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Auction 170
English Banknotes & The Royal Mint Limited Edition Commemorative Presentation sets (4) an appealing group of these always collectible sets comprising the C119 H.M. the Queen's 70th birthday 1996, 5 Pounds note series HM70 004193 & a Cupro-nickel 5 Pound Crown, in the original folder missing the outer sleeve and the informative booklet with the COA. C130 Prince of 50th Birthday 1998, Kentfield 5 Pounds note with a special prefix and a LOW serial number PW50 000278 & a Cupro-nickel 5 Pound Crown, both in the original presentation folder and sleeve with the COA. C157 First & Last Kentfield 10 Pounds with matching serial numbers consisting of Last B382 serial number LA80 999165 & the First B390 serial number AA01 999165, a very low numbered set considering it’s a limited-edition of 1000 matched pairs in the range of 999000 to 999999. Along with the 10 Pounds Special Millennium Commemorative Prefix 2000 from C150 and an early serial number YR20 000549, comes only with the original COA but without the cardboard container wallet

Auction 168
World Banknotes South & (20) an eye-pleasing of notes in very high grades most in About UNC - UNC with no duplication and various issuers, denominations and designs. Comprising 1 Pick 46b dated 1st January 1986 series A/9 976202, QE2 portrait issue. A very beautiful near complete denomination set of 1980's issues (3) made of 5 Sucre's Pick 108b dated 20th April 1983 series HX number 20305343. 20 Sucre's Pick 121Aa dated 29th April 1986 series LO number 10317699, without printers imprint & "Sociedad Anonima" below bank title. And 50 Sucres Pick 122a dated 5th September 1984 series TX number 14832640, also without printers imprint & "Sociedad Anonima". Banco Central Franklin Mint Collectors Set Pick CS1 of 5 notes - 100, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10000 Guaranies. All with Maltese cross prefix, serial numbers 006485, ed SPECIMEN in red and come with the original envelope , informative card and Certificate of Authenticity signed William F. Kriegg. e (2) Pick 120b dated 1st September 1963 series CP088117 and 1000 Gulden Pick 141adated 1st July 1993 series AA239209. 10000 s ND 1967 series B number 3080251 signature titles Co-Gerente General, Secretario General & Presidente and signatures Walter Garrido, J. C. Pacchiotti & J. Echeverría Leunda. (8) comprising a beautiful wildlife denomination set of upright modern 2012-15 issues (6) comprising 2 Bolivars Pick 88e series L49242336, 5 Bolivares Pick 89f series U23341336, 10 Bolivares Pick 90e series X71950336, 20 Bolivares Pick 91f series W06310336, Pick 92k series AT61736396 and 100 Bolivares Pick 93j series CE76634396. These notes becoming scarcer by the day, especially in these high grades, as the Venezuela's economic collapse caused their value to plummet and it has been noted that the lower denominations were no longer being seen in circulation due to the hyper. Also accompanied by 500 Bolivares Pick 67b dated 3rd February 1987 series C15067901 and 1000 Bolivares Pick 73a dated 8th August 1991 series A04519522 variety with dot in i of word 'Bolivares' instead of an accent both on obverse and reverse.
£65 London Coins : A168 : Lot 277 : South & Central America (20) an eye-pleasing collection of notes in very high grades most in Abo... London Coins : A168 : Lot 277 : South & Central America (20) an eye-pleasing collection of notes in very high grades most in Abo...

Auction 165
English Banknotes s QE2 and Charles (6) (3) 1993 issue B369 Crown replaced by a £10 Symbol at top right - a near set of 3 series JE13 122685, JE13 122687 and JE13 122689 all about UNC - UNC. (3) 1999 issue B382 - first run very low serial KL01 000788 about UNC - UNC and attractive, along with 2 consecutive Limited Edition of only 1,500 pieces C150 Year 2000 Millennium Packs series YR20 001330 and YR20 001331 with original certificate cards both UNC

Auction 165
English Banknotes limited edition £10 presentation pack C150 issued 2000 serial number YR20 000250,UNC with certificate

Auction 161
English Banknotes Debden Sets (20), C157 (3) Last & First issued 2000, 10 Pounds pair, last & first with prefixes LA80 & AA01 and matching serial numbers, C169 (2) Royal celebration pair issued 2002, Lowther 5 Pounds uncut pair with matching serial numbers HM02/HM03 000394, C162 (2) Last & First issued 2002, Lowther 5 Pounds pair, last Stephenson & first Fry with prefixes EJ90 & HA01 and matching serial numbers, C142 (1) First & Special run issued 1999, pair 5 Pounds signed Lowther & EA01/DL99 999000, C122a (6) Hong Kong h issued 1997, Kentfield 5 Pounds prefix HK97, 4 notes in presentation folders and 2 notes in presentation booklets, C149 (2) Millennium Year prefix issued 2000, Lowther 5 Pounds prefix YR20, C150 (5) Millennium Year prefix issued 2000, Lowther 10 Pounds prefix YR20, one of these has no presentation folder or cover, nice of Debden sets

Auction 161
English Banknotes Debden sets (8), C148 last & first pair £20,s series AA01 & DA80 999013 signed 1999, C120 Queens 70th birthday £10 series HM70 000963 signed 1996 with a silver proof £5 coin in limited edition red box, C157 (2 sets) last & first & £10's series LA80 & AA01 999798, LA80 & AA01 999185 signed Lowther 2000, C169 Royal celebration pair £5's series HM02 & HM03 000786 signed Lowther 2002, C150 Millennium year prefix £10 series YR20 000137 signed Lowther 2000, C152 Queen Mothers 100th birthday £5 series QM10 001683 signed Lowther 2000 with a cupro-nickel £5 coin, C163 Queens golden jubilee £5 series QE50 000876 signed Lowther 2002 with a cupro-nickel £5 coin, nice of Debden sets

Auction 158
English Banknotes Debden set C150, 10 Pounds (B382 for type) issued 2000, millennium year prefix YR20 000321, limited edition only 1500 issued, in cardboard pack with certificate of authenticity, UNC

Auction 150
English Banknotes s (2) 2000 YR20 000871 UNC with certificate (from the Millennium Year C150 set), 2003 Coronation 50th Anniversary QC50 000616 UNC (from the C173 set) along with s Lowther DA01 999929 and Kentfield CL99 999929 UNC in the pack of issue

Auction 149
English Banknotes limited editions (2) C149, 2000 year prefix £5 low number YR20 000037 and matching low number C150 £10 Lowther YR20 000037, both UNC

Auction 144
English Banknotes limited edition presentation pack C150, Millennium year 2000, £10 series YR20 000465, UNC

Auction 142
English Banknotes limited edition C150, 2000 year prefix £10 series YR20 000503, UNC

Auction 136
English Banknotes £10 presentation set C150 YR20 001212 UNC & Lowther £5 (a single note with certificate only), matching number YR20 001212 UNC

Auction 133
English Banknotes limited edition C150, 2000 year prefix £10 serial YR20 000357, UNC

Auction 133
English Banknotes limited edition C150, 2000 year prefix £10 serial YR20 001144, UNC

Auction 130
English Banknotes s and £10 C149 & C150 Millennium prefix issue with matching numbers YR20 000091, both UNC

Auction 122
English Banknotes s C150 serial YR20 000884 Millennium issue with certificate, UNC

Auction 122
English Banknotes £10 presentation set C150 serial YR20 000287 Millennium issue, UNC

Auction 121
English Banknotes presentation set C150 £10 B382 Millennium prefix YR20 000393, UNC

Auction 118
English Banknotes presentation sets (2) C149 £5 B380 & C150 Lowther £10 B382 both with matching serial YR20 000051, UNC

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