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Birmingham Mint

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 159
Medals of 56mm diameter in bronze, the original issue, UNC boxed, in the envelope of issue, Coronation of George V 1911 51mm diameter in bronze, the Official Royal Mint issue boxed UNC toned, Coronation of George V 1911 Mint 52mm diameter in bronze, Obverse busts conjoined reverse with Port broadside view of the ship of state, two female figures trumpeting from the stern.  crown on cushion at midship, 1911 below, sun rising on the horizon. UNC boxed, George V 1935 The official Royal Mint issue in silver 32mm diameter (2) EF to UNC both boxed, Coronation 1937 (2) the official Royal Mint issues (2) 32mm diameter in bronze UNC toned, boxed, plus an additional empty box

Auction 159
Medals Silver medals (3) AEGROS SANAT HUMANITAS awarded to Comp.H.F.Inkpen No.2032, W.Bro T.A.Doble No.2722, Bro.C.Harrop No.3655, a further group in base metal (3) AEGROS SANAT HUMANITAS awarded to W.Bro E.G.Morey No.2032, Bro. E.J.Harrison No.2032, Bro N.E.Inkster No.4975, a further two AEGROS SANAT HUMANITAS without inscriptions, all boxed, Prize Medal Currant Buns awarded by L. with bars LEEDS and 1930, Presented by the Central Currant Office (), in silver, boxed, East Masonic award by George Kenning & Son in silver, boxed, A Masonic Medal in silver Religious themed Awarded to Bro.A.G. No.1767, by Medal Co.Ltd, - Lima Masonic Award R.L.S Waldo Olivos Torrejon No.134 boxed, in mixed condition some near mint state

Auction 157
Misc Items Pieces (2), Birmingham Mint, 26mm diameter in -, Reverse: Manufacturers of Non-Ferrous Alloys, in centre: 'In Sheets Strip Wire Blanks Tubes Stampings, Etc. and Coinage' in 7 lines, Plain Edge, A/UNC with a small toning spot on the reverse, 1957 Britannia Moneta/6-point star 25mm diameter with scalloped edge, About EF with the appearance of a 'hand-cut' edge
£34 London Coins : A157 : Lot 788 : Trial Pieces (2), Birmingham Mint, 26mm diameter in cupro-nickel, undated Reverse: Manufacturers of ... London Coins : A157 : Lot 788 : Trial Pieces (2), Birmingham Mint, 26mm diameter in cupro-nickel, undated Reverse: Manufacturers of ...

Auction 156
World Coins Matona EE1923 (1930) KM#27 struck by ICI in Birmingham, England, in a PCGS holder and graded SP66RD, Ex-King's Norton Mint , superior to another example graded SP66 RB sold at Heritage in September 2016 (also King's Norton Collection) for $470
£200 London Coins : A156 : Lot 1182 : Ethiopia Matona EE1923 (1930) KM#27 struck by ICI in Birmingham, England, in a  PCGS holder and grad... London Coins : A156 : Lot 1182 : Ethiopia Matona EE1923 (1930) KM#27 struck by ICI in Birmingham, England, in a  PCGS holder and grad...

Auction 155
Medals 1897 the Official issue 56mm diameter in bronze UNC in contemporary box (not Royal Mint). 1902 56mm diameter in bronze the official Royal Mint issue A./UNC in the Royal Mint box. George V 1935 The official Royal Mint issue 31mm diameter in silver UNC toned, in the red box of issue. Coronation 1937 The official Royal Mint issue 31mm diameter in silver UNC toned in the red box of issue. Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887 by W.O.Lewis, Reverse: Britannia standing on a seashore, with trident, shield and anchor, behind to her right a plinth with Crown, sceptre and drapery, in the distance, a ship and lighthouse, 46mm diameter in bronze UNC boxed. Sandy Horticultural Medal 1931 Reverse Sandy Place in silver boxed UNC, as part of a mixed group (16) includes many prize medals, EF to UNC boxed, and a Crown 1889 VF in a silver brooch mount, this boxed, along with an album of (88) mostly modern tokens with some wooden nickels, in mixed grades

Auction 155
Medals Queens of the Isles a 9-medal set by the Mint each medal depicting a different monarch, each medal 44-45 grammes of .925 silver, UNC-FDC in the box of issue, one medal with a line of discolouration, The Campaign 1982 a 9-medal set each medal 25 grammes of .925 silver FDC in the case of issue with leaflet, 400th of the 1588-1988 Silver 5 ounce Medal by the UNC lightly toning, in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 153
World Coins lic piece, 38.5mm diameter in bronze, weight 24.62 grammes J Watt and Co, Soho, Birmingham, retrograde legends, 1864 date, HONG KONG MINT CHINA, rev. J.WATT AND CO., above ENGINEERS, LONDON, below & SOHO, BIRMINGHAM, edge plain (Prid. 321), VF with a few small rim nicks, Very Rare
£800 London Coins : A153 : Lot 1014 : Hong Kong medallic trial piece, 38.5mm diameter in bronze, weight 24.62 grammes J Watt and Co, Soho,... London Coins : A153 : Lot 1014 : Hong Kong medallic trial piece, 38.5mm diameter in bronze, weight 24.62 grammes J Watt and Co, Soho,...

Auction 153
Medals The of the Isles the 42 medal set by The Mint cased

Auction 153
English Bulk Lots GB and World, ancients to modern issues (68), a wide variety includes Bristol Mint, medallic types (3) Queen Diamond Jubilee 1897 26mm diameter in silver GVF, Referendum 1975 UNC boxed, Coinex BNTA Medal 1987 by the Birmingham Mint 5 s of .958 silver FDC boxed with certificate, also includes Hong Kong, India and Canadian issues, some in silver, some in high grade an interesting group

Auction 153
English Cased Five Pound Crowns (2) 1990 90th Birthday Silver Proof, 2009 Countdown to the 2012 s , Five Pound Crowns a 2-coin set 2009 and 2010 Silver Proofs Countdown to the 2012 Olympics Silver Proofs. Crowns (4) 1972 Silver Wedding Silver Proof, 1977 Silver Proof, 1980 Queen Mother 80th Birthday Silver proof, 1981 of and Lady Dianna Spencer Silver Proof. St. Thomas and Prince 100 Dobras 1985 10th of Independence Silver Proof. Medals (4) Investiture of Prince Charles as the 1969 51mm diameter, 6mm thick, 111.22 grammes of .999 silver nFDC in the box of issue with certificate (numbered 1548 on the edge), Silver Jubilee of Queen 1977 by the Birmingham Mint, Silver Proof nFDC in the box of issue, The of the Prince of Wales to Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles 2005 Silver Proofs (2) FDC in the boxes of issue with certificates

Auction 152
Medals Great s, an impressive , by the Mint, housed in a large wooden lockable box, with key containing 52 x 50 mm medals each depicting a Regiment in active and the details of their achievements, along with a for each regiment, each medal around 45 grammes of silver, FDC in the impressive wooden box of issue, only the second such set we have offered

Auction 150
Medals 1897 by M.B. Ltd (Mint ), 40mm bronze & silver in red presentation case. Together with a similar, silver, in red round card case. 38mm. EF. See BHM nos. 3547, 3548 and 3549. Only 39 manufactured (3)

Auction 146
Medals Admiral Vernon/Capture of Portobello 1739 Obverse with 3/4 length portrait, Fine, and Challen Minting Machinery Coining Press 1903 EF with lustre, One Gulden 1854A NEF, Medal 1887 Hyogo and Ozaka EF, A.Negro Token Cooperativa Genova Fine, First Congress of Medicine 1902 Reverse Sphinx and Pyramids GVF, Medal of Jutland 1916 45mm diameter in Silver Eimer 1951 Toned UNC

Auction 145
Medals Silver ingots; Palaces by Mint, 12 x 31.8gms each, in wooden case. Queen's Visit to the U.S. 1976 (48.2gms), Royal Cyphers 1977 x 2 (42.8 gms each). The 100 greatest cars silver miniature (full set of 25 packets with 4 medals in each).

Auction 144
World Coins 1874 Fine Beard KM#1.2 NGC AU55, EF/GEF and extremely rare in this pleasing and high grade. This 1874 issue was South Africa's first circulating Pond (Pound or ) issue, engraved by Leonard Wyon the then engraver and struck by the Heaton Mint Birmingham. The coin was rejected by South African legislators who objected to the use of the portrait of Thomas Burgers the 2nd president of the Republic and the man entrusted with the design. The total issue of 695 were sold off as novelties with the vast majority becoming jewellery pieces, hence the extreme rarity of undamaged examples in this high grade. As well as South African collectors the coin fits well into any comprehensive Sovereign collection being the same weight and fineness, and in fact an example was sold in the recent Bentley Sovereign at Baldwins which realised £38,000
£10,000 London Coins : A144 : Lot 688 : South Africa Burgers Pond 1874 Fine Beard KM#1.2 NGC AU55, EF/GEF and extremely rare in this pleasin... London Coins : A144 : Lot 688 : South Africa Burgers Pond 1874 Fine Beard KM#1.2 NGC AU55, EF/GEF and extremely rare in this pleasin...

Auction 142
Medals Discovery in Silver a 24-medal set by the Mint, each in .925 silver and weighing 40 grammes depicting the World's Great Explorers nFDC to FDC in red book-style cases of issue each with accompanying text

Auction 141
English Cased GB and World Proof and Mint items (24) £10 One Tenth Ounce (2) 2008 Proof, 2009 Proof FDC, GB s (5) 1951 nFDC toned, 1970 (2), 1982, Blue Set 1983, nFDC to FDC in the cases of issue, Five Pound Crown 2002 Memorial Silver Proof, Two Pounds 1999 Rugby World Cup Hologram , FDC in the cases of issue with certificates, 1984 UNC in wallet of issue, Unofficial Year Sets (3) 1965 in slide case UNC, 1966 in slide case UNC, 1967 Last £sd/1968 and 1971 First Decimal Coins UNC in a maroon case, Two Pounds Royal Mint Bimetallic 'Four stages' set UNC in the wallet of issue, Birmingham Mint Medallic First day cover Shire Horse Society 1978 UNC in the wallet of issue, Gambia Proof Set 1966 FDC in the green case of issue, USA Proof Set 1968 FDC cased, Austria Mint set 1968 UNC in plastic sleeve, Ireland Unofficial Mint set 1966 UNC in slide case, Countries 1980 a 6-coin set Queen Mother 80th Birthday Comprising Crown sized - issue from 6 different countries UNC, plus World Crown-sized 1966-1982 in cupro-nickel (4) UNC

Auction 139
English Bulk Lots Crowns (3), (1) (1), s (21, includes 1841 low grade forgery), Florins (5), plus Birmingham Mint Token to in mixed grades, housed in a Lindner Tray, in mixed grades with some later dates EF-A/UNC

Auction 139
Medals 1851 by W.J., silver, struck in the building of the exhibition (Eimer 1463), 1902 by Vaughton, bronze, Coronation 1911, by The Mint, , bronze 52mm in case. AVF or better. (3).

Auction 136
Medals Silver issues cased (11) several such as Fleur De Coin set, and 1977 , others from the Mint along with an uncased Jewish National Fund

Auction 134
English Cased and Golden collection 1997 a 9-coin set mostly Crown sized all in silver from a variety of countries FDC in the box, 1997, Five Pound Crown 1990 90th Birthday Silver Proof, Two Pounds 1997 Two Pounds 1997 Silver Proof, One Pound 1997 Silver Proof Piedfort, Fifty Pence 1997 Silver Proof Piedfort, Fifty Pence 1998 Silver Proof Piedforts a 2-coin set EEC and NHS, Barbados One Dollar 1994 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Lady of the Century Silver Proof, nFDC-FDC in the cases of issue with certificates, Five Pound Crown 1993 EF, Crowns (3) 1972 (2) EF-UNC, 1977 A/UNC, (3) 1993 40th five Pound Crown plus stamps (2) UNC as issued, 1997 Hever Castle One Pound plus stamps UNC as issued, Medals (2) 1977 Birmingham Mint 45mm diameter in sterling (2) one silver boxed nFDC with certificate, one in a medallic first day cover nFDC in the grey wallet of issue

Auction 134
Misc Items Coins in pendants (2) One 1996 about UNC in 9 carat gold mount with chain total weight 7.2 grammes, Jubilee 1977 Birmingham Mint Silver UNC in silver mount

Auction 131
Tokens Grendon 1842, William Ward , Rose Co.One Penny & 1811, 1957, date in star, Britannia striking coins, . Together with other assorted tokens, some . Mixed grades (21)

Auction 129
English Cased s (15) 1977 Silver s (3), 1980 80th Birthday Silver Proofs (5), 1981 Silver Proofs (7), plus Silver Jubilee 1977 Birmingham Mint in Silver nFDC-FDC cased as issued with certificates

Auction 127
Medals 1911 by Mackennal, frosted silver, 51mm. (Eimer 1922), another by The Mint with boat and trumpeter's on reverse, bronze. Investiture of Edd 1911, Official issue, silver. All three in cases of issue and EF

Auction 126
World Bulk Lots FAO Money Album 1975 containing examples from , , , , , , , , , , , , and plus coin stamps UNC, 1995 issues (8) includes one tri-metallic and one silver Plain edge X#P12 -like UNC, Aborigines Cubanos One Fine (4) 1993 (2), 1994 (2), 1995 Proof-like UNC, s (3) Glasgow and West of Numismatic Association Golden Jubilee 1997 51mm UNC boxed, The Medical Association 1994 51mm in by the Birmingham Mint UNC boxed, Curling : Frames Curling Match 1935 40mm struck in in leather case UNC, United Kingdom INA 2002 Coin a 9-coin set 5 Euros to 1 Euro Cent Specimen/Proof Lustrous UNC cased as issued with certificate, plus two 12-coin display trays

Auction 121
English Bulk Lots Crown 1977 A/UNC, 1937 Patina series in UNC, s (5) 1928, 1933, 1943, 1945, 1946 NEF-GEF, 1797 VF, Penny 1806 NEF/EF, (5) 1717 Dump GF pitted, 1771 VF, 1799 VF/GVF, 1807 NEF, 1827 GVF, 1830 GF, s (2) 1827 GVF, 1844 VF, s (2) 1812 Birmingham Union Company GVF, Bristol 1811 NEF, Tokens (3) Warwickshire Coventry (2) 1792 DH231, 1793 DH241a, Lanire Lancaster DH57 VF-EF, North Wales 1793 GVF, World (3) India 1918 A/UNC, Ireland Farthing 1760 NVF, Romania 50 Bani 1914 Toned UNC, s (2) Coronation 1902 in Silver the issue Toned UNC, 1897 Diamond Jubilee in Silver the Royal Mint issue A/UNC

Auction 107
English Bulk Lots Pre 47 mostly s (45) and a quantity of - crowns, some Birmingham Mint lic issues, and a few world mixed grade

Auction 103
Misc Items Strike for obverse die of Austrian Maria Theresa 1780 restrike ex Birmingham Mint who struck these coins from 1949-1955, retrograde image

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