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British Empire Bowcher : Medals

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 163
Medals 1897 an 11-medal set by F. for Spink and Son, comprises Eimer 1820 - on globe, May God Preserve our Queen and her Heirs, Britons Rejoice, The Four Longest Reigning Monarchs in English History, God Bless our Queen types, these 38mm diameter, British Commerce, and , The , Primates of All , and Prime Ministers of Her Majesty's reign these 51mm diameter, and The 75mm diameter all EF and nicely matched, in white metal in open octagonal case, an eye-catching set

Auction 163
Medals Medals (3) of King 1911 36mm diameter in silver by F. Eimer 1921c Obverse: Conjoined, crowned and draped busts left, GEORGE.V MARY, Reverse: The King and Queen enthroned, facing, acclaimed by Britannia, as Empire, standing left with a wreath, in foreground, a inscribed HOMAGE OF THE 1911 festooned by two cherubs, GOD SAVE THE KING UNC: Coronation of Edward VII 1902 32mm diameter in silver, Obverse: Conjoined busts right draped, KING EDWARD VII QUEEN ALEXANDRA, Reverse: TO COMMEMORATE THE CORONATION JUNE 1902 GOD SAVE THE KING Arms and supporters above, National Floral emblems below, UNC with an edge bruise: Coronation of 1937 44mm diameter in bronze Obverse bust right, crowned and draped, HIS.MAJESTY.KING.EDWARD.VIII Reverse: Britannia standing in an arch, facing, holding crown aloft and with Union flag CROWNED A.D.1937 legend with BRITISH below UNC toned, in the red box of issue

Auction 135
Medals 1897 Eimer 1816 Obverse Bust left crowned, laureate, draped and veiled, IN COMMEMORATIONEM ANNI REGNI LX in the field. VICTORIA. DEI GRA: BRITT: REGINA. FID: DEF: IND: IMP MDCCCXCVII Reverse Arms in the centre; below, THE A.D. 1897and a vignette containing 4 clasped hands, inscribed PEACE LOVE AND UNION. Aborder of 50 shields of British Colonies and Protectorates, each identified 76mm diameter in bronze by F. GEF

Auction 110
Medals Medal Eimer 1816 by F. 76 mm in White Metal GEF, Sinking of the Lusitania 1915 Eimer 1941A 56 mm boxed, U.S.S Enterprise 68 mm M £90

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