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Egypt Star

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Auction 167
Ancient Coins Ancients and (30) Miletos, Ionia, One Twelfth late 6th Century BC, an imitative issue, d with traces of silver plating Obv: Head of Lion, Rev: Star Ornament within incuse square. Kyzikos,Mysia ( Minor) Hemi, Obv: Forepart of running boar with tunny facing upward behind, Rev: Head of roaring lion with K retrograde above, all within an incuse square. Kamarina, (413-405 BC) Onkia (Uncia) Obv: Head of Gorgon, Rev: Owl holding lizard, with KAM to left, a single pellet denoting the unit of currency. n Kingdom Philip II (359-336 BC) Ae18 Obv: Head of , right with hair bound with tania, Rev: Naked youth on horse, right, little lettering still visible. Macedonian Kingdom/ of Alexander (336-323 BC) Ae20 Uncertain Mint, Obv: Head of cles in lion-skin head-dress, Rev: AΛE≡ANANAP Bow and Quiver above with club below. Antigonid Kingdom Demetrios Poloirketes (294-288 BC) Ae14 uncertain mint, Obv: Head of Demetrios right wearing crested Helmet, Rev: Prow of galley with BA above. Antigonos Gonatas (277-239 BC) Head of Young Heracles clad in lions skin, Rev: Naked youth on horse right, BA in upper fields. Perseus (179-168 BC) Ae19 Head of Perseus wearing winged cap with raised sword to right, Rev: Eagle with wings open standing left on thunderbolt below. Thracis () Lysimachos (323-281 BC) Ae14Obv: Head of Heracles, right clad in lions skin, Rev: two-line inscription within corn wreath. Mesopotamia, , Asia Minor Seleukos I, Nikator (312-280 BC) Ae19 Obv: Winged Head of Med, Rev: Bull butting BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣEΛEYKOY and ≡ in field below. Antiochos II (261-246 BC) Ae12 Obv: Diademed Head right, Rev: Apollo seated naked on Omphalos, the sacred stone of Delphi, holding bow and arrow BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY (partly off flan). Seleukos II, Kings, Kallinikos (246-226 BC) Ae17 Obv: Head of in crested Corinthian Helmet, Rev: Nike standing left holding palm EY in field to left. Antiochos IV, Epiphanes (175-164 BC) Ae Chalkos, Obv: Radiate head right, Rev: Tyche enthroned and holding Nike with bird at feet, inscription mostly off flan, Antiochos VI Serrate Obv: Head of Antiochos as Dionysus, right, radiate and wreathed with ivy, Rev: Elephant advancing left holding torch with his trunk ΣTA over star in right field EПIфANOYΣ ΔIONYΣOY below. Antiochos VIII (121-96 BC) Ae19 Obv: Radiate Head right, Rev: Eagle standing left in background. Antiochos IX (113-95 BC) Ae19 Obv: Diademed head right, Rev: seated left holding Nike and sceptre AK below. Egypt - The Ptolemaic Kingdom I, Soter (305-283 BC) Ae27 Obv: Laureate Head of Zeus, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt legend unclear. Ptolemy II, Philadelphos (285-246 BC) Ae28 Obv: Laureate Head of Zeus right, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, with wings open, AM in left field. Ptolemy V, Epiphanes (204-180 BC) Silver Di Obv: Draped Bust of Ptolemy right, as Dionysus diademed and wreathed in ivy, ornamented pole over shoulder, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open. Ptolemy VI, Philometor and II (180-145 BC) Ae28 Obv: Head of Cleopatra I as Isis, Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open, monogram ПA to left of eagle. Kingdom of Syracuse - Sicily Heiron II (275-216 BC) Ae18 Obv: Head of , left, wearing tainia, Rev: Ornamented Trident Head between two dolphins dividing IEPΩ - NOS in lower field. Republic of Syracuse - Sicily (214-212 BC) Ae22 Obv: Laureate Head of Apollo, left, Rev: Castor and Pollux on horseback, right. Thessalian League, Thessaly, Central , 196-146 BC Ae20 Obv: Laureate head of Apollo, right Rev: Athene Itonia. Kingdom of Pontus - , and Asia Minor - Mithradates VI, Eupator 'The Great; (120-63 BC) Obverse: Head of Athena, right wearing triple-crested helmet ornamented with Pegasus, the winged horse, Rev: Pegasus standing, facing, holding harp (hooked sword) and head of the Gorgon Medusa, whose body lies at his feet. City Issue of the Republic - City of Leukas, Akarnania (West Coast of Greece) after 167 BC, Obv: Head of Young Heracles in lions skin, Club right, legend unclear. Tarsos Cilicia, after 164 BC, Ae16 Obv: Turretted head of Tyche, Rev: Sandan standing right, on winged and horned lion, carrying bow-case and sword. City of Tyre, (Lebano

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (50) a in an album in mixed grades including higher ones comprising 1 Dollars Pick 58d (2). (5) including 1 Dollar George VI Pick 312 along with (4) including the 2 varieties Pick 315a without prefix and Pick 315b with prefix (3). George VI 2 Rupees Pick 17b prefix B/72. s Pick 25b">Pick 25b plate letter A s on India Pick 25 (2) prefixes D/25 & C/95. 1 George VI Pick 16. George VI 1941 issues (5) including 10 Cents George VI Pick 8 (2). Pick 7b. s Pick 6 (2). ese Occupation notes (7) including 1 Dollars (2). 5 Cents (2). 1 Cents (4). Netherland Indies (3) including Pick 111 and Pick 110a (2). . eille tram tickets dated 1941. " Trésorerie - Région Économique d'Algérie Pick 99b." 1943 WWII First Issue 5 Francs Pick 24a. 5 signature Makram Ebeid star in serial numbers Pick 164 (2). Premium Savings Bond 1 . 20 Mark. (6) si, si (2) and si (3). 1 Dollars (14) including Silver certificates blue seal Pick 416D2f series 1935F, Pick 419a series 1957A, Pick 419b series 1957B along with notes (12) including Pick 462a series 1977, (10) Pick 480b series 1988A (9) along with Pick 480a series 1988. Alexander Hamilton Pick 482 series 1988A. Post World War II Motor Ration Coupons (6) dated 31st August 1950 and May 1950. Includes some claimed. 20 Pick 49 issue 1984. 50 Deutsche Mark Pick 33d issue 1980 serial number KL1224224B. France Pick 152d dated 1989. 1 Fen Pick 860b 1953. e 100 Gulden Pick 128b issue 1985. 50 Zlotych Pick 142c issue 1988. Pick 133 issue 1987. 100 Pick 117a overprint issue 1961 (1976). 1 Pound Pick 53d dated 1995. Poland Pick 143a.

Auction 165
World Banknotes World (109) a mostly high grade group early and modern issues from various countries such as , , , , , , and others. Includes Egypt (6) comprising of 25 Pick 47, Pick 43, 1 Pick 44, Pick 45, Pick 46 and Pick 48. Spain (5) including Pick 139, 50 Pesetas Pick 88, 50 Pesetas Pick 75b, Pick 83 and 500 Pesetas Pick 77. Also includes India (27) consisting of (10) and 20 Rupees (10) all with serial numbers ending "786" believed to be a "Holy" number in the Indian culture along with an assortment of star notes (7)

Auction 164
General Service Medal with Palestine bar, awarded to 3952993 Pte.G.Carpenter Welch. Regiment. NEF/EF. The First Regiment was deployed to Palestine to suppress the Arab Revolt, then sent on to North Africa and participated in the Western District Campaign, then sent to Crete in 1941 where Pte. Carpenter was taken Prisoner of War in June 1941. Queen's South Africa Medal awarded to 3rd Class Trooper 2867 R.F.Bruce with two bars Orange Free State and Cape Colony. GVF. Enlisted 1/5/1901, Died Boskop 11/11/1901 of enteric fever. Scottish Regiments (3) World War I Medals (2) the first to 10234 Pte.J.Scott 2nd Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, VF. Pte. Scott was killed in action in France 9/3/1915, (also entitled to 1914 Star and bar). He is buried at Ration Farm Military Cemetery, La Chapelle-Darmentieres VI. M.3. The second to 7220 Pte.D.Taylor 1st regiment of Scots Fusiliers, VF. Pte. Taylor was killed in action in France 13/11/1916. (also entitled to 1914 Star and bar). He is buried at Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 3C. 1914-15 Star awarded to 17560 Pte.W.Pilkington, 1st King's Own Scottish Borderers EF. Pte. Pilkington was wounded in Gallipoli on 4/6/1915 and died of his wounds 7/6/1915. Sussex Yeomanry Casualty World War I Medal to 2040 Private R.S.Paterson, SUSS.YEO, EF. Enlisted 7/10/1915 in Egypt, transferred Royal Engineers and died of wounds Royal Sussex Regiment 23/10/1918, with copy of service record, entitled to 1914/1915 Star and Victory Medals £320

Auction 164
World War I and World War II a varied group (52) includes Belgium Commemorative World War I in bronze (3), Belgium Knight order of Leopold II, Belgium Jus de Grenier (5), Poland World War II Cross of Merit (2), France and Germany Star, Russia Veteran of Labour in silver, African medal 1940-1945 awarded to Belgian Military who served in Africa during World War II (Belgian forces served in the colonies of the Congo and Ruanda-Urundi and also in Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Palestine and Madagascar during the conflict) (6), Belgium Medal for the Prisoners of War 1940-1945, Belgium Medal for the 1940-1945 War (3), along with other examples from Belgium and Poland, along with St. Johns Ambulance Association medal with bars from 1922 to 1936, and other decorative paranumismatic items, in mixed grades £220

Auction 163
Medals a group of five , War Medal, Africa Star, 1939-45 Star, Star, and Africa Medal awarded to 8068 Bombr.J.H.Duncan, n Artillery, EF. Bombr. Duncan enlisted 10/10/1940, was sent to with Pretoria in April 1943, to 22nd Field Regiment, May 1943, to Italy in May 1944, and hospitalised, cause unknown, May 1944, and evacuated to South Africa . He was discharged on 2/1/1947., along with World War I to Welsh Regiments (4) 1914-15 Star awarded to 19532 Pte.W.Roberts 1st Welsh Fusiliers. EF. Pte.Roberts was killed in action in 3/9/1916 and is buried at Thiepval Memorial. Pier and Face 4A, World War I Medals (3) the first awarded to 11085 Pte.G.Jones, South Borderers, NEF. Pte.Jones died of wounds in Alexandria, Egypt, 5/7/1915 after evacuation from Gallopoli, and is buried at Alexandria (Chatby) and War Memorial Cemetary L.10. the second awarded to 8717 Pte.D.J.Evans, 2nd Welsh Regiment NEF, Pte.Evans was killed in action 4/5/1915 and is buried at Le Toueret Memorial Panels 23 and 24. the third to 9348 Pte.C.Lewis 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers.GVF. He died of heart failure in , France on 9/12/1914, and is buried at Ploegdteert Memorial Panel 5. (All were entitled to the and Mons clasp)

Auction 156
Ancient Coins , , Bil. of Alexandria, date LB=Sept.68-Jan.69AD, Rev. Alexandria, Star in field (RCV2139v) VF with good surfaces, scarce
£140 London Coins : A156 : Lot 1662 : Roman Egypt, Galba, Bil. Tetradrachm of Alexandria, date LB=Sept.68-Jan.69AD, Rev. Alexandria, Star ... London Coins : A156 : Lot 1662 : Roman Egypt, Galba, Bil. Tetradrachm of Alexandria, date LB=Sept.68-Jan.69AD, Rev. Alexandria, Star ...

Auction 150
Medals Sir Moses Montefiore 100th Birthday 41mm diameter in silver by A.D.Loewenstark & Sons Eimer 1707 Obverse bust right, draped, Hebrew legend (= Happy are all who fear God and walk in his ways) Reverse: A UNIVERSAL TRIBUTE OF RESPECT & ESTEEM TO SIR MOSES MONTEFIORE BART. PHILANTHROPIST FROM HIS ADMIRERS & FRIENDS - CENTENARY 27TH OCTOBER 1884 in the centre, HOLY LAND, EGYPT, DAMASCUS, CONSTANTINOPLE, RUSSIA, POLAND, ROME, MOROCCO, ROUMANIA EF and nicely toned, scarce
£460 London Coins : A150 : Lot 749 : Sir Moses Montefiore 100th Birthday 41mm diameter in silver by A.D.Loewenstark & Sons Eimer 1707... London Coins : A150 : Lot 749 : Sir Moses Montefiore 100th Birthday 41mm diameter in silver by A.D.Loewenstark & Sons Eimer 1707...

Auction 150
Ancient Coins , , 42-3, star before bust, Rev hippopotamus, date LΓ in exergue (RCV 1874v) VF, cor. before bust and corresp. Rev but good portrait and a super hippo
£50 London Coins : A150 : Lot 1684 : Roman Egypt, bronze Obol, Claudius 42-3, star before bust, Rev hippopotamus, date LΓ in exergu... London Coins : A150 : Lot 1684 : Roman Egypt, bronze Obol, Claudius 42-3, star before bust, Rev hippopotamus, date LΓ in exergu...

Auction 142
Medals 's , with Tokar bar, unnamed as issued. EF and scarce
£280 London Coins : A142 : Lot 1254 : Khedive's Egypt Star, undated with Tokar bar, unnamed as issued. EF and scarce

Auction 142
Medals 's , dated 1882, unnamed as issued. GVF.

Auction 140
Medals s 1882 Star, unnamed, VF.

Auction 123
Medals A group of six to A.B. J.Evea R.N., Egypt 1882 bar Gemaizah 1888 (A.B. H.M.S.Racer) reverse, 1914-15 Star trio (133487 J Evea A.B. R.N.), Naval Long & Good Conduct V.R. issue (A.B. H.M.S.Ocean), impressed naming. s , undated. mounted on bar. contact marks to edges otherwise GVF

Auction 123
Medals s 1882 Star EF

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