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Auction 157
Medals s 1990 50th of the Silver , along with Royal Mint Medallions in bronze (9) 1989 800th Anniversary of the Mayoralty, 1990 () Battle of 175th Anniversary, 1991 500th Anniversary of the Birth of , 1992 of the Office High Sheriff, 1993 Tercentenary of the Birth of Harrison, 1994 Tower Bridge (2), 1995 National Trust Centenary (2) UNC in the Royal Mint boxes of issue with certificate

Auction 154
Hammered Coins 1643. mint. Mint mark plume with bands, on obverse only. S2727. North 2384 (Very Rare) Schneider 295. Obverse, ornate taller bust CAROLVS. D: G: MAGN: BRIT: FRAN: ET: HIB: REX. Reverse, ‘Declaration’ on continuous scroll RELIG: PROT: LEG: ANG LIBER: PAR (This is Charles promising to protect ‘the religion of the Protestants, the laws of , the liberty of Parliament’) with denomination numerals (III) above and date 1644 below. A tiny piece of excess metal is evident on the reverse above PROT. This is the same original flaw as seen on the Schneider specimen from the same dies. EF, An exceptional coin, fully round and well centred. All lettering and detail crisply struck. The Triple Unite was produced in the early years of the in the period 1642-1644 and it was the most spectacular coin issued during a reign known for its numismatic diversity. Charles I moved his base from London to Oxford in 1642, but Parliament had sred the support of the with its bankers and merchants. Nevertheless the king was determined to continue the production of and coinage and set up the Oxford mint in New Hall Inn, Oxford. The Triple Unite was in effect a large propaganda piece produced by the Royalists in their ongoing clash with the forces of Parliament, and was made in very small numbers over a 3 year period.
£56,000 London Coins : A154 : Lot 1719 : Triple Unite 1643. Oxford mint. Charles I  Mint mark plume with bands, on obverse only. S2727. North... London Coins : A154 : Lot 1719 : Triple Unite 1643. Oxford mint. Charles I  Mint mark plume with bands, on obverse only. S2727. North...

Auction 148
Medals 800th of The Mayoralty 1989, issues in silver and bronze, each 63mm., silver issue in case. EF. (2).

Auction 144
Medals National Thanksgiving 1872 in copper 77mm Eimer 1618 by J.S and A.B. Obv.Londinia attended by Britannia invites the Queen and the Prince of Wales into St. Paul's Cathedral, Exergue, I WAS GLAD WHEN THEY SAID UNTO ME LET US GO INTO THE HOUSE OF THE LORD. Rev. Interior of St. Paul's Cathedral with the Ryal Procession and congregation, ornamental end-panels decorated with the Royal Arms and ribbon inscribed 'NATIONAL THANKSGIVING' left and a City Shield and ribbon inscribed 'ST.PAUL'S LONDON right two upright supports inscribed FOR THE RECOVERY OF/H.R.H THE PRINCE OF WALES GEF/UNC with minor friction, 1887 77mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1733 the official issue Obv. Bust left crowned and veiled VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX Rev. Enthroned figure of facing, flanked by standing figures of Science, Letters and Art, left, opposite, those of Industry and Agriculture, right. At their feet, below Empire, are Mercury reclining and Time, above two cherubs displaying shields inscribed MDCCCLXXXVIII and MDCCCXXXVII and VRI in a wreath in between. IN. COMMEMORATION Exergue. Five linked shields inscribed ASIA, AMERICA, EUROPE, AUSTRALASIA and AFRICA, A/UNC

Auction 143
Medals 1989 63mm diameter in .925 silver 800th of Mayoralty UNC in the box of issue with certificate weight 152.42 grammes, City of London 1989 63mm diameter in bronze 800th Anniversary of Mayoralty UNC in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate

Auction 139
Medals Exhibition 1924, bronze (Eimer 1987), Winston 1965 by L.E.Pinches, metal, Norman Conquest medal 1966 by Spink, gilt metal, in case. 1977 Lord Mayor of issue, silver in case, , 25th Anniversary 1978 by , silver gilt, in case. EF. (5).

Auction 127
Medals , Visit to the 1837 by Barber, bronze, (Eimer 1303) AEF another in white metal by Barber (Eimer 1303). 1887, bronze official issue, 77mm. In red case of issue, FDC. (Eimer 1733).

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