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Death : World Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 166
World Cased Fractional Krugerrand set 2015 Sir Winston 50th of his comprising , and One 2015 issues each with 'Winston Churchill 50 Years' Privy mark in the reverse field, along with depicting Churchill ' in South Africa 31 October 1899 - 4 July 1900' Proof all FDC in the South Africa Mint wooden box of issue, number 78 of only 250 sets issued
£850 London Coins : A166 : Lot 1020 : South Africa Fractional Krugerrand set 2015 Sir Winston Churchill 50th Anniversary of his death comp... London Coins : A166 : Lot 1020 : South Africa Fractional Krugerrand set 2015 Sir Winston Churchill 50th Anniversary of his death comp...

Auction 166
World Cased £25 a 2-coin set comprising £25 Gold 2002 Fifth of the of Princess Gold Proof and 2003 21st Birthday Gold Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificates

Auction 166
World Cased Mint Set 1960 (8 sets) 3-coin sets 500th of the of Prince Henry the Navigator KM#MS1, UNC uncased, each set comprising 20 Escudos KM#589, 10 Escudos KM#588 and 10 Escudos KM#587 UNC and lustrous some sets with some small toning spots

Auction 162
World Cased Five 2015 50th of the of Sir Winston in a London Mint box with certificate, only 99 minted

Auction 159
World Cased The Rescued n Reserves 20 Kroner 1915 (h) VBP UNC boxed with certificate, 175th of the Penny Black Stamp 2015 a 2-piece set comprising One Tenth Crown in gold Proof FDC and Penny Black Stamp in protective holder, in a of issue with certificate, 50 Dollars 2015 10 ounce silver bar, SS Gairsoppa UNC in a London Mint Office box with certificate, Gibraltar Ten Pounds 2015 50th Anniversary of the of Sir Winston Gold Proof FDC in capsule with London Mint Office certificate, 2015 II Longest Reigning Monarch collection Crowns a 4-coin set each coin with a different portrait of Queen Elizabeth II 12 grammes of .925 silver, Proof FDC in a London Mint Office box with certificate, Winston Churchill - Inspiration to a Nation Gibraltar 2015 Two Pounds (4 coins of a 6 coin set) each with a different portrait of Churchill on the reverse, Prooflike UNC in silver plated , in the London Mint Office folder of issue, along with an additional 'We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches' reverse coin from the same set, this in an additional London Mint Office folder, Crowns (6) 1965 (3), 1977 (3), A/UNC to UNC, Silver Jubilee Medal 1977 UNC in slide case, and Silver Threepence 1883 VG in London Mint pouch

Auction 158
World Cased s (3) 1976 Silver Set, nFDC cased with certificate, 1971 nFDC in the white box of issue, 1980 nFDC in the case of issue, Isle of Man Mint sets (2) 1978, 1980, UNC in slide cases, Isle of Man Crowns (10) 1974 Sir Winston Silver Proof, 1975 Manx Cat Silver Proof, 1976 Independence Silver Proof, 1976 Centenary of the Horse Tram Silver Proof, 1976 of Field hal Montgomery Silver Proof Silver Proof, 1977 Silver Proof (2), 1978 25th of the Silver Proof, 1979 Tercentenary of Manx Coinage Silver Proof, 1980 80th Birthday Silver Proof, nFDC to FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, Isle of Man One Pound (3) 1978 Silver Proof FDC boxed with certificate, 1978 Virenium Proof nFDC boxed with certificate, and 1978 currency Lustrous UNC

Auction 155
World Cased a 3-coin set 2015 Sovereign, and 50th of the of Sir Winston FDC in the London Mint box, along with s 2015 200th Anniversary of the of Waterloo (4) each 7.06 grammes of .585 Proof FDC

Auction 155
World Cased /Mint Set 1974 David Ben-Gurion 1st of his , a 3-coin set comprising 500 Lirot 1974 Proof nFDC, 1974 Proof nFDC with reeded edge and 1974 currency coin UNC, in the bookform case of issue with certificate

Auction 150
World Cased Ten Pounds (2) 2007 Legacy 5oz. Proof, 2005 40th of the of Sir Winston 5oz.Silver Proof, both FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates, Medal 700th Anniversary 77 grammes of .925 Silver Proof FDC in a Spink box with certificate, Medal Mail definitive stamp 1967 Machin portrait 60mm diameter in .925 silver boxed UNC

Auction 149
World Cased World Gold (7) Two Pounds 1997 450th of the of Henry VIII Gold Proof FDC, 25 Crowns 1997 Gold Proof, £25 1997 II and Golden Gold Proofs (2) FDC, $100 1993 40th Anniversary of the Gold Proof, 150 Dalasis 1996 Queen Elizabeth the /Year of the 3 Kings Gold Proof FDC, Guernsey One Pound 1999 and Gold plated 'Nugget' within a Silver Proof collar FDC all contained in a Westminster box all bar one with certificates

Auction 146
World Cased s (3) 1997, 1998, 1997 - 200 Escudos a 4-coin set The Golden Age of Discovery Proofs, 1000 Escudos 1996 Fernando II e Gloria Silver Proof, 500 Escudos (5) 1995 Santo Antonio de Lisboa Silver Proof, 1997 Padre Antonio Vieira Silver Proof, , 1998 Ponte Vasco da Gama Silver Proof, 1999 Silver Proof, 2000 of the of Eca de Queiroz Silver Proof, FDC in the cases of issue, Mint Set 1997 - 200 Escudos a 4-coin set The Golden Age of Portuguese Discovery UNC in the wallet of issue, 2004 an Football a 3-coin set Crown-sized and in in silver BU in the wallet of issue

Auction 145
World Cased 1980 175th of the or Lord FDC in the brown case of issue with certificate

Auction 139
World Cased World s (13) (2) 1986 s Skiing Proof, 20 Dollars 1987 Skating Silver Proof, (2) 200 Ngultrums 1982 75th of the Installation of the First Hereditary Monarch Silver Proof, s 1979 Silver Proof, 1977 Silver Proof, Freedom 1966 10th Anniversary of the Hungarian Silver UNC, 1983 150th Anniversary of the Falkland Islands Silver Proof, 1980 175th Anniversary of the of Lord Silver Proof, Tristan Da Cunha 2007 - Proof, (2) 1995 50th Anniversary of the of the Silver Proof, Two Pounds 1981 of the Prince of and Lady Diana Spencer Silver Proof, Two Pounds 1995 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Channel Islands Silver Proof, | Two Pounds 50th Anniversary of the End of Silver Proof all nFDC-FDC in the boxes of issue some with certificates

Auction 135
World Cased £50 1980 175th of the of Admiral KM#13 Proof FDC in the brown case of issue with certificate

Auction 133
World Cased a 5-coin set comprising 1935E NVF, Federal Republc Coinage (3) 5 Marks 1952D Museum KM#113 EF Scarce, 1955F 150th of the of Friedrich von Schiller KM#114 Lustrous About UNC Scarce, 1955G 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Ludwig von KM#115 EF Scarce, 1957F VF gilded, in a presentation box

Auction 130
World Cased GB/ 'The Coin and Banknote Cover' comprising Alderney £25 2002 150th of the of the Duke of Wellington UNC and £5 note Somerset UNC in a Westminster wallet of issue

Auction 129
World Cased World 'The Official ECUs' a 12 coin set 11 of which are , mostly -sized from a variety of an countries, UNC-FDC in the MDM box of issue with certificates, 70 s 1995 190th of the of silver 5oz FDC cased as issued no certificate

Auction 127
World Cased (4) Two Pounds 1991 Charles and 10th Proof, One Pound 1987 Silver Proof Piedfort, One Pound 1987 Silver Proof, Fifty Pence 1985 Mount Pleasant Airport Silver Proof Piedfort, Two Pounds 1987 900th Anniversary of the of William the Conqueror Silver Proof, Two Pounds 1985 40th Anniversary of Silver Proof, 50 Dollars 1988 150th Anniversary of the Constitution 5 oz. Silver Proof, these FDC cased as issued with certificate, Guernsey Mint Set 1986, Falkland Islands Mint Set 1987, Guernsey Two Pounds 1986 UNC, Guernsey Two Pounds 1988 I these UNC in the wallets of issue, 50 Cents 1980 UNC, Guernsey One Pound 1983, Jersey One Pound 1983, One Pound (3) 1978 (2), 1983 these UNC in slide cases, Dollar 1889 O Fine in mount

Auction 125
World Cased 1980 175th of the of FDC cased as issued with certificate

Auction 121
World Cased 1987 in 900th of the of William the Conqueror FDC cased as issued with certificate with a couple of slight marks on the box lid

Auction 119
World Cased 500 Lire s (11) 1986 Year of Peace, 1986 Football World Cup, 1987 Year of the Family, 1987 World Athletics, 1992 s, 1992 Birth of Rossini, 1992 , 1992 Flora and Fauna, 1993 of Horace, 1993 University

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