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Los Angeles

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Auction 167
World Bulk Lots The History of the Coin a 19-coin set by the Franklin Mint comprising Commemorative Dollars (6) 1983D Los es 1984 Games, 1984S Olympic Games - Entrance to Los Angeles Coliseum , 1986S Statue of Liberty Silver Proof, 1987S 200th Anniversary of the US Constitution Silver Proof, 1991P 38th Anniversary of the n War Silver Proof, 1991D 38th Anniversary of the Korean War, Dollars (3) 1881, 1923S, 1976S Bicentenary, s Commemoratives (3) 1893 n Exposition, 1952 /Carver, 1993S James Madison Silver Proof, Half Dollars (3) 1899 (2), 1948D, s (2) 1853 Arrows at date, 1927, Dimes (2) 1899, 1945S, Proof Issues UNC to FDC, the currency issues in mixed circulated grades, in the album of issue some with certificates, also with an additional unrelated certificate

Auction 164
English Cased GB and World Proof and Mint sets and singles, GB The 2013 Jubilee , 7 coins, Five Pound Crown, along with Fifty Pence to One Penny all struck in silver, nFDC with some handling marks, in the box of issue with certificate and Coin Portfolio Management certificate of Provenance, GB Five Pound Crowns 2012 Queen -plated Silver Proofs (2) nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, one with the outer box missing it's lid. Jersey Five Pound Crowns 2014 The William 450th Birthday Silver Coin Collection a 6-coin set all coins in silver the reverse depicting quotes and scenes from Macbeth, Hamlet Prince of Denmark, , , Romeo and Juliet, the sixth piece depicting Shakespeare, nFDC to FDC in the box of issue with certificate and Coin Portfolio Management certificate, USA One Dollar (2) 1983S s Silver Proof nFDC in the box of issue, 1984S Los Angeles Olympics Silver Proof nFDC in the box of issue, Ghana One Cedi 2013 Birth of , 70mm diameter Silver Plated - Proof with part colouring to the reverse, nFDC in capsule, with certificate, Guernsey Five Pound Crown 2010 70th Proof with coloured reverse, Tristan da Cunha Crown 2014 100th Anniversary Gold-plated Cupro-nickel UNC in capsule with coloured reverse, GB Five Pound Crown 2001 Anniversary A/UNC, GB Crowns 1972 (4) A/UNC to UNC, Canada (3) One Dollar 1982 Constitution A/UNC, 1985 EF, 50 Cents 1976 EF, Canada Fantasy 'Dinosaur Dollar 1985 Drumheller Courthouse EF, USA Half Dollar 1976 Bi - Independence Hall EF, along with a France Telephone token EF

Auction 160
World Cased Ten s 1984W Los es Games KM#211 BU in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 160
World Cased Ten s 1984W Los es Games KM#211 FDC or very near so with a hint of toning, in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 160
English Cased Crowns (7) 1972 Silver Wedding Silver Proofs (2), 1977 Silver Proofs (2) 1980 80th Birthday Silver Proofs (2), 1981 and Lady Spencer Silver Proof nFDC to FDC unboxed some with certificates, Five Pound Crown 2000 Queen Mother 100th Birthday UNC, Isle of Man Crowns 1984 (4) Games 23rd Olympiad each piece depicting different sports Athletics, Gymnastics, Ice Skating and Equestrian Sports Silver Proofs nFDC to FDC in capsules nFDC, Ireland sets in slide cases (3) 1966 (9 coins) 10 Shillings to Farthing, 1967 Halfcrown to Halfpenny (5 coins), 1968 Halfcrown to Halfpenny (5 coins), Ireland 6-coin set 1971 Polished standard specimens Prooflike UNC in a green wallet style holder, Guernsey Double 1966 comprising Ten Shillings (2), Threepence (2), 8 Doubles (2) and 4 Doubles (2) nFDC-FDC retaining almost full mint lustre, uncased

Auction 159
World Cased Silver Kangaroo 2001 Frosted UNC in the pack of issue, Australia Kookaburras (9) 1994 (2), 1999, 2001 (2), 2002 (2), 2004, 2005 UNC in capsules, Australia Kangaroo (2) 1993 UNC, 1998 Silver , Australia (3) 1994 Eagle Silver Proof, 1995 Numbat (2) Silver Proofs, FDC uncased, 2001 Maple Leaf UNC with coloured reverse in the box of issue, Canada Dollar 1984 Jacques Carter Silver Proof, 1993 UNC, USA Dollar 1983 Los es s Silver Proof FDC on the card of issue within the box of issue, USA Silver Liberty One UNC toned, Australia a 2-coin set 1970 Captain Cook bi Proofs FDC in the box of issue, Australia 1987 Bicentenary of the First-Fleeters 50mm diameter in UNC boxed, One Dollar (2) 1974 Games 1984 UNC in slide case

Auction 158
World Bulk Lots A mixed group including and Mint Sets, Proof $10 Prince Charles, s, Tokens these generally in sets such as Los es 1984 s transport token set, a parcel of foreign stamps and more

Auction 155
English Cased GB and Proof and mint sets, GB s (19) Flat packs (13) 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, Blue Sets (6) 1983, 1984, 1985, 1988, 1989, 1990, nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue, some without the outer cases and packaging, s (5) 1984, 1990, 1999, 2003, 2004 UNC in the Royal Mint wallets of issue, Unofficial Year Sets (7) 1953, 1960, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968/71 and a First and last set 1967 Pre-Decimals and 1968/1971 5-coin Decimal set EF to UNC in slide cases, USA Proof Set 1984S a 6-coin set includes the One Dollar s issue, FDC in the case of issue, Canada Proof Set 1984 includes the Dollar, FDC in the case of issue, Spain Euro Mint set 2002 (8 coins) 2 Euro to 1 Euro Cent UNC on the card of issue

Auction 154
World Bulk Lots (4) Dollar 1922 VF, Commemorative 1984S Los es s A/UNC, Dollar Sacagawea 200D (2) each UNC in plastic slide case, GB 1977 EF, along with accessories Lindner trays (2) and a coin album these in excellent condition

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots Dollars (34) s (28) 1878S, 1879, 1879S, 1880S, 1881S, 1882, 1883O, 1884, 1884O, 1885, 1887, 1888, 1888O, 1889, 1890S, 1891, 1892, 1896, 1897S, 1897, 1897, 1898, 1898O, 1899O, 1900O, 1901O, 1902O, 1904O, 1921S, Peace (4) 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, Eisenhower (2) 1971S , 1972D, in mixed grades most of the Morgans GEF to UNC and lustrous, Commemoratives (10) 1983S Los es s Proof, 1984S Olympics Silver Proof, 1986 Statue of Liberty Centennial UNC, 1987S US Constitution Bicentennial Silver Proof, 1988 S Seoul Olympics Silver Proof, 1989S Congress Bicentennial Silver Proof, 1990P Eisenhower Centennial Silver Proof, 1991S d Service Organizations Silver Proof, 1991 Mount Rushmore Golden Anniversary UNC, 1993S Bill of Rights James Madison Silver Proof, UNC to FDC the Proofs unboxed, One Dollar Millard Fillmore UNC, 2000P Sacagawea UNC, in two Lindner trays in a carrying box

Auction 152
World Cased Dollars (22) 1880S VF, 1923 NVF, 1971S VF, 1976S Proof, 1983S s Silver Proof, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Silver Proof, 1986S Statue of Liberty Silver Proof 1987 US Constitution 200th Silver Proof, 1988S Olympic Games Seoul Silver Proof, 1989D Congress Bicentennial UNC, 1990 Eisenhower UNC, 1991P Silver Proof, 1991 Mount Rushmore Silver Proof, 1992D White House UNC, 1992D UNC, 1992S Olympic Baseball Silver Proof, 1993D James Madison UNC, 1994S World Cup Football Silver Proof, 1994P Memorial Silver Proof, 1995S field Preservation Silver Proof, 2002 Shawnee Tribe UNC, plus 2001 a copy in base metal, painted UNC, s (2) 1973S, (8 coins), 1976S (6 coins), plus a host of sets of State Quarters and Quarters in various presentation folders, Sacagawea Dollars in a presentation album 2000-2004 (12) Lustrous UNC, Presidential Dollars 2 collections in albums 2007-2011 20 pieces and 19 pieces respectively, all lustrous UNC, plus Books (3) Yeoman Blue Book 2010, State Quarters by Q.David Bowers, and 2007 North n Coins and Prices a Krause publication edited by Davis C.Harper all in very good condition

Auction 152
World Cased Dollars 1893 and 1984 s Proofs (4) in three cases two singles and a double aUNC - FDC South 5000 Won 1988 Olympics BU cased , GB Crowns 1953 (10) Unc and 25p (5)

Auction 150
World Coins Ten s 1984S Los es s KM#211 FDC in capsule
£310 London Coins : A150 : Lot 1340 : USA Ten Dollars 1984S Los Angeles Olympics KM#211 Proof FDC in capsule London Coins : A150 : Lot 1340 : USA Ten Dollars 1984S Los Angeles Olympics KM#211 Proof FDC in capsule

Auction 150
World Bulk Lots Dollars (7) 1881O, 1881, 1891S, 1896, 1921D, 1922 (2), Fine to GVF some cleaned, s (2) 1993, 1995 Lustrous UNC, 1984S Los es s Silver , along with Dollar 1804 a modern restrike Silver Proof with COPY on the shield nFDC

Auction 150
World Cased 1976S (6 coins) FDC cased, USA Mint set 1964 Last of the Coinage Half Dollar to Cent a 5-coin set UNC in plastic sleeve, USA a 3-coin set 1964D Dollar, 1964D Half Dollar and 1964 Quarter Dollar UNC in plastic case, USA Liberty coins 1986 a 2-coin set comprising Dollar 1986S Ellis Island Silver Proof and Half Dollar 1986S FDC in the case of issue with certificate, USA Dollar 1984 s BU in the box of issue with certificate, USA Silver Eagles (4) 1986, 1993, 1995, 2005 UNC

Auction 147
World Cased Dollars (11) 1991 Mount Rushmore Proof, 1991 USO 50th Silver Proof, 1994 Women in Silver Proof, 1996 Smithsonian Institute Silver Proof, 1997 Jackie Robinson Silver Proof, 1999 Dolley Madison Silver Proof, 2000 Library of Congress Silver Proof, 2003 Centennial of the first flight Silver Proof, 2004 Thomas Edison Silver Proof, 2006 Benjamin Franklin Silver Proof, 2009 Abraham Lincoln Silver Proof FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates. USA Dollar 2004 Lewis and Clark Bicentennial UNC in the box of issue with certificate. USA 1976 a 3-coin set comprising Dollar, Half Dollar and Quarter Dollar Silver Proofs FDC in the case of issue. USA a 2-coin set 1986 Dollar and Half Dollar Silver proofs FDC in the box of issue with certificate. USA Proof Sets (2) 1961 (5 coins), 1964 (5 coins) FDC in the clear plastic sheets of issue. USA State Quarters a 50-coin set in the green Littleton Album, UNC. USA State Quarters (56) UNC in the blue Whitman album. USA Dollars (7) 1974 Proof, 1983S 23rd Olympiad Silver Proof, 1984 Los Angeles s Silver Proof, 1987S 200th Anniversary of the Constitution Silver Proof, 1988S Olympics Silver Proof, 1992S Baseball-Olympics Silver Proof, 1995 D-Day Silver Proof, Half Dollar 1982 Silver proof, nFDC to FDC in capsules. USA Silver Eagles (2) 1994, 1998 UNC

Auction 145
World Cased s (7) 1976S 6-coin sets (5), 3 coin silver sets Dollar, Half Dollar and Quarter Dollar 1976S (5, 2 cased, 3 in capsules), USA One Dollar 1984 Proof nFDC in the cases of issue, USA Mint Sets (13) 1976S 3-coin sets (9), 1988P, 1988D, 1989P, 1989D, UNC in the plastic sleeves of issue, Half Dollars 1986 (7) UNC still sealed in the packs of issue, USA Cents 1964D (2 rolls of 50 coins) UNC in rolls, GB Mint Set 1983 UNC with no outer wallet, GB/USA The United Coin Collection 1997 comprising GB Two Pounds to One Penny 1997 UNC, and USA Half Dollar to One Cent 1997P UNC in the wallet of issue

Auction 143
World Cased Eagles (10) 1989, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 UNC, One Dollar 1983 s Silver Proof, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Silver Proof, USA 1968 FDC in the case of issue, USA State Quarter Dollars 5-coin sets (4) 1999, 2001, 2005, 2007 each with the coins plated EF-UNC, One Dollar (5) 1972 1973 PCMP, 1975 , 1976 Library of Parliament , 1978 Games UNC in the cases of issue

Auction 141
World Bulk Lots (35) includes many silver s, 200 Zlotych (13) 1976 Proba Y#86 Pr285, 1979 Y#101, 1980 (4) Lake Placid s Ski Jumper (2) one with torch, one without, Bolslaw I Chobry, Kazimierz I Odnowiciel, 1981 Boleslaw II Smialy, 1982 Boleslaw III Krzywousty, 1982 World Cup, 1983 Jan III Sobieski, 1984 (2) Los es Olympics, Ice Skater and Hurdler, 1985 World Cup 86 Proba, (21) 1975 Helena Modrzejewska, Warsaw Royal Castle, 1976 (2) Kazimierz Pulaski, Tadeeusz Kosciuszko, 1977 (2) Moose, Castle, 1978 (3) Moose, Beaver, Janusz Korczak, 1979 (7), Mountain Goat Proba () Pr356, Chamois (2), Lynx, Lynx Proba (Silver), Ludwik Zamenhof, Henrik Wieniawski, 1980 (3) Capercaillie, Olympic Runner, 450th Anniversary of the Birth of Jan Kochanowski, 1981 Horse, 1982 White Stork, nFDC to FDC many in slide cases, 2 Zlotych 1998 Nagano Olympics Y#335 GEF

Auction 141
World Bulk Lots s (22) 1935 GVF toned, 1974 , 1975 Silver Proof, 1976 Silver Proof, 1977 Throne of the Senate Silver Proof, 1978 Games Specimen, 1979 Griffon Specimen, 1980 Bear Specimen, 1981 Silver Proof, 1982 Silver Proof, 1983 Edmonton University, 1984 Silver Proof, 1985 National Parks Silver Proof, 1986 Silver Proof, 1987 Davis Strait Silver Proof, 1988 Ironworks Silver Proof, 1989 Fleuve Mackenzie River Silver Proof, 1992 Stagecoach Silver Proof, 1993 Stanley Cup Silver Proof, 1994 RCMP Dog-sled Silver Proof, 1995 Hudson Bay Silver Proof, 2001 National Ballet, Dollars (3) 1983 Los es s, 1984 Olympics, 1988 Olympiad, UNC to FDC in capsules

Auction 139
World Bulk Lots 500 Lire (40) 1974, 1975, 1981, 1982 Gallei, 1982 Garibaldi, 1984 Los es s Prooflike, 1985 Italian Presidency of the Common Market, 1985 Architectural montage Prooflike, 1985 Year of Music UNC, 1985 Manzoni, 1985 Etruscan Culture, 1986 Year of Peace UNC, 1986 World Cup Football UNC, 1987 Year of The Family UNC, 1987 World Athletics UNC, 1987 Leopardi UNC, 1988 Bosco UNC, 1988 Seoul Olympics UNC, 1988 University of Bologna UNC, 1988 Constitution UNC,1989 Fight against Cancer Prooflike boxed, 1989 , 1990 Football World Cup Proof FDC (2), 1990 Football World Cup Boxed UNC, 1990 Discovery of Proof FDC boxed, 1990 EEC Presidency UNC, 1990 Tiziau UNC, 1991 America Discovery UNC, 1991 Flora and Fauna UNC, 1991 Ponte Milvio UNC in the wallet of issue, 1992 Rossini UNC in the wallet of issue, 1992 Flora and Fauna UNC, 1992 Lorenzo de Medici UNC, 1992 Columbus UNC1992 Piero Della sca, 1992 Olympic Proof FDC, 1993 Death of Horace UNC, 1993 University of Pisa EF, 1993 Wildlife Protection UNC

Auction 135
Medals Medals (15) 2005 200th of the of in bronze, Battle of 175th Anniversary 63mm diameter in Bronze, 1988 400th Anniversary 63mm diameter in bronze, Dhurva Mistry Medal 63mm in bronze, Numismatic Society Medal 44mm diameter in Bronze, Centenary 1987 Two ounces of .999 silver, Eurotunnel Celebration 1994 50mm diameter in Cupro-nickel, the Unfinished 1984 in bronze, 21st Birthday of the Princess of 1982 in cupro-nickel, s 1984 in cupro-nickel, Paul II British Visit 1982 in cupro-nickel (2), Festival 1983 in cupro-nickel, Rijks Museum 100 Years 1985 in bronze, plus an amateur gardening medal in base metal mostly UNC many in the cases of issue some with certificates

Auction 134
World Cased GB and World s and Singles (13) GB (3) Five Pound Crown 1999 Silver Proof, Fifty Pence 1994 D-Day Landings Silver Proof, Crown 1977 Silver Proof, (2) Proof Set 2003 Wildlife Series 4-coin set comprising 50 Cents (2 ounce), 20 Cents (1 ounce), 10 Cents (Half Ounce) and 5 Cents (Quarter Ounce) Silver Proofs, Proof Set 2004 Birds of Prey a 2-coin set 2004 Two Rand Crown and 2 1/2 Cent Tickey Silver Proofs, 10 Dollars 1978 5th of Independence Silver Proof, Ten Pounds 2003 50th Anniversary of the 5 ounce Silver Proof partially gilt, Britannia Silver Medal 2001 Bi of the United Kingdom Silver Proof, Crown 1975 Silver Proof, Isle of Man One Pound 1979 a 3-coin set in the three different metals, Isle of Man One Pound 1981 Proof, Proof Set 1978 , Proof Set 1983 s nFDC-FDC in the cases of issue most with certificates

Auction 126
World Cased s Official Coin Program Games Los es 1984 a 7-coin set comprising Dollars (7) 1983S. 1983P, 1983D, 1984S, 1984P, 1984D, and 1984 UNC and Proof FDC in the wallet of issue, Dollars (12) 1983S Olympics Proof, 1984S Los Angeles Olympics Silver Proofs (2), 1986S Liberty Silver Proof, 1987P US Constitution 200th Silver Proof, 1987S US Constitution 200th Anniversary Silver Proofs (2), 1988S Olympic Games Silver Proof, 1990 Eisenhower Silver Proof, 1992W White House 200th Anniversary Silver Proof, 1993S Bill of Rights Silver Proof, 2002P Winter Olympics Silver Proof, Dollar and 2-coin sets (4) 1989S 'The Triumph of Democracy' Silver Proofs, 1991/5 50th Anniversary Silver Proof, 1991/5 W World War II 50th Anniversary Silver Proof, 1992P Quin Silver Proof, Half Dollar 1991/5 World War II 50th Anniversary (2) Proof Clad, 1982D Silver (3) UNC

Auction 125
World Bulk Lots s (19) 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, Dollars (13) 1878 S, 1884 O, 1922, 1923, 1972 S (2) EF-UNC, 1984 Los es s Silver FDC, 1988 Olympiad Silver Proof FDC, 1990 Eisenhower Centennial Silver Proof FDC, 1992 White House Bicentennial UNC, 1979 P UNC, 1980 D UNC, 1981 P UNC, s Commemorative issues (3) 1946 Booker T.Washington EF, 1952 Washington/Carver About UNC, 1982 S Silver Proof FDC, Half Dollars (4) 1942, 1943, 1944, 1963 NVF-UNC

Auction 122
Medals Medals, Tokens (about 300) includes , , Sports and others, includes transit fare tokens for 1984 Olympics (23) boxed, copper medal for Games (2) 1978, 1970 etc. in mixed grades

Auction 121
World Bulk Lots s (11) 1893 n Exposition VF, 1925 Stone Mountain EF, 1923 Los es Monroe Doctrine Centennial EF, 1935 Daniel Boone A/UNC, 1936 Centennial EF, 1936 Great Lakes Exposition Cleveland Centennial A/UNC, 1946 Statehood Centennial EF, 1951 Booker T.Washington Good EF, 1952 Carver/Washington A/UNC, 1982 S FDC, 1995 S Battlefields UNC

Auction 119
World Bulk Lots 1996 (5) depicting Games 1896 Athens (Robert Garrett) , 1908 London (Albert Oldham), 1932 Los es (Matti Jarvinen), 1936 (Torchbearer), 1968 (Tommie Smith) nFDC-FDC, One 2001 Y#731 (43) UN

Auction 116
Misc Items Brothel Tokens (60) Arizona (8), Colorado (3), Los es (8), New York (2), Nevada (17), Wyoming (22, two different types) some uniface average VF

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