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Denier : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 168
World Bulk Lots World (13) Indo (3) 1902A GVF, 1905A Good Fine, 1913A NEF and lustrous, (8) Ten Francs 1967A UNC or near so and lustrous, 1902 GEF and colourfully toned, 1855A NEF and attractively toned, 1902 NEF, GVF with some scratches, Double Tournois 1619 Good Fine, Douzain 159- (last digit not visible) Near Fine, (c.1200) St.Maiol Fine. 1547KB NVF, 4 Maravedis Philip III on an irregular flan, the detail VF, date off flan (1618-1620)

Auction 167
World Bulk Lots World (13) 18th to Mostly -sized issues includes , , , , , and more, in mixed grades to GVF, along with a Fantasy France Double Sol de 24 s 1742 in base metal VF

Auction 167
World Bulk Lots Provincial issues (5) Poitu I 10th to 12th Century Short Cross, Reverse MFT ALO Fine. Poitu Half Denier Charles II 10th to 12th Century Short Cross Reverse MFT ALO NVF with some perforations to the flan. Aquitaine Denier William X 1127-1137, Obv: Four Crosslets around a single central annulet CLVILILMO, Reverse: BVRDGILA around a short cross Good Fine. County of Anjou Denier St. Martin of Tours, (1150-1200) Obverse SCS MARTINUS, Reverse TYRONVS CIVI Short Cross, Fine and bold. Half Denier Tournois Obverse PHILIPPVS REX , short Cross, Reverse TYRONVS CIVI Good Fine/Fine

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots World (19) 1882H Fine, toned, 1805 Good Fine, Ireland/ Halfpenny 1723 Woods VG/Near Fine, Penny 1926 AU/GEF and lustrous, 1953 Jose Marti Centennial GVF/NEF, 10 Lire 1927R NEF, Italy - Baiocco 1801 Fine, 5 Qirsh AH1293/10 (1876) VF, 10 Mils 1935 NEF ex-gilded, 1/100th Birr (Matonya) 1889 KNM#9 NEF, 1000 s AH1330 KM#1038 Good Fine, Cent 1877H GVF, - (3) 1847 A-B issue KM#135 About VF and toned, 1847 A-B Billon issue KM#134 GF/NVF, 6 s 1825 KM#118 VF, Indo- Piastre 1906A NVF, (3) Five s 1934 KM#2853 NEF toned, 1845A KM#2208 VF with subtle tone, 1848C KM#2199 VF

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots World a small and interesting earlier group (8) 1643 KM#49 VG with typewritten letter from 1954, Kavad I (480-496) Good Fine, 12 s 1594 Henry IV Fine, 1648 KM#852 Good Fine, - 1545 MB#3 Konigsberg Mint, Fine, 3 Kreuzer 1632 KM#369 Fine, - Zeeland 6 Stuivers 1765 Fine/Near Fine, - Grosso Antonio Veniero 1382-1400 NVF lightly toned

Auction 162
World Bulk Lots World a small group (18) 500 Lire 1958 Lustrous UNC, Italy Fantasy 1943 Mussolini UNC, - 12th Century Conrad III VF, Italian States - Gubbio Baiocchi 1728 Fine or better, Italian States - Half Baiocchi 1802R GEF the obverse off-centre, (6) 20 Centesimi 1934 UNC, (2) 1866 EF/GEF, 1867 Good Fine with a flan flaw, 10 Soldi 1868 VF, 5 Soldi 1867 (2) Fine and Good Fine, (4) Crowns 1947 (2) VF and lustrous A/UNC, 1923 EF the reverse lacquered, 1923 EF the reverse lacquered, Southern 1947 UNC, 1969 KM#8 UNC, 1964 Fine

Auction 159
World Bulk Lots (12) 1/12th - 10 Sols (3) 1647A KM#166.1 F/GF ed I.UNWIN on the obverse, 1659X KM#199.13 Good Fine, Rare, 1662 mintmark uncertain Reverse Crowned shield, privy mark Castle, as Mint, Fine, 4 Sols (3) 1675A KM#232.1 VG, 1675D KM#232.4 VG/Near Fine, 1677A KM#232.1 NVG/VG, 4 Sols 2 s (4) 1692 & KM#281.19 Near Fine, 1692P KM#281.12 Fine, 1693 Rennes Mint, mintmark 9 KM#281.20 VG, 1692N KM#281.10 VG, 5 Sols (2) 1702KM#337.1 Fine, 1704BB KM#337.4 Good Fine

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots (11) Ecus (3) 1765 L Bayonne Mint VG/NF, with some adjustment lines, 1775L Bayonne Mint Fine, the obverse with adjustment lines, 1779A 9 over 8 Mint Near Fine, 1645A Fine the reverse with some tooling in the field, Quarter Ecu 1597T Nantes Mint Fine, 1791I VG, 12 Sols 1778A Privy Mark Heron VG, 6 Sols 1677A VG, 1632, 1652 both NVG, Denier Feudal issue 12th to NF on an uneven flan, good , Decime 1838 M C KM#97.1 Struck NVF

Auction 153
World Bulk Lots Hammered issues (4) Blanc Guenar 1380-1422 Fine, Double is Philip II 1328-1350 Fine, (2) Feudal, Herbert I 1015-1036 Fine, Richard I (Anglo-Gallic) Fine with dark tone

Auction 151
World Bulk Lots GB and a mixed group (9) GB Edward I, Fine, Edward VI Fine for wear with a large edge chip, s (3) Rose, Charles I Maltravers Lennox all around Fine, Tassarolo Luigino 1666 Good Fine, the lettering doubled in places, Tournois (1245-1278) Fine, 1 (2) 1536KB Good Fine, 1575KB Good Fine

Auction 135
World Bulk Lots Bella II, c.1131 , together with a Vienne 12c silver. Together with a silver Ern.Com and an unidentified coin. F or better.

Auction 108
World Bulk Lots 12 s 1767 Fine, 1825 and 1839, 1825

Auction 101
World Bulk Lots Mediaeval 1382-98 (3) Average about VF

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