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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED
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ESC 1838K

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
English Bulk Lots s in LCGS holders (15) 1888 Reverse B ESC 1756, Bull 3277, Davies 1162 UNC with attractive toning and graded LCGS 80. 1893 Veiled Head Proof ESC 1763, Bull 3286, Davies 1181P, UNC and graded LCGS 82. 1898 Large Date ESC 1768, Bull 3291 Lustrous UNC and graded LCGS 78. 1901 About UNC and lustrous and graded LCGS 75. 1902 ESC 1785, Bull 3597 Lustrous UNC and graded LCGS 82. 1902 ESC 1786, Bull 3598 UNC and graded LCGS 78. 1910 ESC 1794, Bull 3606 AU/UNC and lustrous and graded LCGS 75. 1911 ESC 1795, Bull 3871, Davies 1863 dies 2B, Lustrous UNC and graded LCGS 82. 1916 ESC 1801 Lustrous UNC and graded LCGS 82. 1921 ESC 1807, Bull 3884, Toned A/UNC and graded LCGS 75. 1925 Thin Rim, ESC 1811, Bull 3892 Lustrous UNC with a hint of tone and graded LCGS 80. 1926 Modified Effigy ESC 1814, Bull 3895 Choice and lustrous UNC and graded LCGS 85. 1936 ESC 1825, Bull 3920 Choice and lustrous UNC and graded LCGS 85. 1956 ESC 1838K, Bull 4532 Choice UNC with subtle pastel toning and graded LCGS 88, the joint of 13 examples thus far recorded by the LCGS Population Report. 1965 ESC 1838T, Bull 4551 Choice UNC and nicely toned and graded LCGS 85

Auction 151
English Coins s in CGS holders (17) 1953 Davies 2480 CGS type SP.E2.1953.01, CGS 85, 1953 Davies 2481, CGS type SP.E2.1953.02, CGS 85, 1953 Davies 2481P CGS type SP.E2.1953.04, CGS 88, 1954 ESC 1838I, CGS type SP.E2.1954.01, CGS 88, 1956 ESC 1838K, CGS type SP.E2.1956.01, CGS 85, 1957 ESC 1838L, CGS type SP.E2.1957.01, CGS 85, 1958 ESC 1838M, CGS type SP.E2.1958.01, CGS 75, 1959 ESC 1838N, CGS type SP.E2.1959.01, CGS 85, 1960 ESC 1838O, CGS type SP.E2.1960.01, CGS 82, 1961 ESC 1838P, CGS type SP.E2.1961.01, CGS 80, 1962 ESC 1838Q, CGS type SP.E2.1962.01, CGS 82, 1963 ESC 1838R, CGS type SP.E2.1963.01, CGS 85, 1964 Davies 2501, CGS type SP.E2.1964.01, CGS 82, 1965 Davies 2504, CGS type SP.E2.1965.02, CGS 85, 1966 ESC 1838U, CGS type SP.E2.1966.01, CGS 80, 1967 ESC 1838V, CGS type SP.E2.1967.01, CGS 85, 1970 Proof Davies 2508P, CGS type SP.E2.1970.02, CGS 88

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