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Illinois : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots s (8) 1892 n Exposition Breen 7420, 1918 Centennial Breen 7446, Pilgrim (1920) Breen 7448, 1922 Grant Memorial, Plain, Breen 7455, 1923S Monroe Doctrine Breen 7458, 1925 Stone Mountain Breen 7460, 1946 Booker T. Breen 7564, 1951Washington/ Carver Breen 7582 VF to UNC

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots s a high grade slabbed group (58) 1970 PCGS MS65 (2), 1986P PCGS MS65 (2), 1988D PCGS MS65 (2), 1988P PCGS MS65 (2), 1992P PCGS MS65 (2), 2003P PCGS MS67, 2003D Missouri PCGS MS67, 2004P PCGS MS67, 2004P Florida ANACS MS68, 2004P PCGS MS67, 2004D Florida PCGS MS67, 2004D PCGS MS67, 2004D Wisconsin PCGS MS67, 2005P (2) PCGS SP69 and SP68, 2005D Minnesota Satin Finish (2) PCGS SP68 and SP69, 2005P Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2005D Oregon Satin Finish PCGS SP69, 2005P Satin Finish (2) PCGS SP68 and SP69, 2005D California Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2006P Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2006D Nebraska Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2006D Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2006P Colorado Satin Finish PCGS SP68, 2010D Oregon - Mount Hood National Park PCGS MS66 (2), 2010D - Hot Springs National Park PCGS MS67, 2010P Arkansas - Hot Springs National Park PCGS MS67, 2010D - Grand Canyon National Park PCGS MS67, 2010P Arizona - Grand Canyon Nation al Park PCGS MS67, 2014D Florida - Everglades PCGS MS67+, 2014P Florida - Everglades PCGS MS67, 2014P Great Smoky Mountains PCGS MS66, 2014D - Arches (2) PCGS MS66 and MS67, 2014P Utah - Arches (2) PCGS MS66 and MS67, 2015D - Kisatchie PCGS MS67, 2015D - Saratoga (3) PCGS 67 (2) and PCGS MS67+, 2015D - Hook PCGS MS67 (2), 2016D - Fort Moultrie PCGS MS67, 2016D - Cumberland Gap PCGS MS67 (2), 2016D - Theodore Roosevelt PCGS MS67 (2), 2016D - Shawnee PCGS MS67 (2)

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots World (13) 1870 Year 3 Y#4 Fine, 1918 , Lincoln Breen 7446 VF, Provincial (4) (3) CD1905, CD1906 (2), - CD1902-1908 (legend worn) VG to Fine, Lower One Token 1837 Near Fine, GB (4) 1916, 1921, 1927 and a double Obverse George V weighing 6.79 grammes VG to Fine, Pennies (2) 1912H Fine and a double obverse (two joined) Near Fine

Auction 161
World Bulk Lots World (22) (2) 2 s 1936H A/UNC, 1951H GEF with traces of lustre, (2) 1950 Gilded EF, 1926 GF, 1938 UNC toned, 10 Avos 1948 GEF, Eyrir 1938 A/UNC, 1888H Good Fine, Mombasa 1888M Pice GEF, Muscat ands Oman AH1315 VF, AH1315 EF, Pice 1899 EF, 4 Kreuzer (2) 1861A VF, 1861B NVF, 2 1/ 1857 About VF, 1871 Fine, (2)5 Reis 1872 Good Fine, Centavo 1920 EF and lustrous with some verdigris, n States - 2 Paisa 1892 VF, Austria 1 Kreuzer 1800G VF, a masonic issue , , Cicero Chapter No.180 VF, in Aluminium 1929 R101 the Largest Airship in the World VF

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots s (11) 1892 n Exposition, 1893 Columbian Exposition, 1918 Centennial, 1920 Pilgrim, 1922 Grant, 1923 Monroe Doctrine Centennial, 1925 Stone Mountain, 1926 Sesquicentennial of Independence, 1935S International Exposition, 1946 Booker T., 1951 Washington/Carver, NEF to UNC a few with surface marks

Auction 134
World Bulk Lots (53) 1918 Centennial, s (15) 1934, 1940, 1943, 1946, 1948, 1951, 1952, 1954, 1957D, 1961D, 1962, 1962D, 1963D, 1964, 1964D, Dimes (11) 1892, 1936, 1937, 1937S, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1943S, 1944, 1945, 1964D, s (3) 1840, 1841, 1857, (14) 1836, 1893, 1916, 1926, 1927, 1930, 1934, 1935, 1935D, 1936, 1937, 1938D, 1943P, 1983P with a rim cud at the top of the obverse, 1881, (7) , 1858, 1879, 1881, 1889, 1895, 1906, Rosa na 1722 in mixed grades some EF

Auction 112
World Bulk Lots 1918 Centennial PCGS MS63

Auction 110
World Bulk Lots s Booker T. Memorial 1946 S UNC, Trail Memorial 1926 AU, Stone Mountain 1925 EF or better, Centennial 1918

Auction 108
World Bulk Lots 1918 Centennial PCGS MS63

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