issue with certificate, Medals (2) Tercentenary of the Eddystone Lighthouse 1998 63mm diameter in toned weighing 152.9 grammes UNC toned, boxed with certificate, of the Birth of R.J.Mitchell 1995 Silver Proof FDC boxed with certificate

Auction 128
World Banknotes East Caribbean $100 issued 2003 suffix M for , Pick46m, UNC

Auction 128
World Banknotes East Caribbean $5 (4) issued 2003 suffix M for , a numbered run, Pick42m, UNC

Auction 123
English Cased 1998, Proof Sets (5) Red Leather (3) 1993, 1994, 1998, Blue Sets (2) 1997, 1999, Five Pound Crown 1998 Silver Proof FDC, Two Pounds Britannia 1998 Silver Proof FDC, Two Pounds 1998 (2), 1994 Bank of England Silver Proof Piedfort, Two Pounds (3) 1994 Bank of England Silver Proof, 1995 Peace Dove Silver Proof, 1998 Silver Proof, One Pound Silver Proof Piedfort 1993, One Pound (3) 1992, 1994, 1998 Silver Proofs, Fifty Pence (5) 1994 D-Day Silver Proof Piedfort, 1998 NHS Silver Proof Piedfort, 1994 Silver Proof, 1998 NHS Silver Proof, 1998 EU Silver Proof, Fifty Pence a two-coin set 1998 EU and NHS coins Silver Proof Piedforts, Allied Invasion of Europe a three coin set comprising France One Franc 1993 Silver Proof, GB Fifty Pence 1994 D-Day Landings, USA One Dollar 1995 Silver Proofs, Montserrat Ten Dollars 1998 Silver Proof with coloured surface all FDC cased as issued most with certificates, Mint Sets (3) 1967 (unofficial) 1993, 1994 , Five Pound Crown 1998 UNC, Coin and stamp set 1993 Five Pound Crown and Ten Pound Stamp UNC on card, The Royal Portrait collection a four coin set comprising Crowns (2) 1965, 1972, Five Pound Crowns (2) 1990, 1998 UNC, Two Pounds 1994 Bank of England, Fifty Pence 1994 D-Day UNC, 1998 NHS UNC, Fifty Pence a two-coin set 1998 NHS and EU UNC, Britains First Decimal Coins 1968/71 UNC these in the Royal Mint wallets of issue, Crowns (2) 1965, 1981 A/UNC-UNC, Two Pounds 1986 Games EF, Florin 1955 Fine, Medallic First Day Cover 1975 The Railway Sesquicentennial 150th of the Worlds First Steam Passenger Train comprising medal in .925 silver UNC plus four stamps, Last Run of the Orient Express 1977 Medallic issue plus two stamps UNC, Apollo Soyuz Space Mission 1975 Coin and stamp cover UNC

Auction 116
World Banknotes (10) QE2 portraits, $1 Pick13f, $5 Pick14h, $5 Pick26m , $5 Pick31k St Kitts, $5 Pick31m, $5 Pick31v St Vincent, $10

Auction 109
World Cased Ten s 1998 , Ten Dollars 1998 Silver Proof, 1998 Silver Proof, Guernsey 1998 Silver

Auction 102
World Cased FAO Four s 1970 (7) , , , , , Saint Christopher & Nevis. Saint Lucia issues FDC or near so in the

Auction 101
World Bulk Lots Caribbean (60) 1955-1991 24 different types plus 36 additional dates, , , , St. Lucia & Unified Areas F-Un

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