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Faustina Snr

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 153
Ancient Coins Group of mixed Ae . From through to decius plus on As of snr. Mixed conditions and grades. About fine to NVF. [10]

Auction 153
Ancient Coins Group of 2nd century Ar . 3 x . 2 x . 1 x and 2 x . Old s coins and mostly tone. Mixed grades. NVF to GVF. [8]

Auction 153
Ancient Coins of Ae as. From to including other examples from , , , , and . Mixed grades, some scarce pieces. Fine to NVF. [9]

Auction 153
Ancient Coins of Ae and as. From to including other examples from , , , , and . Mixed grades, some scarce pieces. Fine to NVF. [8]

Auction 153
Ancient Coins of Ae . From to including , , and . Mixed grades. Fine to NVF. [6]

Auction 150
Ancient Coins (4) Diva . Rome 141, Rev Cybele, (RCV 4630) NF scarce: as , Rome 153-4, Rev (RCV 4815) GF: as , Rome 169, Rev Salus (RCV 4998) GF: , Rome 188, Rev Fortuna (RCV 5746) GF (4)

Auction 141
Ancient Coins Group of mixed s. 4 X including Philip II, , , Hadrian and . 1 X of . 2 X As of and and a of Maximinus. Fine to VF. [8]

Auction 141
Ancient Coins Ar X 2. . Rev; TR P COS V PON MAX; winged caduceus. RIC &%. . Rev; AVGVSTA; Venus standing left holding apple. RIC 366. Both good metal. NVF. [2]

Auction 138
Ancient Coins Ae . Diva , wife of . Died 141 AD. Rev; AETERNITAS, S C in exergue, Faustina seated in biga of elephants, with s, left. RIC III 1113. Patchy green patina with soft detail. RARE type. 21.76g. 31mm. about Fine

Auction 136
Ancient Coins Mixed s from through to I. Ae of Tiberius Antioch. As. As. As. of Faustina Snr, and Miaximinus and a Ae4 of Constantine. Various grades. Fine to VF. [8]

Auction 135
Ancient Coins . A of Roman and . Examples from the , , 2 x , , , 2 x , , , , , 3 x , , , 3 x Philip and 2 x Postumus. Good mixture of emperors and in various grades. Fine to G VF [22]

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