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GB : Tokens

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 164
Tokens Tokens an interesting mixed group includes Australian, Canadian and New Zealand issues, GB 18th and Pennies and , Hard Times tokens (2), one ancient , Bermuda 1793, and a GB Halfpenny 1718, includes many useful pieces with some VF to EF

Auction 164
Tokens GB and World 18th to a of Tokens, ed coins, Transport Tokens, s, Counters, Toy Money, Co-op Tokens, and s (708) in a home-made cabinet, includes a wide variety of types, in mixed grades

Auction 164
Tokens Tokens and medals a larger and wide ranging group in bags (over 750 pieces) includes Tokens size 'IN MEMORY OF THE GOOD OLD DAYS' 1788 GVF to GEF (285), Gaming Tokens (31) Guinea and Half Guinea size in mixed grades, some holed, Gaming Tokens Victoria, Reverse Double Headed Eagle and shield (63), EF and lustrous, some in a metal tube, 'To Hanover' Tokens 1837 in (51) VF to EF, Victoria Gaming Tokens a mixed group date 1830-1862 (34), various types, Fine to EF a few holed, World token group (25) include a small group of Singapore Merchant Tokens and Batavian Republic, in mixed grades to VF, Tokens, medals and fantasies (87) some with mounts or holed, includes Cincinnati HML token in bronze VF, in mixed grades, Mother of pearl tokens (27) 24 are uniface 26mm diameter with the number 3 on one face, another being in Chinese fantasy style, another with a floral design and a rectangular piece these average EF, France Telephone Tokens (12) VF to EF, GB and World s and Tokens a mixed group 19th and , Medals tokens and fantasies (56) some with an ecclesiastical theme, others made into badges, in mixed grades to VF, and a further group of Advertising Tokens, Tradesmen's tokens, Transport and Machine tokens along with some fantasies (122), Medals in white metal Victoria to Edward VIII (13) in mixed grades to VF some holed

Auction 162
Tokens (5) - (2) 1792 Norwich Arms DH14, edge PAYABLE AT N.BOLINGBROKES HABERDASHER &c. NORWICH, Norwich 1793 Norwich Barracks DH47, - 1794 Britannia, Large Annulet after HALFPENNY DH4, - Davidsons - Prince of , DH296, Middlesex - Political and Social Series undated, T.Hardy DH1027 all EF to A/UNC with traces of lustre

Auction 162
Tokens GB and World Tokens, Transport Tokens, and Weights (14) includes 1668 Thame, Robert Crewes Fine, , Charing Cross Fine, Canada - Nova Scotia 1816 Fine, in mixed grades some VF

Auction 159
Tokens Invitational Venezuela 191enary of the Declaration of Independence, in by Tiffany & Co., New , Coat of Arms and emblem enamelled in 5 colours, about EF with some toning, as part of an interesting group of GB and World Tokens and Medals (47) includes Coronation and Jubilee types, and Cocoa Advertising Tokens in Aluminium (4) in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 158
Tokens Tokens 18th to a wide ranging group (253) in an aluminium case includes issues from GB, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, includes many useful pieces, in mixed grades

Auction 158
Tokens (18) Northampton (9) 68, 69, 74, 75, 80, 81, 83, 85, 86/7, 104 (octagonal), 127, Towcester (5), 160, 163, 165 (octagonal), 167, 168, Weedon 171, Wellingborough 178, all with attributions, in mixed grades Good to Bold Fine

Auction 158
Tokens Counters and Spielgeld, also GB and World Toy Money, includes USA, Italy, Germany, includes Weimar Republic types and Denmark issues, a in 6 stock boxes, many different dates and types represented, also a small group of s in and white metal, also includes a few items of Toy paper money in mixed grades (lot)

Auction 158
Tokens GB and World Tokens and s issues (16) in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 157
Tokens Australia 1862 Melbourne, T.s KM#Tn236.1 VF as part of a group (27) comprising (17), and a small but wide-ranging group (10) includes GB and 19th Century Canada also an off-centre George III contemporary counterfeit , in mixed grades a few VF or slightly better

Auction 157
Tokens Tokens a small group (4) Co-op societies 2 lb. Loaf (2), 1885 W.Rogers, West Street, Hastings, Sweden 3 Ore, C.C Sporrong & Co, Mosebacke, Gangbro, Stockholm, along with a One Model by J.Moore, Fine to VF

Auction 156
Tokens (5) 1792 smiths (omitted) Shop of Dunham & Yallop DH28a NEF, Norwich 1793 Horseman/Barracks, lettered edge, DH46 GVF, Norwich 1796 Dunham and Yallop Goldsmiths Shop front/Hope standing supporting a shield NEF, Norwich 1794 Norwich Castle/Fleece DH13 GVF, Norwich 1792 Castle and Lion/Town Arms, edge Payable at Bolingbrokes Haberdashers DH16 About EF

Auction 155
Tokens GB and World Tokens and s 19th and a wide-ranging group (approximately 1.8 Kilos), in mixed grades

Auction 152
Tokens (36) 18 (holed), (8) 50 James Cheever, 56 Anthony Fagg, 58 Edward Fray, 63 Francis Maplisden, 76 Richard Smith, 77/8 Sibb Smith, 79 Will Terrey, 81 The Three Kings, (2) 102 John Terell, 106 Francis Sanders, Deal (4) 145 William Brothers, 148 James Coston, 158 Moyses Potter, 161 Peter Underwood, (6) 203 ICM, 209 At the Leopovldvs, 213 Thomas Fidg, 223 Thomas Kite, 225 John Parker, 230 Thomas Sharnel, 277 Francis Waterman, 308 John Watson, (3) 385 James Ruse, 389 Richard Walker, 397 Richard Wicking, 398 James Wolball, Milto-ext- 432 William Covall, Minster 436 John Dyer, (3) 458 Art Brooker, 463 Alice Cobham, 478 Joseph Travers, 535 Philip Ewer, Sturry 542 Thomas Johnson, Sutton Valence 546 John Bvrkhvest, Tenterden 551 James Mead Fair to Fine, many Fine, along with 17th Century Great Torrington 1668 Fleur-de-Lis in water W.341 (5) VG to Near Fine

Auction 152
Tokens GB and World 18th and Tokens an eclectic mix (22) includes , , , Canada and Belgium, in mixed grades VG to NEF

Auction 150
Tokens (12), one ed, Australia Pennies (2), GB 19th Century (1) VG to VF

Auction 149
Tokens GB and World Tokens and s (38) a varied group, in mixed circulated grades

Auction 146
Tokens GB and World Traders, Transport, and Tokens and Jettons (53) an eclectic mix, in mixed grades to EF

Auction 145
Tokens GB, New Zealand and Australia a varied group (120) 19th and in mixed circulated grades

Auction 143
Tokens Tokens and s largely 18th to (181) a mixed group includes a handful of GB and World coins, in mixed grades
£120 London Coins : A143 : Lot 703 : Tokens and Medals largely 18th to 20th Century (181) a mixed group includes a handful of GB and Worl...

Auction 143
Tokens GB a mixed group includes , 'GOOD OLD DAYS' Tokens, Model Coins, and some lic items, these in base metal, in mixed grades (small lot)

Auction 141
Tokens (15) 524, 537, 538, 541, Sturry 542/3, Tenterden 551, Tunbridge 556, Westerham 563/4, Westgate 567, Wingham 569, Wrotham 579, Wye 581, 582, 583, Yalding 589 Fair to Good Fine with attribution tickets

Auction 140
Tokens Tokens in an album 16th to (58) includes GB, Canada, Germany, and Ireland a varied group in mixed circulated grades

Auction 137
Tokens Tokens a (77) 3, 42, 47, 50, 51, 52, 56, 58, 63, 69, 77, 79, 104, 106, 137, Deal 144, 148, 156, 158, Deptford 184, 200, 202, 205, 209, 212, 213, 218, 223, 224, 230, 239, 240, East 243, 276, 297, 301, 335, Harrietsham 346, Ightham 363, Lenham 372, 381, 385, 389, 390, 393, 397, 398, Milton-Next-Gravesend 414, 426, 430, Queensborough 451, 460, 463, 464, 465, 470, 472, 475, 478, Sandwich 490, 496, 497, 498, 501, 504, 516, 524, Smarden 528, 532, 534, 536, 541, Sturry 542/3, Westerham 563/4, Westgate 567, Wingham 569, Wye 582, the majority with old attribution tickets Fair to Fine

Auction 136
Tokens Tokens and Weights includes GB, Canada, Australia and Ireland a small and varied group (13) 18th and NVF-NEF

Auction 131
Tokens A varied group GB and World includes Tokens, Hop Tokens, Hammered, Counters, Guinea/ weighing scales (2), a Sovereign/ weighing scale, in mixed grades (small lot)

Auction 131
Tokens Hop Tokens (8) inc. Champion Farm; Chelsfield RF 11/2; F.Down ; J Edmonds 1934 (3 types); May & Vinson, Woodstock, 1d; James Smith, Place farm, Icklesham 1844., 12 bushels. GVF.

Auction 104
Tokens a of Seventeenth Century (23) Abingdon D4/D7/D8/D9/D10/D11, Blewbury D15, Faringdon D22 (rare VG)/D28, Hagbourne D32, Hungerford

Auction 104
Tokens Seventeenth Century Milton-Next- (4) s Will Bissey D429/30, Chenny Bourne D431, William Covall D432, 1667 George R

Auction 102
Tokens Seventeenth Century (3) s Edward Chambers Grocer D205, and E.B at the George D314, Robert Hogben Vintners Arms

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