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Imperial : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 162
Medals Medal , first awarded in 1903, awarded to Bellenger VF with some dirt on the reverse of the ribbon, National Fire Brigade Long Service Medal, hallmarked in silver awarded to 2711 Walter Spragg along with Five Years and Twenty Years clasps NEF

Auction 159
Medals of 56mm diameter in bronze, the original issue, UNC boxed, in the envelope of issue, Coronation of George V 1911 51mm diameter in bronze, the Official Royal Mint issue boxed UNC toned, Coronation of George V 1911 Mint 52mm diameter in bronze, Obverse busts conjoined reverse with Port broadside view of the ship of state, two female figures trumpeting from the stern.  crown on cushion at midship, 1911 below, sun rising on the horizon. UNC boxed, George V 1935 The official Royal Mint issue in silver 32mm diameter (2) EF to UNC both boxed, Coronation 1937 (2) the official Royal Mint issues (2) 32mm diameter in bronze UNC toned, boxed, plus an additional empty box

Auction 156
Medals (1952) of the Enthronement of the Great Emperor Meiji 1852-1912 60mm diameter in silver, Obverse Three-quarters facing portrait, chrysanthemum behind, Reverse Bridge and Palace UNC

Auction 155
Medals Medals (2) - of Albert, Duke of and Luneberg, to Antonia Aa 1712 in silver, GVF, with mount removed from the top, 1765 Arrival of the Family in Innsbruck to celebrate the of Archduke Leopold, signed A.Wideman, cast, Obverse Four busts conjoined of Francis I, Maria Theresa, Joseph II and Maria Josepa, Reverse a triumphal arch built in front of the city and decorated with s with the Emperor and Empress' portraits surmounted by the Imperial Eagle between the statues of Religion and Justice NEF

Auction 149
Medals Medal, issue, star shaped, in Elkington case of issue. GVF.

Auction 147
Medals 1914-15 Star (naming erased), Medals (x2, T4-110201 Dvr C. Hayes ASC & 9537 Pte. H.J.Huggins R.Suss. R.), Special Constabulary Medals, GVI issues (x2, G. Green & Robert T. Driscoll), Medals, EIIR issues (x2 incent Dowling & Alec Allan Donaldson), these in cases of issue. Rifle Club medal. GVF. (8)

Auction 147
Medals Agricultural Medals (5), County Show 1980, bronze; Chemical Industries Ltd., bronze; Counties 1935 & 1937, bronze; Royal Show - Kings Visit 1909, white metal. VF or better.

Auction 146
Medals Bombardment of Algiers 1816 50mm diameter in bronze by T. Jnr./T.Wyon Snr. Obverse bust of Prince Regent, left TO TAME THE PROUD THE FETTER'D SLAVE TO FREE THESE ARE IMPERIAL ARTS AND WORTHY THEE, Below GEORGE PRINCE REGENT Reverse a Engagement Exergue ALGIERS BOMBARDED ITS FLEET DESTROYED & CHRISTIAN SLAVERY EXTINGUISHED AUG 27 1816 EXMOUTH EF

Auction 145
Medals British and World Medals including Medals (2), German , Medal and 14 others. Generally GVF.

Auction 144
Medals of 1902 52mm diameter in bronze by G.Frampton Eimer 1872 Obverse Busts left conjoined and draped, EDWRDVS.VV.REX.ET.IMP.ET ALEXANDRA REG. Reverse Crown upon radiate circle, lion above, flanked by two trees decorated by the Scottish lion, left and the Irish harp, right Exergue: TO COMMEMORATE THE CORONATION OF KING. EDWARD. VI AND QVEEN. ALEXANDRA 1902A/UNC in the red box of issue, Exhibition 1924, by B. Mackennal / P. Metcalfe, 51mm., bronze, reverse Wembley Stadium with stylized lion (Eimer 1987) UNC in the red box of issue

Auction 143
Medals n Gold Baptismal Medal 53mm diameter in 22 carat gold, , Obverse Baptismal scene in river with dove above, Reverse Saint in clouds holding flag with legend: BOCKPECEHIE XPICTOBO. around, EF loop mounted at the top
£1,600 London Coins : A143 : Lot 773 : Russian Imperial Gold Baptismal Medal 53mm diameter in 22 carat gold, undated, Obverse Baptismal sce... London Coins : A143 : Lot 773 : Russian Imperial Gold Baptismal Medal 53mm diameter in 22 carat gold, undated, Obverse Baptismal sce...

Auction 143
Medals Medals (6) General Medal E.II.R. bar (4085802 L.A.C. J.Hartell .), General Service Medal E.II.R. bar (4184812 A.C.1 M.C.Wright R.A.F.), Observer Corps medal ((OBS. S.C. Bloomfield), Efficiency Medal with T & A.V.R. suspension (23964841 LCPL W.A. Hitchmough R.E.), Special Constabulary Medal E.II.R. issue (Albert V. Glenister), Service Medal E.II.R. (Alexander McFarlane). Generally VF.

Auction 142
Medals Medal issue, unnamed, in case of issue. EF, Imperial Service Medal EIIR to Henry Withy Gardner, in case of issue. EF. & Medals (32820 Pte H. Gardner, K.R. Rif. C.) In card box of issue. One Year Attendance Medal, silver, in card box to Winnie Gladwell EF.

Auction 140
Medals 1914 group of four to 7666 Pte. H. Martin, 2/ & Lancs Regt, with Mons clasp, & Medals, Medal GVI issue to Henry Charles Martin with certificate of award dated 1948 upon retirement from the Post Office.

Auction 139
Medals Order of The , MBE, 1st type, civil division, in case for a ladies , Medal GVIR issue to Harry Symons. GVF. (2).

Auction 133
Medals Franco- Exhibition, 1908, by C.H.Pillet, bronze, 55 x 70mm. , London 1909, silver by Vaughton. GVF.

Auction 131
Medals A DCM & MM group to Sjt. H. Temple . Medal G.V.R. (13666 2 Cpl. 1/ Sig. Co. R.E.), Medal G.V.R (13666 2 Cpl. 1/ D.S.Co. R.E.), 1914 (13666 Sapr R.E.), & Medals with M.I.D. oakleaf 13666 A.Sjt. R.E. Medal, Medal GVIR ( Temple DCM MM). Mounted as worn, First two slightly polished otherwise GVF. The Imperial Service Medal was awarded to Mr Harold Temple DCM MM in recognition of nearly half a century of outstanding service to the Crown. Enlisted in R.E. in 1904, and served in , until early 1914, when he joined the Post Office Telegraph Service at New Cross. He went to and when the war started won the DCM & MM, and was Mentioned in Despatches for Conspicuous during operations - for repairing telephone lines under heavy gunfire, for carrying a wounded colleague to a dressing room under heavy fire and returning to duty. He was wounded twice and after six months at hospital was sent to Signal School at Farnham where he stayed till he was demobilised in 1919. He returned to the Post Office and was promoted to Inspector in 1941. He served as a Captain in the Home Guard in the .
£1,500 London Coins : A131 : Lot 396 : A Great War DCM & MM group to Sjt. H. Temple Royal Engineers. Distinguished Conduct Medal G.V.R....

Auction 130
Medals Medal GVIR aded to a female Lotty Kate Aylett. EF

Auction 127
Medals & Medal Pairs (2) (145257Gnr.J.Hill R.A., 706422 Gnr.J.H.Heaton R.A.), Medal E.II.R. (George William Raymond Barnes) EF in case of issue

Auction 127
Medals Medal G.VI.R to Henry James Sumner, in case of issue. 1939-45 and & Stars, & Medals & . Sports Medal. EF

Auction 123
Medals Long & Good Conduct, issue (4718 Sgt.C.Hall 2nd Middx.V.R.C.). Together with an Service Medal GV issue to Herbert Jasper EF

Auction 123
Medals 1939-45 Medals (5) 1939-45 & & Stars, & Medals. In card box of issue with forwarding slip addressed to F.Weatherhead. Medal E.II.R. issue to Frederick Arthur Weatherhead, in case of issue. EF

Auction 122
Medals Medal to William George Cooper Lustrous GEF to the original case of issue

Auction 121
Medals Medals to Private A. Mullender, R.W. R., 1914-15 Star (S.E.-1432 Pte A.Flack, A.V.C.) presumably a replacement, & Medals (203793 Pte. A. Mullender R.W.Kent R.), Medal, these four mounted as worn. Special Constabulary Medal G.V.R. ( Charles Mullender). Medal, G.VI.R.(Henry Fitzhugh) in case of issue. Medals - 1939-45 & and Stars, and War Medal. Together with three medals. Good very fine. (5).

Auction 121
Medals Special Constabulary Medals (3), G.V.R. (Ernest H. Ruscoe, Piggot), G.VI.R. (George Ashdown). Medal, E.II.R. (ard Edgar Leslie), in case of issue. Extremely fine

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