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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Auction 156
Misc Items Engraved 1885 EF nicely toned and with loop mount at the top, engraved with 'Sir W.T.Lewis' on the obverse, Note: William Thomas Lewis was the First Baron of Merthyr' a coal mining magnate, and was created Baronet of Nantgwyne in 1896, and in 1911 he was raised to the peerage as Baron Merthyr of Senghenydd in the County of Gla. One of the pits owned by Lewis was the Senghenydd Colliery. Following a failure to implement a safety plan in early 1913, an explosion in the mine on 14 October of that year killed 439 miners and one rescuer. This remains the worst mining accident in the United Kingdom
£75 London Coins : A156 : Lot 621 : Engraved Halfcrown 1885 EF nicely toned and with loop mount at the top, engraved with 'Sir W.T.... London Coins : A156 : Lot 621 : Engraved Halfcrown 1885 EF nicely toned and with loop mount at the top, engraved with 'Sir W.T....

Auction 153
Tokens Tokens (29) various types, a good selection of different types, in mixed grades, and a token, VG the reverse worn

Auction 149
Tokens A mixed group 18th and (9) comprising 1813 Phoenix Ironworks EF, Yorkshire 1812 Nelson/Victory VF, 1812 Job Wilkes Darleston Lustrous EF, 1796 Union Mills/Cornucopia F scarce, Bury 1794 Bust of is EF, also 19th Century New Zealand (2) S.Hague Smith Ironmonger Auckland KM#Tn63 VF, 1858 Professor Holloway KM#Tn278 Good Fine, Mine and Lime Kiln Tickets (2) Hensingham Crest of the Lawson and Brayton family, two arms supporting the sun, VF the first in , the second in with hole

Auction 149
Tokens Tokens a wide variety includes Tradesman, Transport, , Alonzo Mills, Stage, Factory, etc. (60) mostly 19th to in mixed grades

Auction 128
Bonds and Shares , 7 certificates, Carriage Co. Ltd, 1907, Co. Ltd., 1893, Boots Pure Drug Co. Ltd., 1907, signed by Jessie Boot, East y Co. Ltd., 1911, Self-Acting Sewing Machine co. Ltd.,1884, Workman Clark & Co. Ltd., 1920, and Iberian Iron Ore Co. Ltd., 1894, mostly VF. (7)

Auction 124
Bonds and Shares , 24 certificates, dated 1920-1929, titles include, Deanscales Co. Ltd., 1923, South y Co. Ltd., 1926, Debenture Corporation Ltd., 1925, Palmers and Iron Co. Ltd., 1927, West Springs Ltd., 1924, Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., 3 x certificates, all 1920, Blue Bird Petrol (Foreign) Ltd., 1929, minor duplication, mostly VF. (24).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 15 certificates, dated 1882-1919, titles include, Northern Counties Constitutional Newspaper Co. Ltd. 1882, Toxteth Real Property & Investment Co. Ltd. 1905, Fishguard and Rosslare s and Harbours Co. 1911, Ellenborough y Co. Ltd. 1910, Nirpuzha Estates Ltd. 1906, Clark & Son (haven) Ltd. 1912, East Coast Oil and Produce Co. Ltd., 1919, mostly F-VF. (15).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares , 3 colliery certificates, Brynlloi y Co. Ltd., certificate for one share 1874 black with coupons, Bettws Llantwit Colliery Ltd. certificate for one share 1873 black with coupons, also Snowdown Colliery Ltd. certificate for preferred ordinary shares 1912 vignette of colliery, red, all VF. (3).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 20 certificates, dated 1847-1948, titles include, Co. Ltd., 1889, Oriental Inland Steam Co., 1860, Estuary Co., 1847, Crown Mines Ltd., bearer warrant, 1912, Consort Reef Gold Co. Ltd., 1888, Nidderdale Lead Mining Co. Ltd., 1865, Gold Reefs of West Ltd., 1900, Consolidated Copper Co., bearer warrant, 1912, A.W. Gamage Ltd., 1911, East y Co. Ltd., 1909, Guapo (Trinidad) Oil Co. Ltd., debenture made out to Michel Ephrussi, 1912, (the Ephrussis were an important Jewish family, connected to the s), United Mexican s Ltd., 1919, mostly F-VF. (20).

Auction 120
Tokens , , & (6), Hull Lead Works (Penny 3, 1), Newcastle John Elliott & Northumberland Penny Main . Very fine

Auction 119
Tokens Tokens (25) in , various shapes and inscriptions, plus badges (7) all Colliery and Union-related including NUM Miners strike 1984/5, in mixed grades

Auction 117
Tokens 1811 Main w. 885a aFCD with much original brilliance a few darker toning areas reverse hardly detract from this stunning

Auction 104
Tokens 1811 Main , on Tyne and 16, Berwick 17 VF

Auction 101
Misc Items Naval Colliery Company 1897 No 10 check 40mm diameter VG holed for suspension

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