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Civil War

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 161
Medals Assassination of Abraham 1865 a restrike 76mm diameter in light bronze by G.T.Morgan, Obverse: Bust right, Reverse Legend within wreath, 1898 Silver Convention Medal, National Association of Manufacturers, 26mm diameter VF, Brass Token 1860 'No Submission to the South' 21mm diameter VF, Silver Star Medal for Conspicuous No.2682 un-named, in mixed grades VF to EF

Auction 159
World Bulk Lots Euzkadi 1937 Peseta (11) and 2 Pesetas (15) generally Unc and lustrous a few with spots

Auction 158
Hammered Coins s (4) Cross Moline, Cross Fleury, Voided Cross and issues, GF to VF, all ex-T.Everson collection, Rare thus

Auction 158
Medals Sons of Veterans Auxiliary Medal 1883 with ribbon and bar, bar title missing, USA Spanish War Veterans Medal 1892-1902 with ribbon, VF the ribbons with some fading

Auction 156
World Cased 1974 a 2-coin set 1100th of the Settlement of Iceland 1000 Kronur and 500 Kronur Proofs FDC in the red case of issue with certificate, 10 Crowns 1979 10th Anniversary of the Inauguration of as Prince of Silver Proof nFDC boxed with certificate, Ascension and St. Helena Fifty Pences 1984 Visit Silver Proof Piedforts a 2-coin set FDC in the red box of issue with certificate, Medal 350th Anniversary of the - Royal Armouries Silver Proof boxed FDC with certificate

Auction 154
Hammered Coins 1643. mint. Mint mark plume with bands, on obverse only. S2727. North 2384 (Very Rare) Schneider 295. Obverse, ornate taller bust CAROLVS. D: G: MAGN: BRIT: FRAN: ET: HIB: REX. Reverse, ‘Declaration’ on continuous scroll RELIG: PROT: LEG: ANG LIBER: PAR (This is Charles promising to protect ‘the religion of the Protestants, the laws of , the liberty of Parliament’) with denomination numerals (III) above and date 1644 below. A tiny piece of excess metal is evident on the reverse above PROT. This is the same original flaw as seen on the Schneider specimen from the same dies. EF, An exceptional coin, fully round and well centred. All lettering and detail crisply struck. The Triple Unite was produced in the early years of the in the period 1642-1644 and it was the most spectacular coin issued during a reign known for its numismatic diversity. Charles I moved his base from London to Oxford in 1642, but Parliament had sred the support of the with its bankers and merchants. Nevertheless the king was determined to continue the production of and coinage and set up the Oxford mint in New Hall Inn, Oxford. The Triple Unite was in effect a large propaganda piece produced by the Royalists in their ongoing clash with the forces of Parliament, and was made in very small numbers over a 3 year period.
£56,000 London Coins : A154 : Lot 1719 : Triple Unite 1643. Oxford mint. Charles I  Mint mark plume with bands, on obverse only. S2727. North... London Coins : A154 : Lot 1719 : Triple Unite 1643. Oxford mint. Charles I  Mint mark plume with bands, on obverse only. S2727. North...

Auction 153
World Cased and Mint Sets (29) and Singles (83) a comprehensive group the majority -sized issues many in the boxes of issue with certificates, mostly UNC to FDC, along with The a set, 12 pieces each 51mm diameter UNC in toned each piece showing a key event of the Civil War, comes in the Wooden box of issue with fold-out pamphlet

Auction 152
World Cased Dollars (22) 1880S VF, 1923 NVF, 1971S VF, 1976S Proof, 1983S s Silver Proof, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Silver Proof, 1986S Statue of Liberty Silver Proof 1987 US Constitution 200th Silver Proof, 1988S Olympic Games Seoul Silver Proof, 1989D Congress Bicentennial UNC, 1990 Eisenhower UNC, 1991P Silver Proof, 1991 Mount Rushmore Silver Proof, 1992D White House UNC, 1992D UNC, 1992S Olympic Baseball Silver Proof, 1993D James Madison UNC, 1994S World Cup Football Silver Proof, 1994P Memorial Silver Proof, 1995S field Preservation Silver Proof, 2002 Shawnee Tribe UNC, plus 2001 a copy in base metal, painted UNC, s (2) 1973S, (8 coins), 1976S (6 coins), plus a host of sets of State Quarters and Quarters in various presentation folders, Sacagawea Dollars in a presentation album 2000-2004 (12) Lustrous UNC, Presidential Dollars 2 collections in albums 2007-2011 20 pieces and 19 pieces respectively, all lustrous UNC, plus Books (3) Ye Blue Book 2010, State Quarters by Q.David Bowers, and 2007 North n Coins and Prices a Krause publication edited by Davis C.Harper all in very good condition

Auction 151
World Bulk Lots (8) and Leon 2 Pesetas 1937 KM#3 EF, Euzkadi (2) 2 Pesetas 1937 GEF, 1937 GEF, Santaner. Palencia and Burgos (2) 1 Peseta 1937 VF, GEF, Ibi (3) 1 Peseta 1937 KM#2 Fine, 2 1937 KM#1.2 Good Fine and scarce, 25 Centimos 1937 KM#1.1 NVF with a few spots, plus 3 stamps 25 Centimos, 15 Centimos and 5 Centimos mounted on small circular cards, come with an old Spink auction card

Auction 149
World Bulk Lots and Hard Times Tokens (13, 3 holed) 1837-1863 in mixed grades VG to VF

Auction 147
World Bulk Lots Hard Times Tokens and ets, period (16) in mixed grades to EF along with Coin weights a varied group (8) in mixed grades to EF

Auction 146
Medals Women's Voluntary Medal in case of issue. 1939-45 Medal (1) & Medal (3). Together with a miniature War Medal and a Civil Defence Corps . GVF.

Auction 145
Medals The 350th Medals a 12-piece set each 51mm diameter in bronze and depicting key s of the English Civil War UNC in the box of issue with certificates, lockable with keys

Auction 142
World Coins Gold 1995W PCGS PR69DCAM US Vault
£220 London Coins : A142 : Lot 1079 : USA 5 Dollars Gold 1995W Civil War Proof PCGS PR69DCAM US Vault Collection London Coins : A142 : Lot 1079 : USA 5 Dollars Gold 1995W Civil War Proof PCGS PR69DCAM US Vault Collection

Auction 142
World Coins Gold 1995W PCGS PR69DCAM US Vault
£200 London Coins : A142 : Lot 1078 : USA 5 Dollars Gold 1995W Civil War Proof PCGS PR69DCAM US Vault Collection London Coins : A142 : Lot 1078 : USA 5 Dollars Gold 1995W Civil War Proof PCGS PR69DCAM US Vault Collection

Auction 142
World Banknotes Civil War local issues (14) all dated 1936-37, Alcaniz, Balaguer, Sabadell, , Mont-ral, , Almacelles & Verges, a few lower grades but many EF to UNC
£130 London Coins : A142 : Lot 375 : Spanish Civil War local issues (14) all dated 1936-37, Alcaniz, Balaguer, Sabadell, ...

Auction 142
World Banknotes Civil War local issues (30) possibly a fantasy series dated 1936-39, Guadalajara (10), Pueblo Ciudad food ration coupons (10) and Tarragona (10), light stains, EF to UNC
£60 London Coins : A142 : Lot 376 : Spanish Civil War local issues (30) possibly a fantasy series dated 1936-39, Guadalajara (10)...

Auction 139
World Bulk Lots Tokens (17) a varied group VF-EF

Auction 135
World Bulk Lots - Menorca (5) 2 1/2 Pesetas 1937 KM#5, 1937 KM#4, 2 1937 KM#3, 1937 KM#2, 5 Centimos 1937 KM#1 EF-GEF, some with tone spots, 5 Sho 1947 BE 16-21 Y#28.1 VF

Auction 135
World Banknotes Civil War issues (10) Alcaniz 25 cts, 50cts & 1 pta, Sitges 50cts, Verges 25 cts, Balaguer 50 cts, Sabadell 25 cts, Pauls 25 cts, Mont-ral 25 cts and 1 pta unissued this GVF the others mostly UNC

Auction 134
World Cased s (2) 2000S a 10-coin set including five State Quarters, 2003S a 10-coin set including five State Quarters, Proof Set 1986 Statue of Liberty Centennial a 3-coin set comprising Five Dollars 1986W, One Dollar 1986S and Half Dollar 1986S, United States Proof set 1986 Statue of Liberty Centennial a 2-coin set comprising One Dollar 1986S and Half Dollar 1986S, Dollar 2004 Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Proof, Half Dollar 1982 Silver Proof, Silver Eagles (4) 1998, 2002, 2003, 2004 Proofs FDC in the cases of issue with certificates, One Dollar Commemorative 1995 field Preservation Silver Proof nFDC, Dollar 1796 modern restrike UNC, Silver Eagle 2000 UNC, Peace Dollars (2) 1922, 1923 About UNC and lustrous

Auction 132
World Banknotes Civil War Consejo Municipal de Mezquita de Jarque 50 cts, low serial Num.78, Emision 1937, small centre hole & edge nick, Fine and scarce

Auction 129
Medals U.S.S.R., Civilian Medals (12) Medal for Labour Valour (2), Medal for Distinguished Labour (4), Medal for Valiant Labour during W.W.II. (2), Veterans Medal, aded upon retirement (4). EF

Auction 127
World Banknotes Civil Internment camp notes Cremona (7) all with star of David, 0.50 lire, , 2 lire, 10 lire, and 50 lire (2), mostly VF to EF, one 50 lire in UNC

Auction 127
Medals Medal, E.II.R. for Meritorious , Civil Division (Anthony Henry Hazell). In case and brown box of issue. Mr Hazel served with the Southern Electricity Board and was aded the medal in 1972

Auction 127
Bonds and Shares US - Civil War Warrant for Military Service 1861 giving 10% per annum interest. Otsego County Bank, Coppertown for $8.82 cents dated 1842 and signed by Fennimore Cooper (famous n writer). Three Pence note, Hartford 1777. Good very fine, all ex Stanley Gibbons auctions.

Auction 124
World Banknotes World in 3 Lindner albums (circa 460) all better types from A to Z, includes , QE2 & , , , & Civil War, y, , , etc., catalogue value over £5000, viewing recommended

Auction 124
Medals The Official Medals of the Tutankhamun Exhibition- Museum 1972 and the Exhibition- 1973-1974 in Silver and Fine Silver respectively UNC lightly toning cased as issued with certificate, Clark's Civil and Coml College 1, 2, and 3 Chancery Lane W.C. Boy Clerks Open Competition September 1906 aded to W.F.Burtenshaw, 45mm in Bronze UNC boxed as issued with a newspaper Photo of the recipient

Auction 122
World Coins , 1690. S.6578. Good fine, green patina.

Auction 121
Hammered Coins Hammered lot (32). Civil war hoard. Includes Mary s (2), s (2), Shillings (7), Shillings (2), (7), James I s and Charles I . Fair to fine.

Auction 121
World Bulk Lots s (11) 1893 n Exposition VF, 1925 Stone Mountain EF, 1923 Los es Monroe Doctrine Centennial EF, 1935 Daniel Boone A/UNC, 1936 Centennial EF, 1936 Great Lakes Exposition Cleveland Centennial A/UNC, 1946 Statehood Centennial EF, 1951 Booker T.Washington Good EF, 1952 Carver/Washington A/UNC, 1982 S FDC, 1995 S Battlefields UNC

Auction 121
Medals Order of the , M.B.E. 1st Type Division awarded to Emily Curtis, Unit Administrator, Queen 's Auxiliary Corps. M.B.E. in case of issue with certificate of award dated June 1919. Together with other interesting original documentation. Mrs Curtis served at the Military Convalescent Hospital, Crownhill , retiring in 1919, served 1939-45 with the Civil at Caterham & lingham, (entitled to the Defence Medal) and died in 1952

Auction 118
World Banknotes Comission de Abastos (Supply Commision) 2 ptas, issued in Ibiza, most likely Civil War (any Balearic Island note is extremely scarce), h

Auction 118
World Banknotes Civil War issues (4) $1 dated 1861 and $2 dated 1862, Augusta Insurance & Banking Co. $1 dated 1860's, $20 dated 1864 (

Auction 115
Hammered Coins S.2867 Provincial and issue 1643-1644 with Tall Horse, mane in front of chest, EBOR below North 2313 approaching EF

Auction 114
World Banknotes World accumulation in album (circa 270) a good mix with many better earlier types includes , Civil War, Briti

Auction 113
World Banknotes State of dated 1863, Civil War issue, Pick s212a, about UNC

Auction 110
World Bulk Lots mostly lower grade items but including some pre 1900 and tokens (lot)

Auction 110
World Cased 1995 three coin set comprising $5, $1 and Half Dollar FDC in the USA mint's presentation box with Soldiers booklet

Auction 109
World Banknotes (6) Civil War local issues 1937, all different and genuine from Balaguer, Sabadell, Ripoll, Tremp and Argentona, Fine to UNC

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