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London Coins Auction 164
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Auction 162
World Banknotes & Eastern an (280) in 2 albums, with the majority being Russian, including North Russia Chaikovskii Government, Northwest Russia, , South Russia, North , , & , Russian Central , Peoples Republic, East SIberia, Samara Directory (Komuch), Don Government , District, , Government Bank, Volga-Kama , Soviet Administration City, Batum ( Administration), , District , , , , , , , plus Local Currency, Currency Tokens, Treasury Notes, Military issues, many early 20th Century and WW1 issues, a wide ranging collection with some scarce types seen, viewing recommended

Auction 162
Medals 1854, no bar, unnamed as issued. Turkish Crimea 1855, issue, unnamed as issued. GVF. (2).
£180 London Coins : A162 : Lot 953 : Crimea 1854, no bar, unnamed as issued. Turkish Crimea 1855, British issue, unnamed as issued. GVF. ... London Coins : A162 : Lot 953 : Crimea 1854, no bar, unnamed as issued. Turkish Crimea 1855, British issue, unnamed as issued. GVF. ...

Auction 159
Medals 1854 Aded to George Andrews 41st , no clasps, official naming style on edge, NEF with signs of old cleaning, nicely retoned

Auction 157
Medals Medals on stamp covers (10), replica n campaign medals set into an envelope with stamps franked with name of . Issued by Benham, . Assorted medals, 1853 copy, 1854 2 bars Balaklava & Sebastopol copy, 1939- 45 Star, Medal, Medals (2) copies, Campaign Medal bar Northern copy, Operational Service Medal, copy, together with other assorted bars and ribbons , copy, Medal 1815, copy, Defence & War Medals. GVF. Together with a bag of assorted medal ribbons, photographs of medals and Buckingham Palace Memorial card & M.O.D. Veterans card. (4)

Auction 153
English Cased The Historic Coins of Great Britain a 15-coin set mostly Crown-sized with many in silver 1820-1989, in mixed grades, includes modern Proof issues, 1971 FDC cased, One Pound 1987 Silver Proof, Fifty Pence a 2-coin set 1997 Large and Small sizes Silver Proofs, Crown 1977 Silver Proof, Royal Mint 50th Double Year Set 1953 and 2003 EF to UNC in the wallet of issue, 2012 , Five Pound Crowns (6) 1997 Golden , 1998 60th Birthday, 1999 , 2000 , 2001 Centenary, 2002 , Two Pounds (3) 1994 Tercentenary of the Bank of England, 2001 Marconi, 2003 DNA, One Pound (2) 1987 England, 1997 England, Fifty Pence a 2-coin set 2006 , The Award and the Heroic Acts, UNC in the Royal Mint wallets of issue. Five Pound Crowns 1990, 1993 UNC, Crown 1977 UNC in slide case, Fifty Pence collector set (6 coins) covering 1979-1997 issue, in mixed grades, Alderney Five Pound Crown 2010 , 1 Euro a 12 coin set 1999-2002 an issue from each of the 12 member states UNC, Australia One Dollar 1995 Walzing Silver Proof FDC boxed with certificate, Guernsey/Jersey/Alderney The n 150th Anniversary a 3-coin set Five Pound Crowns 2004 one from each island, plus a replica miniature Crimean War Medal, UNC in the Royal Mint pack of issue, along with Pre-Decimal and Decimal issues Halfcrown to Pennies all base metal issues (42) in mixed grades

Auction 149
Medals Fancy Fair medals for Northern & Southern Hospitals 1849, (2), another 1872, Opening of asylum for deaf & dumb, 1875, Unveiling of Statue of Sister Dora, 1886. 1855, all struck in white metal (6). Together with a Toogood & Sons medal for excellence, silver plated in case. (7).

Auction 148
English Cased Guernsey/Jersey/Alderney 2004 s a 3-coin set 150th of the n Silver s with coloured reverses FDC with miniature replica medal in the black case of issue with certificate, Royal Air Force// Stamps and Miniature s a 3-part set UNC as issued in Royal Mail/ boxes, Silver Britannia Ingot Ring with four official hallmarks and a Britannia image, boxed with Royal Mint certificate, pendant, issued by the Royal Mint, containing taken from the , in a Royal Mint box with certificate, Silver Ingot pendant, with a 'Three Lions' logo and four signatures on the reverse, in a Royal Mint box with no certificate

Auction 146
Medals Uniface "cliché" type bronze medals (10), nine with portraits (mainly king's & Queen's), one commemorating the . EF

Auction 142
Medals Medal 1854, bar Sebastopol, unnamed, bar not fixed to suspension otherwise VF.

Auction 138
World Cased World Sets in (6) 10 Yuan a 2-coin set 1999 comprising 10 Yuan 1999 Coin of Greeting Spring and 1999 Traditional Auspicious Matters .999 Silver Proofs with coloured reverses, Birds of the Fiji Islands Two Dollars 2007 a 4-coin set comprising Blue Crested Broadbill, Island Thrush, Collared Lory and White Collared Kingfisher .999 Silver Proofs with coloured reverses, Two Dollars 2007 Great Motorcycles of the 30's a 4-coin set comprising Two Dollars '1930 BSA Sloper', '1932 Brough Superior SS100', '1938 IZH 8', and '1931 Matchless Silver Hawk' .999 Silver Proofs with makers logo in colour on the reverse, // 2004 Five Pound Crowns a 3-coin set 150th of the n Silver Proofs with coloured reverses and miniature replica medal, New Zealand One Dollar 2005 Rugby The Lions Silver Proof FDC in the cases of issue with certificates, Alderney/Guernsey/Jersey 2004 60th Anniversary of D-Day a 3-coin set comprising Alderney Five Pound Crown 2004, Guernsey Five Pound Crown 2004, Jersey Five Pound Crown 2004 plus pin s of flags of GB, and and reproduction miniature medal and reproduction newsprint of June 6 1944 FDC in the tin of issue

Auction 135
English Cased s (2) Twenty Pounds Lowther Year 2000 YR 20 prefix and Five Pound Crown 2000 Proof, Five Pounds Lowther 100th VR10 prefix with Five Pound Crown 2001 - UNC, Chl Islands 60th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings a 3-coin set comprising Five Pound Crowns 2004 Silver Proofs from Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney in a presentation tin with miniature replica medal, reproduction newspaper and pin s, The n 150th Anniversary a 3-coin set 2004 comprising Five Pound Crowns (3) from Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney Silver Proofs with a miniature replica medal, Australia One Dollar 2003 50th Anniversary of the Silver Proof, Australia and New Zealand Corps 90th Anniversary a 2-coin set 2005 comprising One Dollar Australia and One Dollar New Zealand Silver Proofs with coloured flags, Australia and New Zealand Army Corps 90th Anniversary a 2-coin set 2005 a 2-coin set UNC, GB Five Pound Crown 2010 UNC, Russia Medal and Stamp cover 1975 Apollo-Soyuz Space Mission Silver Proof UNC-FDC in the cases of issue with certificates, Medals (9) 25th Anniversary of the Investiture of the 63mm diameter in bronze Toned UNC, The Millennium medal 2000 63mm diameter UNC, of the Birth of R.J.Mitchell-Designer of the 63mm diameter in bronze Toned UNC, The Queen's Silver medal 2002 50 Years of Silver Proof, The Queen's 80th Birthday Medal 2006 in nickel- with a 3D picture of the Queen facing on the obverse, USA The Queen's Bicentennial visit 1976 50 grammes of .925 silver FDC, 80th Birthday 1980 in nickel-brass (2) UNC, Queen Mother 100th Birthday Glamis Castle in nickel-brass UNC mostly boxed as issued with certificates

Auction 135
Medals Medal 1854, one bar Sebastopol, engraved naming (G.P.Heather, 2nd Master H.M.S. Rodney). With silver buckle on ribbon. GVF. With copy of roll.

Auction 126
Medals Three groups to the Higgs family. 1) group of Four including: Crimea Medal bar Sebastopol (Driver Willm. Higgs R.H.A.) impressed naming but rank engraved, Turkish Crimea n issue, unnamed, suspension repair. Meritorious Medal, n issue (Sergt Major W. Higgs (Late R.A.) engraved naming, L.S. & G.C. Victorian issue (14 Serjt-Maj. W. H. Higgs R.H.A.) impressed naming. Sold with copied service papers. 2) & Medals (207969 Gnr. F.G.Higgs, R.A.) With s, dog tags & service docs. 3) group of five to Lt. F.C. Higgs R.A. including 1939-45 & & Stars, & War Medals and Efficiency Medal with Territorial suspension, G.VI.R. (Lt. F.C.Higgs R.A.). Crimea Fair other GVF

Auction 123
Medals 1854, no bar, naming erased. Turkish Crimea 1855 n issue, cast copy, good very fine.

Auction 111
Medals Medal 1854 in Silver, with 4 bars ALMA, Inkermann, Balaklava, and Sebastopol, with ribbon pale blue with yellow vertical edge stripes GVF, plus

Auction 101
World Bulk Lots Krim (early ) circa 1760 a of minors in an album page (30) crude Poor-VG an unusual group

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