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C103 : English Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 162
English Banknotes Debden sets (4) and other Philatelic/Numismatic cover editions (2), Debden C103 5 Pounds & 20 Pounds with matching serial number SE68 722562 & 20U 722562, late cyphers 1991 in leatherette binder, limited edition only 400 issued, Debden C104 10 Pounds first & last with matching serial numbers A01 999339 & KR30 999339 in leatherette binder, limited edition only 1500 issued, Debden C123 Kentfield 5 Pounds series HM50 001097 along with a cupro-nickel 5 Pound coin, commemorating the Queens Golden Wedding Anniversary, Debden C130 Kentfield 5 Pounds series PW50 000099 along with a cupro-nickel 5 Pound coin, commemorating Prince of 50th birthday, 1 Pound EW74 835332 along with 1 pound coin dated 1998 first day cover, 10 Shillings C21N 670906 along with 2 x 50 Pence coins, commemorative coin cover

Auction 160
English Banknotes Debden Sets (11), C100 (3) last & first 5 Pounds prefix SE90 & A01 with matching numbers, C102 (4) last & first Gill 20 Pounds prefix 20X & A01 with matching numbers plus a further set but with prefixes 01X & A01 (possibly had the original note removed and the 01X added in place), C103 late cyphers Gill 20 Pounds & 5 Pounds prefix 20U & SE68 with matching numbers, C104 (3) last & first 10 Pounds prefix KR30 & A01 with matching numbers

Auction 160
English Banknotes (3), 50 Pounds issued 1994 signed (B361), 10 Pounds issued 1994 signed Kentfield (B360), 5 Pounds issued 1988 signed (B353), all 3 notes with different prefixes but matching serial numbers, E30 722588, KR30 722588 and SE68 722588, the first 2 originally released in leatherette binder (not included here) Debden C109 limited edition of only 400 pairs with matching serial numbers, the £5 originally from Debden set C103 (would have been issued with a £20 with matching number, not included here), this £5 having the same number as the previous 2 notes, very much a limited edition issue and therefore scarce, all in PCGS holders graded 64PPQ Very Choice New, Perfect Paper Quality

Auction 149
English Banknotes Presentation Set C103, £5 (B353) and £20 (B355) series SE68 and 20U with matching numbers 722978, UNC in folder and Bank of England presentation album C100, Gill £5 first and last matching serial numbers B353 & B357, SE90 999756 and A01 999756, UNC

Auction 140
English Banknotes Presentation Set C103, £5 (B353) and £20 (B355) series SE68 and 20U with matching numbers 722589, UNC in folder with certificate

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