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Montenegro : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 166
World Banknotes , , , & (38) in mixed grades average VF and above to about UNC - UNC comprising Slovenia (9) including r Pick 1. 2 Tolarjev Pick 2. 5 Tolarjev Pick 3. 10 Tolarjev Pick 4. 50 Tolarjev Pick 13. 100 Tolarjev Pick 14. 200 Tolarjev Pick 15a. 500 Tolarjev Pick 16a. World War II Occupation Savings Bank of The Province of Ljubliana (Laibach) 1000 Lire Pick R9 dated 14th September 1944 series A number 055228 in deep purple on brown and pale blue underprint featuring a portrait of a Woman wearing a National costume hat at left and The Slovene Home Guard Coat of Arms represented by a Crowned eagle with a checkered crescent on its chest. The Slovene Home Guard was an anti-Partisan organization that was active during the 1943-1945 of the formerly Italian-occupied Province of Ljubliana. It consisted of former Village Sentries part of Italian-sponsored Anti- Volunteer Militia re-organized under command after the Italian Armistice 3rd September 1943. Combined with other 2 "Home Guard" s they were formed exclusively of ethnic Slovenes which at their peak had a combined membership of around 21000 men, 15000 of which were in the Ljubliana Province. Macedonia (5) including 1993 Issues (2) including 10 s Pick 9a and 20 Dinars Pick 10a">Pick 10a Along with 1992 issues (3) including 10 s Pick 1a, 25 Denars Pick 2a and 5000 Denars Pick 7a. Montenegro (8) including Army Administration 1917-18 (K.u.K. Militarverwaltung) Convertible Voucher 5 Perper = 2 Munzperper 50 Para Pick M150 dated Cetinje (the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro), 5th July 1917 serial number 081283. The note with black text and purple frame on green underprint and reverse with black text and green frame on red underprint. Both sides featuring the Austro-Hungarian Lesser Coat of arms of Cisleithania and Transleithania under the Crown and the Crown of Saint respectively, linked by the crowned Habsburg-Lorraine armorials, the Order of the Golden Fleece with the Latin motto on the bottom 'Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter' meaning Indivisable and Inseparable in the underprint. 1 Perper Pick 15a series A.55 number 980 blue with dark brown text and Ornamental Anchor at upper centre. 2 Perpera Pick 16a series E.34 number 150 brown with dark blue text and ornamental Anchor at top. 10 Pepera Pick 18 series T.2 number 286 blue with brown text and Coat of Arms at upper left corner and 's Caduceus staff at left and right. 50 Perpera Pick 19 series FIRST series A.1 number 567 red with dark text featuring 2 s at left and right of The Caduceus staff at upper centre and 2 Allegorical women holding cornucopias at left and right of Farmer ploughing with cows at lower centre. 50 Perpera Pick 19 series FIRST series A.1 number 567 red with dark text featuring 2 Angels at left and right of The Caduceus staff at upper centre and 2 Allegorical women holding cornucopias at left and right of Farmer ploughing with cows at lower centre. 10 Perpera 1914 Second issue Pick 10 series B number 08707 red with brown-red text featuring Coat of Arms in the underprint on obverse and reverse. Croatia (9) including World War II Axis Influence Kingdom, Independent State of Croatia Government issues (4) including 1000 Kuna dated 20th May 1941 Pick 4a (2) serial numbers Y0897826 & R1488706, brown featuring Croatian farmers wife at left and Ustasha Coat of Arms in the underprint at centre on obverse and Velebit mountains on reverse. 100 Kuna dated 26th May 1941 Pick 2a (2) including the BINARY RADAR serial number C0800080 and L0795277, dark blue and green on light brown and light blue underprint featuring Utasha Coat of Arms at left. Croatian State Bank (Hrvatska Drzavna Banka) 1943 issues (4) including 100 Kuna Pick 11 serial number R0410449, dark blue on light brown underprint featuring round design of birds and flowers at right on obverse and reverse with child in national dressing on a guilloche pattern at centre. 1000 Kuna Pick 12a serial number F1812926, brown on yellow and green underprint featuring Frieze at centre on obverse and 2 Croatian women in national dressings one of which holding a rose flower and the other holding a pot. 5000 Kuna Pick 13a serial number K0310514, brown on red-brown and blue underprint featuring the Baptizing font of first Croatian Prince Viseslav, Nin Heptagonal at right on obverse and Couple from Dalmatia in national dressings on

Auction 163
World Banknotes (35), (2) & (1) in an album, Romania ranging from 500 Lei dated 1919 to 100,000 Lei dated 1998, mixed grades, viewing recommended

Auction 148
World Banknotes World banknotes (13) includes 500 korun Pick2s GVF, older , , , , and , mostly VF to EF some better

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