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Canada : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 160
Medals GB and World Medals and Tokens in base metal (27) 1880-1935 includes , , , , , the GB issues include Medals

Auction 159
Medals Investiture of the 1969 a 3-medal set in silver 58mm diameter, 45mm diameter and 32mm diameter by Pinches Eimer 2116a, 2116b and 2116c UNC in the dated box of issue, Queen 1977 Silver ingot/first day cover set with 4 stamps, UNC in the box of issue, a 3-ingot set in silver 1976 s each with Canadian stamp designs and weighing 16 grammes of .999 silver UNC in the box of issue with stamps, The New Group Silver Ingot One ounce of Silver FDC in the box of issue with certificate, along with a group of Medals, Tokens and fantasies includes some larger an modern bronze types (17) some EF to GEF, St Helena Crown 1978 Enamelled in four colours, fair workmanship, on a chain, boxed, Broken Hill Co-Op Tokens One Loaf (36) 28mm diameter in aluminium UNC, Enamelled Shillings (3) 1887Jubilee Head (2), 1890, Enamelled Sixpence 1887 Jubilee Head, fair workmanship, Penny 1891 VG, Threepence 1909 VG, Shilling 1826 set in a swivel mount Fine, gilded, and a locket made from a 1952 Halfpenny, along with letter from Central detailing the ad of a Good Conduct medal and with the ribbon attached

Auction 159
Medals 1939 Visit (2) 32mm diameter in silver, the first A/UNC and lustrous with some contact marks and small rim nicks, the second UNC with small tone spots
£70 London Coins : A159 : Lot 422 : Canada 1939 Royal Visit (2) 32mm diameter in silver, the first A/UNC and lustrous with some contact ... London Coins : A159 : Lot 422 : Canada 1939 Royal Visit (2) 32mm diameter in silver, the first A/UNC and lustrous with some contact ...

Auction 158
Medals (3) 1937 57mm diameter by D.R.Golding Obverse: Bust right EDWARD .VIII.CROWNED.MAY.XII, in field MCMXXXVII in three lines, Reverse: Britannia seated, right holds a crown, upon which stands a Dove carrying an olive branch CANADA. INDIA. S.AFRICA.AUSTRALIA. NEW ZEALAND, Coronation 1937 33mm diameter in silver by Spink and Son Obverse Bust left in Coronation robes, CROWNED MAY 12 1937 Shield within Garter, crowned with supporters KING AND EMPEROR UNC in the Red Spink box of issue, Coronation 1937 44mm diameter in base metal Obverse Bust right in Coronation robes, crowned, HIS.MAJESTY.KING.EDWARD VIII Reverse: Standing Britannia facing, between two columns, holds a crown aloft, and a Union Jack flag EF

Auction 146
Medals Medals (4) Home Service Medal 1939-1945, VS Medal, Africa Service Medal and Medal (copy) EF

Auction 146
Medals Patron's Medal 1930, bronze, in case. , Bank of Greece 60th Medal, silver, edge nicks AVF. , Horticultural Society of Picardy medal, silver. n Marine Corporation medal bronze, pierced. 1759-1959 Anniversary medal by P. Vincze, silver plated & numbered 32, in case. Together with three uniface medals (8)

Auction 146
Medals Football Medals (3) Dominian of Football Championship Connaught Cup Finals 1913 aded to J.Ryder Ormskirk and District Amateur Football League Runners up 1904-1905 awarded to M.Ryder Ormskirk Rovers by Vaughton of , plus a third medal unnamed, all three in silver NVF to GVF

Auction 141
Medals 1897 (8) by Spink Obverse Bust left Crowned, laureate, veiled and draped, VICTORIA QUEEN AND EMPRESS in field TO COMMEMORATE THE 60TH YEAR OF HER MAJESTY'S REIGN Reverse 4 Cameo Portraits, facing of H.I.M.QUEE [N] VICTORIA/ H.R.H PRI[NCE] OF WALES/ H.R.H DUKE OF YORK/ H.R.H PRI[NCE] EDWARD In the centre JUBILATE BRITANNI on a scroll 38mm diameter in bronze Eimer 1820 and 7 reverse variants with a common obverse, Duke of , upon globe, Britons Rejoice, Dominion of , Cape Colony, , Four Longest Reigns A/UNC to UNC with matching tone

Auction 139
Medals Brewers and Allied Traders and Market (2) Cider in Cask and Bottled Cider prize medals 1913 44mm diameter weights 46.34 grammes and 46.30 grammes both choice UNC in Sulley and Rangers cases. Prize Medal Poultry Best Breed 1932-1933 40mm diameter in silver by P.Stall, aded to Miss N.B.Maddison GEF boxed
£140 London Coins : A139 : Lot 1340 : Canada Brewers and Allied Traders International Exhibition and Market (2) Cider in Cask and Bottled ... London Coins : A139 : Lot 1340 : Canada Brewers and Allied Traders International Exhibition and Market (2) Cider in Cask and Bottled ...

Auction 130
Medals 'First Hemlo Gold Pour' December 6 1985 1 Troy ounce of .9999 gold, Reverse LAC (LAC minerals Ltd) cased UNC

Auction 127
Medals 1897 (8) medals by Spink, bronze, all 38mm. and having the same obverse by F., reverses cover Peace, , Cape Colony, , Town Hall, Longest Reign, Heirs to the Throne, Love Peace & Union. GEF

Auction 123
Medals General 1866 one bar Fenian Raid 1866. A good quality cast copy.

Auction 122
Medals Medals, Tokens (about 300) includes , , Sports and others, includes transit fare tokens for 1984 Olympics (23) boxed, copper medal for Games (2) 1978, 1970 etc. in mixed grades

Auction 121
Medals , Canadian Association of Chiefs of Medals (3), R.C.M.P. Long , tailors copy. Police Exemplary Service Medal and Police Distinguished Service Medal, tailors copy. Extremely fine. (6).

Auction 119
Medals , Centennial Medal 1967, silver; Special Medal 1984, Peace Keeping Medal 1997, Medal 2002, this a replica. Generally extremely fine. (4)

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