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Eimer 1816

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 164
Medals 19th Century a small group (6) of 1821 49mm diameter in white metal, Obverse bust left GEORGIUS IV. D:G: BRITT: REX F:D: Reverse the King enthroned is crown at the Coronation ceremony, Exergue: GEO: IV: CORONAT: MDCCCXXI VF. Coronation of George IV 1821 45mm diameter in bronze and Salford local issue, Fine with some edge knocks. and Leopold 1816 Nuptials celebrated Carlton house 2nd May 1816 45mm diameter in white metal NEF pierced at the top. Bridge opened 1831 Eimer 1245 29mm diameter in brass, Obverse THE FIRST STONE OF THE NEW LONDON BRIDGE WAS LAID BY JOHN GARRATT ESQr LORD MAYOR OF LONDON ON THE 14th MARCH 1824AND OPEN'D BY THEIR MAJESTIES AUGUST 1st 1831 in 10 lines, Reverse a 5-arched bridge spanning the river with ships, CARRIAGEWAY 33 1/2 FT.LENGTH OF BRIDGE 782 Ft CENTRE ARCH I50..SIDE ARCH I40, Good Fine, along with Halfcrown 1830 type reverse enamelled in 4 colours, and an imitation Two Pounds 1823 on a loop mount, these both around Fine

Auction 160
Medals of Queen Obv left facing bust crowned, laureate, veiled and draped IN COMMEMORATIONEM ANNI REGNI LX in the field, Rev Arms in the centre THE 1897, PEACE LOVE AND UNION, the impressive 76mm in gold (5 ounces) Eimer 1816 EF and exceptionally pleasing in this large gold format, and seldom offered
£9,000 London Coins : A160 : Lot 1771 : Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria Obv left facing bust crowned, laureate, veiled and draped IN COMME... London Coins : A160 : Lot 1771 : Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria Obv left facing bust crowned, laureate, veiled and draped IN COMME...

Auction 156
Medals Queen 1897 Eimer 1816 (2) 76mm diameter in silver VF, and 76mm in White metal EF

Auction 155
Medals Medals (9) Internation Exhibition Prize Medal 1862 77mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1553 to A.N.Sherson GVF, Queen 1897 77mm diameter by the Corporation of Eimer 1816 EF, Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 the Official issue 56mm diameter in bronze (2) EF and GEF both boxed, of 1902 the official Royal Mint issue 56mm diameter EF boxed, The Whitworth Memorial Medal 1968 Obverses bust left, reverse Whitworth Scholarships Founded 1968 A/UNC boxed, King (3) 32mm diameter in silver the official Royal Mint issues EF to GEF boxed

Auction 147
Medals medals from 1700-1900 (24) includes Union of 1707 by J. Croker, silver (Eimer 425), Simon Bolivar Liberator 1846 by C. Voight, bronze, statues for Duke of 1816, Duke of 1852 & 1880, Bright medals (2), Dr Barnardo's Homes and Earls Court Wheel, together with other interesting medals. Generally VF or better.

Auction 135
Medals 1897 Eimer 1816 Obverse Bust left crowned, laureate, draped and veiled, IN COMMEMORATIONEM ANNI REGNI LX in the field. VICTORIA. DEI GRA: BRITT: REGINA. FID: DEF: IND: IMP MDCCCXCVII Reverse Arms in the centre; below, THE A.D. 1897and a vignette containing 4 clasped hands, inscribed PEACE LOVE AND UNION. Aborder of 50 shields of British Colonies and Protectorates, each identified 76mm diameter in bronze by F. GEF

Auction 110
Medals Medal Eimer 1816 by F. 76 mm in White Metal GEF, Sinking of the Lusitania 1915 Eimer 1941A 56 mm boxed, U.S.S Enterprise 68 mm M

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