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Eimer 1891

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
Medals Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference 1906 51mm diameter by A. Eimer 1891 in silvered bronze, Obverse: Head left, KING EDWARD VII . THE PEACEMAKER, Reverse: Female figure standing, right, holds wreath in an outstretched hand XIV. CONFERENCE INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UNION PALACE OF WESTMINSTER 1906 EF in the round red dated case of issue

Auction 159
Medals Investiture of the 1969 a 3-medal set in silver 58mm diameter, 45mm diameter and 32mm diameter by Pinches Eimer 2116a, 2116b and 2116c UNC in the dated box of issue, Queen 1977 Silver ingot/first day cover set with 4 stamps, UNC in the box of issue, a 3-ingot set in silver 1976 s each with Canadian stamp designs and weighing 16 grammes of .999 silver UNC in the box of issue with stamps, The New Group Silver Ingot One ounce of Silver FDC in the box of issue with certificate, along with a group of Medals, Tokens and fantasies includes some larger an modern bronze types (17) some EF to GEF, St Helena Crown 1978 Enamelled in four colours, fair workmanship, on a chain, boxed, Broken Hill Co-Op Tokens One Loaf (36) 28mm diameter in aluminium UNC, Enamelled Shillings (3) 1887Jubilee Head (2), 1890, Enamelled Sixpence 1887 Jubilee Head, fair workmanship, Penny 1891 VG, Threepence 1909 VG, Shilling 1826 set in a swivel mount Fine, gilded, and a locket made from a 1952 Halfpenny, along with letter from Central detailing the ad of a Good Conduct medal and with the ribbon attached

Auction 152
Medals Grand National 1809 Eimer 993, by T., 1821 Eimer 1145var, of 1863 Eimer 1563 51mm diameter by Ottley of , Exhibition of Art Treasures 1857 Eimer 1513 variety without floral border, Exhibition 1891 & Camperdown on obverse Eimer 1767, all white metal issues, NEF to EF (5)

Auction 144
Medals Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference 1906, by A., silvered bronze, 51mm. In case of issue. (Eimer 1891) GVF. (1)

Auction 140
Medals Assorted medals (7) including: Admiral - Boulton's Medal - a Tower Mint replica 2005, cased; Medal, bronze, cased; St Georges Chapel , metal; 50th of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb 1922, gilt metal; Primrose League gilt medal with enamelled brooch dated 1891; J. S. Fry & Sons Bi medal 1928 (Eimer 2013) cased; Life Saving Society bronze medal, cased. VF or better.

Auction 136
Medals Medal 32mm diameter in bronze (1667-1669) Obverse Bust of Clement IX, left, wearing camauro, mozzetta, and stole. CLEM.IX.PONT.MAX.AN.II Reverse PACE POPVLIS SVIS A DOMINO CONCESSA, Procession of clergy in St. Peter's Square, entering basilica to celebrate a Te Deum for the Peace of Aachen. [Moroni XIV, 55] Fine, Burrator Reservoir 1898 44mm diameter in White Metal, Obverse 'PLYMOUTH 21st SEPR 1898 THE BURRATOR RESERVOIR CONSTRUCTE TO AVERT THE DANGER & HARDSHIP TO WHICH THE TOWN WAS FORMERLY LIABLE WAS THIS DAY COMPLETED.THIS MEDAL WAS STRUCK TO COMMEMORATE THE EVENT AND IS THE GIFT OF J.T.BOND MAYOR 1891-1896-1898 in 13 lines Reverse view of the reservoir and surrounding area COMMENCED 9th AUGUST 1893. AREA IS 116 ACRES. CAPACITY 651,000,000 GALLONS, EF, Borough of Plymouth 1896 38mm diameter in White Metal Obverse Town arms, Reverse BOROUGH OF PLYMOUTH CREATED 1439 WILLIAM KETHRICHE MAYOR EXTENDED 1896 J.T.BOND MAYOR in 6 lines EF holed at the top, Lusitania medal 1915 55mm diameter cast Eimer 1914a EF, of 1817 25mm diameter in base metal Fine, undated 10-sided in base metal Obverse C.DETOUCHE 228 RUE ST.MARTIN 230, Reverse MAISON DE CONFIANCE ORFEVRERIE INVARIABLE PRIX FIXE HORLOGERIE BIJOUTERIE JOAILLERIE Fine

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