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Masonic : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 163
Medals Medals a mixed group (17) includes and issues, also includes Special Constabulary and medals, also two items, with some in silver , in mixed grades, some UNC

Auction 163
Medals Medals (9) George V Coinage Profile (3), George V Crowned Bust (2), Crowned Bust INDIAE:IMP legend (1), DEI:GRATIA legend (3) NEF to About UNC (7 boxed), : Justice, Truth, Philanthropy (2) Hartley Lodge 5010 presented to Bro.S.Stacey 24/5/1924, Hand in Hand Lodge No.76 presented to Tom son 25/4/1934 VF to EF, College of Music presented to Edith Woodhatch for Singing - Senior Section December 1925 UNC boxed

Auction 162
Medals R.A.O.B., silver & enamel medal (hallmarked 1894), shield with crown, 37mm wide, rev. engraved R.A.O.B. Presented to Primo. H. Salth, by the Nulli Secundus Lodge May 25th 1895". R.A.O.B. s Rendered Medal 1962, silver & enamel. Jewel on neck cravat, Connaught Chapter 1926-27. GVF. Masonic Hospital Jewel silver (hallmarked 1941) in case. (4).
£22 London Coins : A162 : Lot 997 : R.A.O.B., silver & enamel medal (hallmarked 1894), shield with crown, 37mm wide, rev. engraved R... London Coins : A162 : Lot 997 : R.A.O.B., silver & enamel medal (hallmarked 1894), shield with crown, 37mm wide, rev. engraved R...

Auction 159
Medals Silver medals (3) AEGROS SANAT HUMANITAS awarded to Comp.H.F.Inkpen No.2032, W.Bro T.A.Doble No.2722, Bro.C.Harrop No.3655, a further group in base metal (3) AEGROS SANAT HUMANITAS awarded to W.Bro E.G.Morey No.2032, Bro. E.J.Harrison No.2032, Bro N.E.Inkster No.4975, a further two AEGROS SANAT HUMANITAS without inscriptions, all boxed, Prize Medal Currant Buns awarded by L. with bars LEEDS and 1930, Presented by the Central Currant Office (), in silver, boxed, East Masonic award by George Kenning & Son in silver, boxed, A Masonic Medal in silver Religious themed Awarded to Bro.A.G. No.1767, by Medal Co.Ltd, - Lima Masonic Award R.L.S Waldo Olivos Torrejon No.134 boxed, in mixed condition some near mint state

Auction 159
Medals (4) Medal 1939-1945, War Medal 1939-1945, The 1939-1945 Star, The Star GVF to GEF, along with , Order of s (2) 1968 one in silver , awarded to H.Hebden, Oldham and District Knight's chapter

Auction 157
Medals Medals a varied group (over 40)includes 1897 the official Issue 25mm diameter in silver (3) Fine (2) and NEF, 1935 the official Royal Mint issues 32mm diameter in silver (2) EF to UNC, boxed, of 1937 38mm diameter in silver VF, a small group of items, and (2) 1723 Woods (2) Fine and VF

Auction 155
Medals 1897 the Official issue 56mm diameter in bronze UNC in contemporary box (not Royal Mint). 1902 56mm diameter in bronze the official Royal Mint issue A./UNC in the Royal Mint box. George V 1935 The official Royal Mint issue 31mm diameter in silver UNC toned, in the red box of issue. Coronation 1937 The official Royal Mint issue 31mm diameter in silver UNC toned in the red box of issue. Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887 by W.O.Lewis, Reverse: Britannia standing on a seashore, with trident, shield and anchor, behind to her right a plinth with Crown, sceptre and drapery, in the distance, a ship and lighthouse, 46mm diameter in bronze UNC boxed. Sandy Horticultural Medal 1931 Reverse Sandy Place in silver boxed UNC, as part of a mixed group (16) includes many prize medals, EF to UNC boxed, and a Crown 1889 VF in a silver brooch mount, this boxed, along with an album of (88) mostly modern tokens with some wooden nickels, in mixed grades

Auction 154
Medals Decoration, harp in domed lunette style case, in silver 87mm diameter, aded to P.C.N. Bro.J.Webster by the Brothers of the General Sarsfield Lodge, 1888, inscription engraved on the reverse, with ribbon

Auction 153
Medals Medals (13) includes Silver Rose Croix 32nd degree star, Rite of Perfection , Steds medals (5) in gilt enamel 1950s and 1960s, in mixed condition

Auction 152
Medals A mixed lot with Faithfull Medal, WW I Trio, Red Cross and Medals, Lusitania Medal, Cap s, coins and notes (lot)

Auction 151
Medals Assorted medals (25) includes ty and . Together with a Sovereign & Half Sovereign case & metal purse. (25)

Auction 151
Medals items (35) includes medals (24), Masonic Penny Tokens (7) and shoulder boards (4) in mixed grades to EF

Auction 150
Medals Medals, , Visit, and prize etc. (13) mostly base metal many early 1900s, in mixed grades

Auction 150
Medals ads and jewels (18), mainly base metal & enamel, Lodges include, , , Lodge of New hope (2), Sale Priory (2 - these silver ), RMIG & RMIB medals etc. Generally GVF. (18).

Auction 150
Medals Primrose League, , royalty, and sports medals (22) includes silver issues (2), XXIII silver medal in case by Mistruzzi

Auction 150
Medals Medals (8) two in silver , one enamelled Lodge Medal 1920s to 1970s issues, average VF

Auction 150
Medals Medal, as 1911 in bronze, a group of items and other tokens and coins including Shilling 1811 Fine, in mixed grades (30 pieces)

Auction 150
Medals (4) in silver and enamel ROAB (2), Equitable Friendly Society (2) in mixed grades the cases with some damage £60

Auction 150
Medals Medals (3) in copper, two by AMOR, and aded the C.Llewellyn 1948 and 1951, varied state

Auction 148
Medals Jewels (4), metal, Masonic tokens (5), bronze & silvered metal. VF.

Auction 146
Medals Jewels and regalia, a good aded to F. Durbin, Union Lodge between 1924 and 1931. Ancient Order of es jewels (9), seven silver and enamel, one 9ct gold, 18gms, one 9ct gold and set with jewels, 19.2gms. All jewels hallmarked. Together with a 1939-45 medal in card box of issue addressed to F. Durbin SE5, Collar jewel with "Roll of Honour" clasps in base metal, Union Lodge apron and sash. In brown leather case.

Auction 146
Medals Medals (8) includes and -related as part of a mixed group with One Pound (11) mostly EF to UNC, Shillings to to (25) includes some silver items in mixed grades
£110 London Coins : A146 : Lot 1884 : Medals (8) includes World War I and Masonic-related as part of a mixed group with One Pound Somerset... London Coins : A146 : Lot 1884 : Medals (8) includes World War I and Masonic-related as part of a mixed group with One Pound Somerset...

Auction 139
Medals Jewels & Medals, includes Lodges (, Havant & ) many silver and some enamelled. GVF.
£240 London Coins : A139 : Lot 1420 : Masonic Jewels & Medals, includes Hampshire Lodges (Portsmouth, Havant & Isle of Wig...

Auction 137
Medals , Knights Templar breast star in silver and enamel by Toye . EF.

Auction 136
Medals Jewels (34) assorted items in metal and enamel. Generally GVF

Auction 130
Medals Medals includes many and bowls-related items, in mixed grades (lot)

Auction 128
Medals and (R.A.O.B) ads (12), silver, silver and enamel. GVF.

Auction 127
Medals Jewels (7) Masonic Million Memorial Fund Jewel 1922 (2), silver, Peace Memorial Festival Jewel 1925, silver , Masonic Hospital Jewel, silver, Duke of Jewel silver gilt, glazed, 9ct. Gold band engraved "Bro. H.J. Sumner served as sted to R.M.I.B.1923, R.M.B.I. 1924, R.M.I.G. 1935" with 2 bars; R.M.B.I.Stewards Jewel 1923, silver & enamel. Together with a E C M S bronze cross. EF

Auction 124
Medals Royal Hospital Medals (2) in silver. Air Crew Star (copy), Cap s (5), tokens (2) and Medal 1902, silver issue. Generally GVF.

Auction 124
Medals Womens Voluntary Medal. EF in case of issue. Together with sports, , and medals. VF-EF.

Auction 123
Medals A quantity of medals & s including 1914-18 Medal, , School Attendance, & and other s (36). Together with a copy of The Medal Year Book 2004 a wooden coin/medallion box and magnifying glass. Generally good very fine

Auction 123
Medals Masonc and Medals (4) Hospital Jewel, silver rev engraved "Bro.J.W.Rose No.4380", Buffalo and A.O.D. medals in base metal (1) silver & enamel (2), together with a suspension fitting and cast Bakers Medal. Generally EF

Auction 122
Medals & ads (4) including 1887 . Extremely fine

Auction 117
Medals Silver medals (8) as part of a group (40) including other localised Coronation Medals, base metal issues, a issue etc. in mixed gra

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