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Kent : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 169
Medals World War I 1914-1918 Medal and Medal pair to 49052 Pte. J.E.Morgan EF with ribbons and name tag with chain, trio Medal, War Medal and 1939-45 Star GEF with all ribbons and with accompanying letter showing recipient V.W Walton (Queen's Own West ) was killed in action

Auction 166
Medals Medals a varied and interesting group (12) 1819-1915 comprising:- International Fisheries Exhibition 1883 45mm diameter in silver, Eimer 1694 NEF boxed. 1832 Reform Bill 49mm diameter in White Metal, EF holed at the top. of the 1852 51mm diameter in White Metal by Allen & Moore, EF. Cathedral 61mm diameter in White Metal by J.Davis of GEF. Sir Charles Cockerell 1819 Election Validated 53mm diameter in bronze by J.P.Suffield Eimer 1111 EF. h of Frittenden, , Restored 1848 42mm diameter by Davis of Birmingham GEF. The of Edd, to Princess Alexandra 1863, 52mm in white metal by Ottley of Birmingham, Lustrous EF. Death of 1837 41mm diameter by T.W. VF. Exhibition 1891 38mm diameter in White Metal. Whitenash Indus Exhibition 1865 St.Margaret's Day 40mm diameter by J.Moore of Birmingham VF with some scratches. Lusitania Sinking 1915 55mm diameter UNC, The Bell Medal 39mm diameter undate Presented by the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs 39mm diameter in bronze GEF, all in a Lindner Tray

Auction 166
Medals : 24861 Pte. Trevor Davies 7th Battalion Queen's own ( West ) died on February 23 1917, native of Tredegar, Mon. attended School, his name is on the Roll of Honour at the school. World War I and II Memorial Hall (WMR 25140) GEF in the folding envelope, along with War Grave printed sheet and a school book 'Tales of Troy' by Andrew Lang

Auction 165
Medals World War I pair to Pte. A.J.H Phelps 46/47 2/4 Buffs, East , Star, Star, World War II War Medal and General Medal with 1945-1948 clasp, this to 1 489579 Spr.J.S.Phelps R.E, (Son of the aforementioned A.J.H. Phelps) Fire Services Association Long Service and Efficiency Medal GVF to UNC, and insignia s (5) including , along with Five Pound Crown 1990 90th Birthday UNC on the card of issue, Crowns (14) 1951, 1953, 1977 (5), 1980 (2), 1981 (5), Two Pounds 1986 Games (2) GEF to UNC, and Penny worn

Auction 157
Medals Medals on stamp covers (10), replica n campaign medals set into an envelope with stamps franked with name of . Issued by Benham, . Assorted medals, 1853 copy, 1854 2 bars Balaklava & Sebastopol copy, 1939- 45 Star, Medal, Medals (2) copies, Campaign Medal bar copy, Operational Service Medal, copy, together with other assorted bars and ribbons , copy, Medal 1815, copy, Defence & War Medals. GVF. Together with a bag of assorted medal ribbons, photographs of medals and Buckingham Palace Memorial card & M.O.D. Veterans card. (4)

Auction 145
Medals East man Medal 1825 48mm diameter in silver by T. Eimer 1178 Obverse: A burning ship from which departs a rowing boat carrying survivors tods another ship Ex.1.March 1825 Reverse TO COMMEMORATE THE DESTRUCTION OF THE KENT EAST INDIAMAN BY FIRE, IN THE BAY OF BISCAY, AND THE RECEPTION ON BOARD THE BRIGCAMBRIA WILLIAM COOK, MASTER OF 547 PERSONS THUS PROVIDENTIALLY DELIVERED FROM DEATH, in the centre, FROM FALMOUTH, TRURO, HELSTON, PENRYN, AND ST.IVES, the edge inscribed EDWARD CONNELLY CHIEF MATE, these medals in silver with their edges inscribed, were awarded to those participating in the rescue. EF and lustrous with some contact marks on the obverse, in a maroon box
£440 London Coins : A145 : Lot 1049 : East Indiaman Kent Medal 1825 48mm diameter in silver by T.Halliday Eimer 1178 Obverse: A burning sh... London Coins : A145 : Lot 1049 : East Indiaman Kent Medal 1825 48mm diameter in silver by T.Halliday Eimer 1178 Obverse: A burning sh...

Auction 145
Medals 1914-15 Star trio to L-8482 Pte. W.Higbid, R.W. R. GVF.

Auction 142
Medals Queen's Medal 1899 (2605 Pte. H Reed Rl. West Regt.) GVF.

Auction 142
Medals Medal issue, unnamed, in case of issue. EF, Imperial Service Medal EIIR to Henry Withy Gardner, in case of issue. EF. & Medals (32820 Pte H. Gardner, K.R. Rif. C.) In card box of issue. One Year Attendance Medal, silver, in card box to Winnie Gladwell EF.

Auction 133
Medals 1939-45 Medals inc.1939-45, and Stars, & War Medals. Together with a Education Medal and a es Medal. EF.

Auction 131
Medals Golf: Nice Golf Club, silver by Mappin & h/m 1922. Golf Union, silver, rev. engraved "Club Championship 1927 Littlestone E.D.Gregory". Artisan Golfers Association Annual Club Competition1959 won by H.C.Morris, silver/silver . International Match, silver 1961-85, silvered metal. First polished otherwise GVF (4)

Auction 121
Medals Medals to Private A. Mullender, R.W. R., 1914-15 Star (S.E.-1432 Pte A.Flack, A.V.C.) presumably a replacement, & Medals (203793 Pte. A. Mullender R.W.Kent R.), Medal, these four mounted as worn. Special Constabulary Medal G.V.R. ( Charles Mullender). Medal, G.VI.R.(Henry Fitzhugh) in case of issue. Medals - 1939-45 & and Stars, and War Medal. Together with three medals. Good very fine. (5).

Auction 119
Medals Group of Six to Chief Inspector H.F.Farrow, , including 1939-45 and & Stars, & Medals, 1953 Medal, Police Long , G.VI. R. (Ch.Inspr. F.Farrow). Mounted as worn, good very fine. Harold Farrow s

Auction 105
Medals to 5830 Pte G Pritchard East (2) with the bars Orange Free State and Cape Colony, with the bars South Afric

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