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London Coins Auction 165
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
London Coins Paper Money Sale
Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
London Coins Auction 166
31st August - 1st September 2019

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French India

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots World a small mixed group (24) Year 28 (1895) KM#A25.3 JNDA 01-10A in a PCGS holder Cleaned AU details, 1669 S.5611 VG with uneven tone, scarce, One Peseta (3) 1869 SN-M KM#652 Fine, toned, 1870 SN-M KM#653 VG, 1903 Fine, Province (c.1903-1908) 4 characters at the top of the obverse KM#104.2 Fine, 1880 50th Anniversary of Independence KM#38 Good Fine/NVF, Sol 1875 Fine on a pin mount, 1886 Good Fine with a darker tone area on PIASTRE, Indo-China One Piastre 1931 NEF, Rupia 1912 VF, (3) 1889EB GEF and lustrous, (2) 1883EB EF and lustrous, 10 Ore 1855T NEF and lustrous, (2) s (2) 1932 KM#152 Good Fine, 1920 Token Coinage in Zinc KM#Tn1 Fine or better, along with Zeppelin Canteen Token c.1914 About Fine, 1569, Mint, About Fine with some weakness in the centre, 5000 s (5 Krans) (2) 1902 KM#976 GEF and lustrous, 1927 KM#1106 EF with some contact marks, Scotland 1697 S.5688 Upright die axis, VG the reverse slightly better, Dinar 1915 Coin die alignment with designer's name KM#25.4 VG, unpriced by Krause, Rare, 10 Reis 1842 KM#2 VF with some edge nicks, possibly once lightly cleaned, now retoned, Spain 1966 (68) as KM#797 GVF and prooflike, with some spots on the obverse, we note the Proofs are unlisted for this date and type, this certainly with a completely different finish to the currency coin

Auction 160
World Banknotes & World, Commonwealth in an album (163), , n Currency Board, , Southern , Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Rhodesia, , St. Helena, , , , , , , , Malaya & , , British , , British Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean, & . Includes Straits Settlements dated 1929, (Pick11a) Fine, 10 Dollars dated 1933, (Pick18a) Fine, British Guiana dated 1942, (Pick13c) Fine, 10 Dollars dated 1947, (Pick27a) about VF, British Caribbean dated 1961, (Pick11b) Fine, Ceylon dated 1945, (Pick38a) small edge tear, about VF, East African Currency Board 1 date1920 (Pick8a) Fine, 100 s issued 1964, (Pick48a) Uncirculated, 5 s dated 1945, (Pick11b) Fine, Rhodesia & Nyasaland dated 1961, (Pick22b) good Fine, and many more, a fabulous collection of King , VI and Queen . Also two further albums (190+) of mostly , some Africa and a few , strength in Indo and , including 100 dated 1919, (Pick39) Fine, dated 1901, (Pick5) about Fine, a very rare opporty to acquire a wide variety of commonwealth notes and many others.
£28,000 London Coins : A160 : Lot 280 : Commonwealth & World, Commonwealth collection in an album (163), Ceylon, East African Currency B... London Coins : A160 : Lot 280 : Commonwealth & World, Commonwealth collection in an album (163), Ceylon, East African Currency B...

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots (28) Dollar 1908, 1920, (5) 1898, 1910, 1935, 1939, 1948, (5) 1900H, 1902, 1919, 1939, 1948, (4) 1897H, 1902, 1920, 1945, (4) 1845, 1862, 1908, 1920, (3) 1845, 1908, 1932, s (5) 1845, 1872, 1884, 1901, 1905, along with GB s (3) 1900B, 1909B, 1912B, Indo- Piastre 1925, Half Anna , Quarter Tanga 1881 and a modern Fantasy Trade Dollar, in mixed grades some EF and lustrous, along with Banknote 10 Cents 1941 issue EF

Auction 146
World Bulk Lots World (25) 18th to includes n, and n pieces in , in mixed grades to EF

Auction 144
English Bulk Lots Crown 1662 Roses below bust VG with usual weakness at the centre, s (2) S.2776 mintmark Triangle About Fine, 1689 First Shields No Frosting, with pearls, VG, Charles I mintmark Crown, no inner circles S.2791 VG/NF, 1797 Fine with PLATED ed in 5 places on either side of the coin, also two unattributed tokens/Jettons in one French, legends worn, the other possibly Indian and on a Dump-type flan

Auction 137
Ancient Coins ian Dynasties denominations, Ilkhans (3, 2 mounted) Muzaffarids (1), Safavids (5) including Tabriz 1129H ex-mount (MWIs 2079) and other silver and (10), Indian Temple Token (1) , ichery, silver fanon, date off flan (KM#67) generally Fine to VF (21 coins in lot)

Auction 121
Ancient Coins Mixed , n and hammered. 12th century, includes Republic of Servilia 15, circa BC 57.(14) Average fine

Auction 120
World Banknotes World in 10 small albums (circa 460) includes many different better countries, Saar, , S. & Rhodesia Nyasaland QE2 £1's, , £1 VG, , Memel, , etc., of India 10 r

Auction 119
World Bulk Lots Indo 50 Cent 1936 Lustrous UNC, Two Cents 1888 UNC with lustre traces, 1840 UNC, 1935 EF toned, 1920 UNC, Switzerland 1928 UNC

Auction 113
World Banknotes Decret du 21 Janvier 1875, , serial number A.0 000, as Pick A1s, about UNC to UNC and rare

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