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Auction 160
English Cased Red Leather Deluxe 2001 FDC in the case of issue with booklet (case catch broken). Five Pound Crowns 1999 , UNC in the wallet of issue, 2000, UNC in the Royal Mint wallet of issue, Fifty Pence 2006 a 2-coin set Cross- The Ad and the Heroic Acts UNC in the Royal Mint folder of issue, Crowns 1981 (2) of and Lady Diana Spencer UNC, one on the Royal Mint card of issue, the other in a slide case, Five Pound Crowns (3) 1999 Diana Memorial UNC, 2000 100th Birthday, 2001 of the End of the Victorian Era UNC in slide cases, Medals Royal Wedding Eyewitness Medal Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, Crown-sized in silver FDC boxed with certificate, Medal 2000 The Queen Mother 100th Birthday Medal Crown-sized in silver Franklin Mint FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Royal Mint 25 Euro 1996 Fantasy UNC in the Royal Mint box, Medals (3) Millennium 2000 Millennium Dome Greenwich in plated base metal (2) UNC in slide cases, Tower Mint Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer 1981 - Broadlands, The Home of Lord , 45mm diameter in , UNC in the Tower Mint box of issue, The Royal Christening Spoon 1982 , in silver by Franklin Mint UNC boxed with certificate, GB and World Numismatic and First Day Covers in 14 albums includes The (4 albums - 96 covers plus stamps on sheets ), The Millennium (3 Albums - 53 covers), Various Subjects (7 albums - 234 covers plus many stamp sheets) UNC in albums and some in self adhesive photo albums (Total weight over 27 Kilos)

Auction 137
Medals 300 Years of the Observatory 1975 a 3-piece set in bronze each 57mm diameter with a different design, UNC in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 134
Medals Investiture of as the 1969 a 5-medal set depicting (Edward of Caernarvon), Henry V (Henry of ), Edward of Woodstock (The Black Prince), (Henry of ) and Prince Charles each 399mm in silver, UNC boxed with certificate, Queen 58mm in silver by Spink and Son, matt finish UNC boxed, Numismatic Trade Association (2) 1987 Coinex and Jubilee, 1988 Coinex these both 5 ounces of fine silver FDC and boxed

Auction 122
Tokens Unofficial Tokens a (55) Ashton-under-Lyme 40, Banbury 80, 180-187, 230, 320, 350, 360, 400, 480, 660, 670, 750, 910, 980, Blewsbury 1070, 1090, Brompton 1260, 1380, Cirencester 1400, 1640, 1670, 1670, 1870, 2150, 2160, 2340, 2410, 2420, 2480, 2490, 2500, 2530, 2620, 2670, 2800, 2810, 2850, 2920, 2980, March 3650, 3660, 3670, Nettlebed 3700, 3870, 3900, 3910, 3930, 3940, 3950, 3960, 3980, 3990, 4000, 4030, 4050 all attributed Generally NVF to EF with some R to RRR examples

Auction 105
Tokens s 1666 Philip Ewer of , 1652 Edward Hope Devizes, Walter Maplis , Robert Heath of , 1659 William Disrett , P

Auction 102
Tokens Seventeenth Century (3) s Edward Chambers Grocer D205, and E.B at the George D314, Robert Hogben Vintners Arms

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