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Bulgaria : World Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 166
World Cased The Euro Collection a 36-coin set 1996-2001 all but three Crown-sized, in silver, from a host of an countries :- (10), , (5), (2), , (2), , (2), (2), , (3), , (2), and (3), one of the Andorra pieces with 1.6 grammes of inlay, this UNC, the others Proofs nFDC to FDC in the MDM plastic case of issue in three drawers, with certificates

Auction 163
World Cased State Quarters in an album (112) 1999 to Northern Mariana Islands 2009 A/UNC to UNC in the blue album of issue, Presidential Dollars (78) to Ronald Reagan issues, A/UNC to UNC and lustrous, in a Lighthouse album (2 examples of each president), USA National Park Quarters Folder 2010-2016 and Mints A/UNC to UNC and lustrous, includes additional land 2013D and 2013P issues (72 coins in total), Euro Sets in 2 albums 1999-2002 and 2008-2015 mixed dates 8 coins each from 22 countries , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and 2 Euro to 1 Cent plus a small additional group Monaco (5) 2 Euro to 10 Cent (181 coins in total) A/UNC to UNC and lustrous, some with toning, , from a selection of countries, 2 Euros a collection in an album (35) 2001-2014 A/UNC to UNC, Europe Pre-Euro Coinage a collection in 2 albums comprising sets from 245 countries:- Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Finland, , , Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, , Malta, , , Slovenia, and Slovakia, assembled from coins largely dated from the 1970s to 2000s mostly EF to Lustrous UNC

Auction 149
World Cased Winter s 1994 a 4-coin set sized and in silver comprising , , 10 and 500 Won FDC cased, a 2-coin set 1991 Lillehammer Winter Olympics 1994 s FDC cased with certificates, Dollar 2002P Salt Lake City Olympics Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue, along with USA 1926S Trail VF in a presentation box

Auction 139
World Cased 1000 Leva 1998 Bulgarian Telegraphic Agency, 100 Leva (2) 1993 Bobsleigh Proof, 1993 World Cup Football Silver Proof, 50 Leva (2) 1989 - Proof, 1994 Skiier Silver Proof, 25 Leva (15) 1981 1300th of Nationhood Silver Proof, 1982 Georgi Dimitrov Silver Proof, 1984 40th Anniversary of Peoples Republic Silver Proof, 1986 Soccer Silver Proof (2), 1988 High Jumper Silver Proof, 1989 Bear and Cubs Silver Proof, 1989 Rowers Silver Proof, 1989 Figure Skaters Silver Proof, 1989 Soccer Silver Proof, 1990 Soccer KM#193 Silver Proof, 1990 Soccer KM#191 Silver Proof, 1990 Lynx Silver Proof, 1990 Runners Silver Proof, 1990 Cross Country Skiiers Silver Proof, 20 Leva (9) 1979 Sofia UNC, 1982 Year of the Child Silver Proof, 1987 Vasil Levsky SIlver Proof, 1988 Railways Silver Proof, 1988 Sofia University Silver Proof, 1988 110th Anniversary of Silver Proof, 1988 -Bulgarian Space Flight Silver Proof, 1989 KM#181 Cupro-Nickel Proof, 1989 Academy of Science Silver Proof, 10 Leva (8) 1978 100th Anniversary of the Liberation from the Turks Silver Proof, 1979 Bulgarian-Soviet Cosmonaut Flight Silver Proof, 1982 Soccer KM#143 Silver Proof, 1982 Soccer KM#144 Silver Proof, 1985 International Decade for Women Silver Proof, 1985 Cosmonauts Silver Proof, 1985 Hockey Player Silver Proof, 1988 Sprinters Silver Proof, 5 Leva (13) 1970 Vazov UNC, 1971 Rakovski Prooflike UNC, 1972 Hilendarski Silver Proof, 1973 Levski Silver Proof, 1973 Anti-Fascist Silver Proof, 1974 Fascism Silver Proof, 1974 Stamboliski Silver Proof, 1976 Botev Silver Proof, 1976 April Uprising Silver Proof, 1977 Slaveykov Silver Proof, 1978 Javoroff Silver Proof, 1978 National Library Silver Proof, 1979 Communication Systems Silver Proof UNC to FDC many in capsules
£360 London Coins : A139 : Lot 1194 : Bulgaria 1000 Leva 1998 Bulgarian Telegraphic Agency, 100 Leva (2) 1993 Bobsleigh Silver Proof&#... London Coins : A139 : Lot 1194 : Bulgaria 1000 Leva 1998 Bulgarian Telegraphic Agency, 100 Leva (2) 1993 Bobsleigh Silver Proof&#...

Auction 134
World Cased 2002 5 Lev Athens s a 10-coin set all in .999 each weighing 1.24 grammes and with a different design most depicting different sports FDC in the box of issue with certificates and booklet

Auction 134
World Cased Coin a 14-coin set 10th to 16th century comprising issues from , , (2), Verona, , , , Britain, , , , and Near Fine to NVF in the wooden presentation box of issue

Auction 133
World Cased Euro Coins Sets (10) 2004, 2007, 2008, 2008, 2008, 2009, Slovakia 2009, 2010, Belgium 2010, 2010, 2 Euros a 5-coin set comprising all mintmarks A-, D-, F-Stuttgart, G-Karlsruhe, J-Hamburg, Unification of Germany after 40 Years 1989 a 5-coin set UNC, Mint Set 2005 UNC all in the wallets of issue

Auction 114
World Cased The Smallest Coins of the World' a 12-coin set includes examples from (2), (2), , (2), , Australi

Auction 114
World Cased a 10-coin Games set 5 Levs 2002 cased FDC with a book, magnifying glass, Olympic pin and all certificates

Auction 103
World Cased 10,000 1998 Euro FDC in a plastic capsule and 10 Euro 2002 100 years of trains silver Unc

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