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DH 989

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 162
Tokens (3) 1794 Shackleton's DH 475 Obv: Royal Arms/Rev: Candle Mould Edge: Payable in Street, Hay A/UNC and attractively toned, 1794 - DH6 EF with prooflike fields, Middlesex 1795 National Series - Duke of DH989 VF

Auction 156
Tokens National Series (6) Prince of /Royal Arms DH952, undated Prince of Wales/Royal Arms DH953, undated John of Gaunt/Royal Arms DH957, 1789 Bust of Prince Regent/Feathers DH968, 1795 Duke of /Ship, 'Payable in , or ' edge DH987a, 1794 Duke of York/Seated Female, edge 'Payable at , or ' DH989 edge variant NVF to VF

Auction 152
Tokens (10) 1796 Political and Social Series DH1020 VF Rare, Burchell's Sugar Plums for Worms (4) DH261, DH263, DH268, DH271, NVF holed, as are the vast majority of these pieces, 1794 Duke of DH 989 VF, 1790 Duke of York DH 991 VF/NVF, Tom Tackle DH 1048 NVF struck off-centre, 1789 Jehovah Heard DH934 Fine, 1789 Prince Regent DH968 VF, also 18th Century undated Bissetts Museum DH120 EF with a trace of lustre and an edge bruise, along with s 18th Century Middlesex (3) undated in DH1137, 1138, 1166 GVF

Auction 147
English Cased s (32) 1951 in a Sandhill case, Flat Packs (16) 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980 (2), 1981 (2), 1982 (2), , Blue Sets (15) 1983, 1984 (2), 1985 (2), 1986 (2), 1987 (2), 1988 (2), 1989 (2), 1990 (2) nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue, Mint Sets (3) 1953, 1966, 1967 UNC in Sandhill cases

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots - (42) 1967 Kollwitz, 1968 Gutenburg, 1969 Bottger, 1970 Beethoven, 1971 Durer, 1972 Heine, 1972 Buchenwald, 1973 Youth Festival Games, 1973 Brecht, 1974 25th Anniversary of the DDR, 1974 Casper David Friedrich, 1974 Volk, 1975 Warsaw Pact, 1975 Schweitzer , 1975 Schweizer with small state emblem reverse KM#57, 1976 Army 20th Anniversary, 1976 von Weber, 1977 Otto von Guericke, 1978 von Liebig, 1978 /DDR Orbital Flight, 1979 Ludwig Feuerbach, 1980 von Sharnhorst, 1981 700th Anniversary of the Mint, 1981 25th Anniversary of the Army, 1981 Hegel , 1982 Gewandhaus Silver Proof, 1983 Workers Militia, 1983 Wagner Silver Proof, 1984 Brehm, 1985 Restoration of the Semper Opera in Dresden, 1985 Fascism, 1985 Humboldt University Silver Proof, 1986 Thalmann, 1986 Charite - Berlin Silver Proof, 1987 Berlin Theatre Silver Proof, 1988 40 Years of East German Sport, 1988 Ulrich von Hutten, 1989 40th Anniversary of the DDR, 1989 Sow, 1989 Mutual Economic Aid, 1990 Fichte, 1990 International Labour Day UNC to FDC

Auction 144
World Bulk Lots an interesting and comprehensive group (37) 800 Baht (2) 2005 Food Safety Award UNC boxed, 2007 King's 80th Birthday FDC, 600 Baht (9) 1980 Queen's Anniversary and FAO Ceres UNC, 198enary of the Birth of Rama VI UNC boxed, 1981 35th Anniversary of the Reign of King Rama IX UNC, 1988 Crown Prince's 36th Birthday UNC, 1989 Chulalongkorn University UNC, 1990 90th Birthday of Princess Mother (2) UNC, 1991 36th Birthday of Princess Sirindhorn (2) UNC, 300 Baht (3) 1979 Graduation of Princess Chulabhorn UNC, 1996 50th Anniversary of the Reign of King Rama IX UNC, Queen's Crowned bust facing (1992) Proof nFDC, 200 Baht (4) 1979 Royal Cradle Ceremony UNC, 1981 International Year of the Child Proof FDC, 1987 WWF 25th Anniversary Proof FDC, 1997 UNICEF Proof nFDC, 1 (10) 1975 75th Birthday of the King's Mother UNC, 1977 FAO UNC, 1977 Investiture of Princess Sirindhorn UNC, 1977 Graduation of Princess Sirindhorn UNC, 1977 Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn and Princess Soamsawali Wedding UNC, 1978 9th World Orchid Conference UNC, 1978 Graduation of Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn UNC, undated Queen' crowned facing bust (1992) Proof FDC, 1996 50th Anniversary of the Reign of King Rama IX (2, one a Proof) UNC and FDC, 100 Baht (3) 1975 100th Anniversary of the Ministry of Finance UNC, 1991 World Bank IMF UNC, 1997 WWF Tiger Proof FDC, 50 Baht (5) 1971 20th Year Buddhist Fellowship UNC, 1974 National Museum Centenary UNC with some light verdigris, undated (2004) National Intelligence Agency UNC, undated (2003) 50th Anniversary of the Air Force UNC, 2005 Technological Research UNC in pack of issue, 20 Baht 1963 36th Birthday of Rama IX UNC, plus 5 Baht Set 1977-1987 (10 Coins) UNC in the white folder of issue

Auction 137
World Cased 10 Marks (12) 1972G UNC, 1987J GEF, 1989J A/UNC, 1990J Order UNC, 1992D Civil Pour-le-Merite Order About UNC, 1995D Rontgen GEF, 1995J Peace and Reconciliation UNC, 1997D Heine A/UNC, 1997F Diesel Engine UNC, 1997J Melanchthon UNC, 1998F 50 Years of the Deutsch Mark A/UNC, 1999D 50th of Bundes Republic Constitution GEF, GB 2008 Executive Set includes the I 450th Anniversary of Five Pound Crown and the Prince of 60th Birthday Five Pound Crown FDC boxed as issued with certificate and booklet, the box with some damage to the corners and State Quarter Collection (50) in mixed grades, gilded, in a presentation box some old adhesive labels may have slightly soiled each outer case

Auction 126
English Cased s (6) Flat Packs (3) 1977, 1980, 1982, Blue Sets (3) 1983, 1993, 1998, Five Pound Crowns (2) 1990 90th Birthday Proof, 1997 Golden Silver Proof, One Pound Silver Proofs (3) 1988, 1991, 1993, One Pound a 4-coin set 1994-1997 Silver Proofs, Five Pence a 2-coin set 1990 Large and Small sizes all FDC cased as issued with certificates, s (3) 1990 (2), 1992 UNC in the wallets of issue, Five Pound Crown 1996, Two Pounds (2) 1994, 1995 Peace Dove, Two Pounds a 2-coin set 1989 Bill and Claim of Rights, One Pound 1988, Fifty Pence 1992/3 EU UNC in the wallets of issue, Medals (2) Queen's 60th Birthday 1986 by Sandhill Proof FDC boxed, Referendum 1975 d UNC by , boxed as issued, George son a 2-medal set one in Sterling silver and one in bronze 150th of the World's First Public Railway 1825-1975 by Norton Art Company number 0083 of 1000 issued, boxed UNC with certificate, Railways Act 1921 a 4-medal set in base metal depicting 4 different locomotives boxed UNC as issued

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