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Auction 159
English Bulk Lots Pre-1947 £10.60 face, in mixed grades, 1880 VG, Canada 1973 Montreal s UNC, USA 1964 UNC, GB 1983 UNC, along with GB and World base metal issues includes 25p s in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 157
English Bulk Lots GB Decimal and £sd in 7 boxes comprising Decimal Coinage a large group (£454.45 face) s (72), (106), 25p Crowns (91), (260), Five Pence (313), mostly 1970s issues, many including earlier dates UNC-BU, - issues in cupro nickel (532) s (141), s (112), s (395), s (247), also includes Pre-1947 £6.20 face, Silver s (28), GB and World in bags and red tubes, also Decimal issues in mint rolls, Shillings 1959S (55), 1961S (37), s in lustrous grades includes some better dates (lot), s (219) 1940 (1), 1941 (1), 1942 (50), 1943 (2), 1944 (1), 1945 (64), 1946 (16), 1947 (1), 1948 (1), 1950 (40), 1951 (1), 1952 (1), 1953 (1), 1954 (2), 1955 (36), 1956 (1), includes 1953 and 1926 in bags, Decimal Bronze issues and more, the majority in lustrous grades with many BU (Total weight over 49 Kilos)

Auction 157
English Cased nFDC in a London Mint box, Last £sd and First Decimal Proof Sets 1970 and 1971 nFDC in a London Mint box with certificates, The Collection a 25-coin set includes Crowns (4) 1891 Fine, 1900 LXIII Fine, 1935 EF and 1937 GEF, with a group of Decimal Silver Proofs Five Pound Crowns, Two Pounds, One Pound, Fifty Pence and 25p Crowns 1972-2006 nFDC to FDC in a London Mint box with certificates, The Coins of Britannia's Last Century an 11-coin set Decimal and pre-decimal issues layered with and -palladium, in mixed grades, in the London Mint box of issue with certificate, The Coins of Britannia's Last Century an 11-coin set Decimal and pre-decimal issues to in mixed grades, in the London Mint box of issue with certificate

Auction 154
English Cased GB and World sets and singles comprising GB Twenty Pounds 2013 UNC on the card of issue, Five Pound Crowns (3) 1997 Golden , 1999 Diana Memorial, 2012 - Head of Armed Forces UNC in the wallets of issue, Two Pounds a 2-coin set 1989 Bill and Claim of Rights UNC in the wallet of issue, One Pound 1983 (2), Crown 1981 UNC on the cards of issue, Fifty Pence 1973 EEC - Proof nFDC boxed, Crown 1951 UNC boxed, The Equestrian Crown collection a 3 coin set Crown 1953, Crown 1977 and Five Pound Crown 2002 UNC in the Royal Mint wallet of issue, Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968/71 (4 sets) UNC in the wallets of issue, USA Premier 1992S FDC in the box of issue, USA Proof Set 1994S FDC in the box of issue, USA One Dollar (3) 1992W The White House 200th Silver Proof, 1993S Thomas Jefferson 250th Anniversary Silver Proof, 1995P Special s World Games Silver Proof, FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, USA a 2-coin set 1991S Mount Rushmore Golden Anniversary One Dollar and Half Dollar FDC cased as issued with certificate, USA a 2-coin set 1995 50th Anniversary One Dollar and Half Dollar Silver Proofs, FDC in the box of issue with certificate, World Proof issues (5) Bahamas Ten Dollars 1978 10th Anniversary of Independence Silver Proof, Jamaica Ten Dollars 1972 10th Anniversary of Independence Silver Proof, Gibraltar Crown 1971 Silver Proof, St. Helena Crown 1973 EIC Granting of the Royal Charter Silver Proof, Canada Dollar 1975 Calgary Silver Proof, FDC in the boxes of issue some with certificates, Malta Proof set 1977 a 3-coin set Five Pounds, Two Pounds and One Pound Silver Proofs FDC in the box of issue with certificate the box marked on the inside, Austria Thaler 1780 Maria Theresa Restrike UNC, Poland 200 Zloty 1974 Prooflike UNC, Netherlands 2 1/2 Gulden 1961 UNC, Day of the a medallic First Day Cover issue 1976 comprising Silver Medal and GB and Bahrain Stamps, UNC as issued

Auction 153
English Cased Proof set 2008 Royal Shield of Arms FDC in the box of issue with certificate, s Flat Packs (2) 1970, 1974, 2009 includes Kew Gardens 50 Pence UNC in the wallet of issue, Queen Crown Collection 1953-1990 UNC in the Royal Mint wallet of issue, Unofficial Year Sets (4) 1953. 1965, 1967 and a mixed date set First Decimal and Last £sd UNC, Decimal Issues over £20 face, Crowns 1951 (3) UNC boxed and a small group of mixed Decimal 25p Crowns, World Crown-sized (4) Solomon Islands 10 Dollars 1993 Proof, Sierra Leone One Leone 1974 Silver Proofs (2), FDC in the boxes of issue with certificate, Guernsey 25 Pence 1972 Silver Proof FDC no certificate, Guernsey Five Pound Crown 2001 II 75th Birthday Silver proof nFDC in capsule, Fiji 10 Dollars 1997 Golden Silver Proof FDC in capsule, Turks and Caicos Islands Five Crowns 2001 Queen Elizabeth the Silver Proof, along with modern World Crowns (5) UNC

Auction 153
English Cased s (2) 1970, 2008 Royal Shield of Arms, FDC in the cases of issue, s (5) 2006, 2007 (2), 2008 Emblems of Britain, 2008 Emblems of Britain with 2x£2 coin UNC in the Royal Mint wallets of issue, Five Pound Crown 2009 Countdown to the London s, UNC on the card of issue, Two Pounds 2006 Lustrous UNC, Five Pound Crowns in a box (13) UNC, Crown 1953 EF, Two Pounds 2008Olympic Handover UNC on the card of issue, Britain's First Decimal Coins 1968/71 (2 sets) UNC toned in the wallets of issue, Year Set 1967 UNC in a slide case, World modern Crowns in base metal (4) UNC, one on a Numismatic cover, plus a further group of Pre-Decimal and Decimal issues (56) to some Crowns to Farthings and some modern 25p Crowns in mixed grades

Auction 152
English Cased s 1970 (2), 1971,1972,1973,1974,1975,1976,1977,1979,1980,1981,1982,1983, 25p Proof Crowns 1972, 1977, 1980, 1981 these generally Unc - FDC cased as issued some with toning,QE II (3) Britain's First Decimal Coin Sets (2) unofficial year sets

Auction 152
English Bulk Lots A mixed lot with 1953 aFDC, 1902 EF, 3d 1935 EF, 1d 1892 Fair, Crown 1951 (2) 25p crowns (16) Crown 2007 BU in the RM pack and a small quantity of QEII base metal issues

Auction 150
English Cased s 1970 (2) 1971 (2), Proof Crowns (25p) 1972 (2), 1977 (2), 1980, these aFDC - FDC (some toning) cased as issued, £5 Crown 2006 BU in RM pack,. Plastic Set 1953, Crowns 1951 in cardboard case Unc (3), 50p EEC cased Unc (3), Britain's First Decimal Coin Sets (6) , IOM 1971 Mint Set, NZ 1968 Mint Set these Unc plus 2 other base metal unofficial sets

Auction 149
English Bulk Lots Britain's First Coins Sets the five coin sets 10p 1968, 5p 1968, 2p 1971. 1p 1971. 1/2p 1971 in the Blue Wallet of issue (180)

Auction 142
English Cased s 1970,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88 these cased as issued some with toning, 1981 Crowns (25p) Proof cased, £2 1986 Games Silver Proof cased (2). Twenty Pence 1982 Piedfort cased silver proof, One Pound 1983 Silver Proof cased these aFDC - FDC some light toning and with certificates, along with 50p EEC (3) and Britain's First Decimal Coins blue wallets (3)

Auction 141
English Bulk Lots s (2) 1977, 2000 FDC, Coin and Banknote Sets (2) Queen Mother 2000 comprising Banknote QM10 002324 UNC and 2000 UNC cased, nnium 1999 comprising Banknote YR19 991244 UNC and Five Pound Crown 1999 Cupro-Nickel UNC, Crowns (7) 1900LXIII VG, 1935 NEF toned, 1951 UNC boxed (2), 1953 UNC, 1960 (2) EF-UNC, Plastic Set 1953 UNC, Robert the Bruce 1974 by Spink 76 grammes of .925 silver UNC boxed with certificate, Five Pound Crowns (8) mostly UNC, Britain's First Coins 1968/71 (13) UNC in the blue wallets, a quantity of modern 25p Crowns 1965-1981 and a handful of other packaged items in mixed higher grades some in slide cases

Auction 141
English Cased GB Coin set 1965 Crown to Farthing UNC in the maroon case, Britain's First Decimal coins 1968/71 UNC in wallet, Five Pound Crown 1997 Golden UNC in the wallet of issue, Unofficial Coin sets (3) Decimal 50 Pence to Half Pence 1972 to 1976 mixed dates includes the Crown 1972 UNC, Crowns/25p (5) 1965, 1972, 1977, 1980, 1981 UNC in a case, Halfcrown to Halfpenny 1967 (6 coins) UNC in a case, First Decimal/Last £sd set 1967 and 1968/71 UNC in a case, Crowns (8) 1935, 1937, 1951, 1953, 1960, 1965, 1977, 1981 EF-UNC, Crown 1977 Gold plated in mount, boxed, San Marino a 2-coin set 1992 1000 Lire and 500 Lire UNC in the red box of issue with certificate, Swaziland 1968 Special Independence issue 1 Luhlanga to 5 Cents nFDC in the blue South Africa Mint box of issue, Falkland Islands Fifty Pence 1977 Silver Proof nFDC boxed, Cook Islands Two Dollars 1973 Silver Proof nFDC boxed, Zambia 1000 Kwacha 1998 25th of the World Health Organisation Silver Proof FDC in capsule

Auction 139
English Bulk Lots s to s 19th and base metal, 1973, USA Lincoln Cents (114), Pre 1947 £1.07 1/2 face value, Pre 1920 25p face value, Britain's First Coins 1968/71 (6 sets) UNC in the wallets of issue, an album of mixed Jersey and Guernsey s (85) in mixed grades with some EF-UNC and lustrous

Auction 137
English Bulk Lots A large hoard of s, s, s and s (82 kilos will be about £750 face value) no apparent the Shillings and Florins containing some and 10p (the larger de-monetised types) some in high grades, along with (6.5 kilos)

Auction 135
English Bulk Lots and /5p an accumulation £99.77 face value s (310), s/10p (204), s/5p (618), s (229) - issues in mixed grades with some GEF-UNC

Auction 130
English Bulk Lots s (154, includes a few ) and s (95, includes 1854 low grade, and a few ) to a in two coin library albums and album pages, includes plenty of , in mixed circulated grades

Auction 130
World Bulk Lots GB and World 19th and 20th century (approx.11.5 Kilos) 15 album pages of World Coins the remainder largely GB s and in mixed grades, plus 1992/3 boxed FDC and a Silver One Troy UNC

Auction 127
English Bulk Lots s and a in an album to (360) in mixed grades with strength in .925 and .500 issues, in mixed grades with many George V and issues in high grades

Auction 127
World Bulk Lots s (25) 1928-1966 complete except for 1943 earlier issues generally NF-GF, s (21) and (25) 1928-2000 incomplete with some decimal dates duplicated generally in mixed circulated grades, a few in NEF-EF

Auction 123
English Cased s (4) 1970, 1972, 1985 Red Leather, 1988 Blue nFDC-FDC, s (2) 1984, 1987, One Pound 1983, Britain's First Decimal Coins 1969/71 UNC in the cases of issue, GB first and last set 1967 set Halfcrown, Florin, Sixpence, Threepence, Penny, Halfpenny, along with Decimal 50p, 10p, 5p, 2p, and 1p dated 1980 UNC in a red case, Sixpence 1951 in a '' Set with two stamps, Australia Year Set 1986 UNC in wallet of issue, along with a small group of World issues (7) 19th and 20th Century and Medalllic issues (7) 19th and 20th Century in mixed circulated grades, World Banknotes (99) a wide variety in mixed circulated grades

Auction 122
English Bulk Lots A in album pages comprising s (15), Foupence (1), s (42), Maundy s (4), Maundy Pennies (3), Pennies (5), (5), Farthing (1), (1), (7), (5), Decimal (3) 18th to in mixed grades to UNC

Auction 122
English Cased s (12) 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, Blue Sets (9) 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992 nFDC-FDC some sets with toning, First and Last set 1967/1968/1971 containing £sd (6) and Decimals (5) (no £sd Shillings), Two Pounds 1986 Games Silver Proof, One Pound (2) 1983 Silver Proof, 1984 Silver Proof, Crowns (3) 1977 Silver Proof, 1980 80th Birthday Silver Proof, 1981 Silver Proof, Fifty Pence 1994 D-Day Landings , Twenty Pence 1982 Silver Proof Piedfort, Five Pence 1990 Silver Proof Piedfort, these boxed FDC with certificates, Royal Mint Silver Jubilee Medal 1977, s (2) 1986, 1990, Coin Covers (3) One Pound Coin / One Pound stamp 1983, One Pound Coin/ 16p stamp 1983, Crown coin/ 25p and 14p stamps 1981 these UNC as issued

Auction 120
English Bulk Lots Great Britain (194) a 1968-2007 1/2p to 25p (126) , 50p (32) £1 (10) , £2 (15) & £5 (11) all different dates or types , includes some commemoratives and s with most Unc

Auction 108
English Bulk Lots Off centre s (7) issues 2p, 5p (2), 10p (2), 20p and £1 mo

Auction 103
English Bulk Lots (133) 1698-1999 1/2p (10), 1p (27), 2p (22), 5p (17), 10p (16), 20p (14), 25p (3), 50p (12), £1 (9) and £2 (3) all Unc with some be

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