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London Coins Auction 166
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Iron Cross

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 163
Medals German groups (3), Friedrich Medals (2) bronze & silver, 1914 , mounted as worn, 1870-1871 Medal with bars , Beaumont, Sedan & Gravelottes-St. Private, bronze and Wilhelm Medal 1797-1897, mounted as worn, Group of three, Iron Cross 1914, Medal & Cross of Honour 1914-18 mounted as worn and with ribbon bar and tunic in mixed grades to GVF

Auction 163
Medals , 1914 (3), First Class, pin back (1), 2nd Class (2). GVF

Auction 163
Medals , First & , a group of four, 1914; , Friedrich War Medal, silver; 1914-18 Cross of Honour; Faithful Decoration, silver. Mounted as worn. GVF

Auction 163
Medals , 1914, Cross of Honour 1914-18, ribbon bar with crossed swords. GVF. (3).

Auction 162
Medals (9), Franco-n Medal, 1870-71, n War Merit Cross with swords, bronze, in case. , 1914, 2nd class & Cross of Honour 1914-15, Prussian "Blue Max" copy, Hanseatic Cross 1914. 1914-18 Veterans Medal. 1914-18 Honour Cross and War Merit Cross. GVF or better. (9).

Auction 162
Medals , awards & medals (10), includes , 2nd class and Wound . AEF. (10).

Auction 160
Tokens (4) Bury James Goers Ironmongers/Arms, Plain edge DH27 GVF, Bury undated Michael Apsey's Kettle and Stove/Arms DH28c VF, 1794 Conder's, Cross/Legend, Milled edge DH35 NEF, Ipswich 1794 Conder's, Market Cross/Legend, Plain edge DH35h Fine, some scratches

Auction 154
Medals , WW 2 replica ads (3) Knights Cross of the with oak leaf and swords, in case (2), Oakleaf cluster with "diamonds", metal, in case. EF. Good quality manufacture
£180 London Coins : A154 : Lot 675 : Germany, WW 2 replica Nazi awards (3) Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with oak leaf and swords, in c... London Coins : A154 : Lot 675 : Germany, WW 2 replica Nazi awards (3) Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with oak leaf and swords, in c...

Auction 153
Germany, Third Reich, Iron Cross 1939, Second Class, Winter Campaign 1941/42 medal, NSDAP Long Service Award, 3rd class, bronze. Together with a Prussian 1870-1871 (Franco-Prussian War) medal, bronze £90

Auction 150
World Cased Dollars (49) 1970 Specimen UNC, 1971 (2), Specimens both UNC, 1972 Voyageur specimen UNC, 1973 Specimen UNC, 1973 RCMP Silver Specimen UNC, 1974 Specimen UNC, 1974 Winnipeg Silver Specimen UNC, 1975 Silver Specimen UNC, 1976 Library of Parliament Silver Specimen, 1977 Silver Specimen, 1978 Games Silver Specimen UNC, 1979 Griffon Silver Specimen UNC, 1980 Territories Silver Specimen UNC, 1981 Railway Silver Proof FDC, 1982 Silver Proof FDC, 1983 World University Games Silver Proof FDC, 1984 Silver Proof, 1985 National Parks Silver Proof FDC, 1986 Silver Proof FDC, 1987 Davis Strait Silver Proof FDC, 1988 Saint-Maurice Ironworks Silver Proof FDC, 1989 Sir Alexander Mackenzie Silver Proof, 1992 Stagecoach Silver BU, 1993 Stanley Cup silver BU, 1993 Stanley Cup Silver Proof FDC, 1994 Dog Team Patrol Silver Proof FDC, 1994 Remembrance / Proof FDC, 1995 Peacekeeping Nickel/Bronze Proof, 1995 Hudson Bay Silver BU, 1996 McIntosh Silver BU, 1997 Canada/ Hockey Silver BU, 1997 Loon Silver Proof FDC, 1998 RCMP Silver Proof FDC, 1999 Queen Islands Silver BU, 1999 Older Persons Silver Proof FDC, 2000 Voyage of Discovery Silver Proof FDC, 2000 Voyage of Discovery silver BU, 2001 '1911 Silver Dollar' Silver Proof FDC, 2001 50th of the National Ballet Silver Proof FDC, 2001 50th Anniversary of the National Ballet Silver BU, 2002 Silver BU, 2003 Cobalt Silver Strike Silver BU, 2003 50th Anniversary of the single date Silver Proof, 2004 First Settlement Silver BU, 2005 40th Anniversary of the flag silver BU, 2006 150th Anniversary of the Cross silver BU, 2007 Thayendanegea Silver BU, 2008 400th Anniversary of silver BU, all in the cases of issue, with certificates where issued, 50 Cents (8) 1998 (4) Formula 1 Gilles Villeneuve Silver Proof, Football Overseas tour of 1888 Silver Proof, Ski racing and ski jumping Silver Proof, Figure Skating Centenary Silver Proof, 1999 (4) Canadian Open Golf Silver Proof, Gray Cup Rugby Football Silver Proof, International Yachting Silver Proof, Invention of Basketball Silver Proof, FDC in the tins of issue

Auction 145
Medals British and World Medals including Medals (2), German , Medal and 14 others. Generally GVF.

Auction 144
Medals (8), 1914-18 Cross of Honour with swords, 1914, 2nd class, Merit Cross 2nd class, with swords (2), War Merit Cross 2nd class, without swords, Winter Campaign Medal 1941-42, Faithful Decoration. West Wall Medal. Viewing recommended - no return.
£130 London Coins : A144 : Lot 1002 : Germany (8), 1914-18 Cross of Honour with swords, Iron Cross 1914, 2nd class, War Merit Cross 2nd cl... London Coins : A144 : Lot 1002 : Germany (8), 1914-18 Cross of Honour with swords, Iron Cross 1914, 2nd class, War Merit Cross 2nd cl...

Auction 144
Medals 1939-45 Star, & Star, & Medals, Germany, 2nd Class 1939, 1939-45 medal with certificate. GVF (5).

Auction 143
Medals , 1914, 2nd class (2), Iron Cross 1939, 1st class pin back, GVF

Auction 140
Medals The Official Emblems of the World's Greatest Airlines 50 piece silver miniature ingot set UNC in the box of issue with certificates, GB Set 2000 FDC in the case of issue, Medals (11) Star to 2.Lieut H.W.Perry-Gore, (7) Star, Star, Star, 1939-1945 Star (2), Medal, Medal 1937 in brass, Medal reproduction in Pewter, German Reproduction, in mixed condition, plus Silver pendant 25mm diameter engraved with a bird, Collectors Knives (2) 1983 of Morgarten 1315, 1984 Battle of 1339, UNC boxed

Auction 139
Medals , , 2nd Class without ribbons (7). GVF.

Auction 130
Medals 1914-18 Medals (3) 1914, 1914-18 Cross of Honour, 1914-18 Medal, mounted as worn. EF

Auction 130
World Coins - Brabant 1/5 Antwerp Obverse bust of the king facing right PHS.D:G.HISPZREX.DVX.BRA Rev / Crowned arms of --Burgundy at 's cross, flanked by two fire irons, the bottom of the jewel of the Golden Fleece; date 156- DOMINVS ADIVTOR Mihi - 29mm diameter. Good Fine/Fine with some scratches on the reverse and some dirt in the devices
£36 London Coins : A130 : Lot 471 : Belgium - Brabant 1/5 Daalder Antwerp Obverse bust of the king facing right PHS.D:G.HISPZREX.DVX... London Coins : A130 : Lot 471 : Belgium - Brabant 1/5 Daalder Antwerp Obverse bust of the king facing right PHS.D:G.HISPZREX.DVX...

Auction 124
Medals 1914 & 1939 - both 2nd class, Winter Campaign Medal 1941/42. EF.

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 8 certificates, haven Stand Co. Ltd., 1883, Chester Race Co. Ltd., 1898, Co. Ltd., 1871, Public Hall, 1853, Wigan Coffee House Co. Ltd., 1887, Wigan Gas Meter and Fitting Co., 1855, Lonsdale Co. Ltd., 1909, and Cross Iron Ore Co. Ltd., 1887, mostly VF-EF. (8)

Auction 121
Medals medals & s (5), 2nd Class, Merit Cross 1st Class, without swords, pin back in case, Seefahrt 1st Not. Badge 25. 26 . 5. 1935, Luftwaffe Eagle Badges (2 - cloth & metal). Extremely fine (5)

Auction 121
Medals Assorted Militaria including Para's in silvered metal, Embroidered badges including Guards cloth/ wire badge and two other bullion badges. German Fob with 1914 emblem on black ribbon & silver bullet engraved "Gruss von der Fleissigen Berta"

Auction 119
Medals , Knight's Cross of the 1939 with Swords, Oak Leaves and Diamonds, cased and a fine quality copy. Germany, Mothers Cross, and enamel, National Medal 1960. Extremely fine (3).

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