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ESC 1463

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 158
English Bulk Lots in LCGS holders (10) 1946 ESC 966 UNC or near so and lustrous, slabbed and graded LCGS 75, s (4) 1938 Scottish ESC 1463 UNC or near so and lustrous with some toning, slabbed and graded LCGS 75, 1942 English ESC 1463 UNC or near so, slabbed and graded LCGS 75, 1946 English ESC 1470 A/UNC and lustrous, slabbed and graded LCGS 70, 1946 Scottish ESC 1471 Lustrous A/UNC, slabbed and graded LCGS 75, 1943 ESC 2157 Choice UNC, slabbed and graded LCGS 85, s (2) 1940 Peck 2376 A/UNC slabbed and graded LCGS 75, 1943 Peck 2382 A/UNC and lustrous, slabbed and graded LCGS 75, (2) 1942 Freeman 441 dies 1+H UNC or near so and lustrous, slabbed and graded LCGS 75, 1950 Freeman 457 dies 2+O A/UNC and lustrous, slabbed and graded LCGS 75

Auction 151
English Coins s, issues in CGS holders (34) 1937 English ESC 1450, CGS type SH.G6.1937.01 CGS 82, 1937 English ESC 1451, CGS type SH.G6.1937.02, CGS 91, 1937 Scottish, ESC 1452, CGS type SH.G6.1937.03, CGS 85, 1937 Scottish Proof ESC 1453, CGS type SH.G6.1937.04, CGS 90, 1938 English, ESC 1454, CGS type SH.G6.1938.01, CGS 78, 1938 Scottish, ESC 1455, CGS type SH.G6.1938.02, CGS 80, 1939 English, ESC 1456, CGS type SH.G6.1939.01, CGS 82, 1939 Scottish, ESC 1457, CGS type SH.G6.1939.02, CGS 80, 1940 English, ESC 1458, CGS type SH.G6.1940.01, CGS 75, 1940 Scottish, ESC 1459, CGS type SH.G6.1940.02, CGS 80, 1941 English, ESC 1460, CGS type SH.G6.1941.01, CGS 82, 1941 Scottish, ESC 1461, CGS type SH.G6.1941.02, CGS 65, 1942 English, ESC 1462, CGS type SH.G6.1942.01, CGS 80, 1942 Scottish, ESC 1463, CGS type SH.G6.1942.02, CGS 78, 1943 English, ESC 1464, CGS type SH.G6.1943.01, CGS 75, 1943 Scottish, ESC 1465, CGS type SH.G6.1943.02, CGS 78, 1944 English, ESC 1466, CGS type SH.G6.1944.01, CGS 78, 1944 Scottish, ESC 1467, CGS type SH.G6.1944.02, CGS 82, 1945 English, ESC 1468, CGS type SH.G6.1945.02,,CGS 82, 1945 Scottish, ESC 1469, CGS type SH.G6.1945.02, CGS 85, 1946 English, ESC 1470, CGS type SH.G6.1946.01, CGS 82, 1946 Scottish ESC 1471, CGS type SH.G6.1946.03, CGS 85, 1947 English, ESC 1472, CGS type SH.G6.1947.01, CGS 82, 1947 Scottish, ESC 1473, CGS type SH.G6.1947.02, CGS 82, 1948 English, ESC 1474, CGS type SH.G6.1948.01, CGS 82, 1948 Scottish, ESC 1475, CGS type SH.G6.1948.02, CGS 80, 1949 English, ESC 1475A, CGS type SH.G6.1949.01, CGS 82, 1949 Scottish, ESC 1475B, CGS type SH.G6.1949.02, CGS 82, 1950 English, ESC 1475C, CGS type SH.G6.1950.01, CGS 85, 1950 English Proof, ESC 1475D, CGS type SH.G6.1950.02, CGS 88, 1950 Scottish Proof, ESC 1475F, CGS type SH.G6.1950.04, CGS 88, 1951 English, ESC 1475G, CGS type SH.G6.1951.01, CGS 88, 1951 English Proof, ESC 1475H, CGS type SH.G6.1950.02, CGS 90, 1951 Scottish, ESC 1475I, CGS type SH.G6.1951.03, CGS 85

Auction 121
English Coins 1849 ESC 2057 with 49 over lower 49 in the date EF/GEF with a few light surface marks. Ex-Andrew Wayne collection London Coin Auction 5th June 2006 Lot 1463 hammer price £160

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