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Bawbee : World Bulk Lots

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 166
World Bulk Lots (3) First Coinage, Second Bust S.6513 mintmark Martlet 4.46 grammes, Fine with some scratches, Six Henry VIII HR either side of the Crowned Harp, Fourth Harp Issue S.6482 mintmark Lis 2.24 grammes Fine, James I First Coinage S.6514 mintmark Martlet 1.96 grammes, (2) , First Period, Edinburgh Mint, Reverse with voided Saltire Cross, and cinquefoil each side, Reversed N in EDINBVRGI S.5433, 1.88 grammes About Fine, Bawbee I 1678 S.5628 VG

Auction 164
World Bulk Lots World a varied group (21) (9) Crown 1953 Lustrous UNC with golden tone, 1953 UNC and with light golden tone, 1953 Lustrous UNC with golden tone, 1953 Lustrous UNC and nicely toned, 1953 Lustrous UNC, lightly toned with small spots, 1953 Lustrous UNC, lightly toned, (the looks to be a matching group) Penny 1953 UNC with subdued lustre, 1953 UNC/AU with a few small spots, 1953 A/UNC with traces of lustre, (3) 1971, Two Cents 1971 and 1971 all lustrous UNC, (2) Penny 1940 GVF, Halfpenny 1928 UNC or near so with good lustre, Florins (2) 1910 Fine/VF, 1914H Good Fine, 1862 NEF and lustrous with some contact marks, 50 1917 EF, 1678 VG, Shilling 1913 NEF, One Korona 1914 Lustrous UNC

Auction 145
World Bulk Lots (5) 40 Pence B below Fine, 1679 Near Fine, Bodle Charles I VG, Hardhead (Lion) (1558) Fine or better, Fine or better

Auction 144
World Bulk Lots 1805, I, Ireland St. Patricks as part of a group of Ireland 17th to issues (14), in mixed lower grades

Auction 138
World Bulk Lots 1805, I, Ireland St. Patricks as part of a group of Ireland 17th to issues (14), in mixed lower grades

Auction 130
World Bulk Lots (9) First Coinage F/NVF, Charles I First Coinage VG/Fine, 1694 with inverted A for V in GVLIELMVS VG/NF, Charles I About Fine, Quarter - 1602 Near Fine, Eight (1583-1590), Charles II 1678, Bodle Charles II coinage of 1663 () Fine, James VI Fair, Shilling 1687 Fair

Auction 119
World Bulk Lots (5) 40 Pence S.5575 Fine with some adjustment marks, 20 Pence Charles I S.5589 Fine/Good Fine, S.5432 issue Fine, (2) S.5056 20 points Good Fine, S.5050 24 points Good Fine

Auction 116
World Bulk Lots 1803 3 over 2 Good VF, 1875 A Good Fine, 1678 F/GF

Auction 114
World Bulk Lots (4) 1679, Bodle 1694, s (2) I issues Crowned C.II.R and Lion rampant reverses, (3) (2) 16

Auction 110
World Bulk Lots s (7) 1692 and 1696, 1678, 1678 on a smaller and thinner flan and having the appearance of a cast counterfeit, 1679 plus two other Char

Auction 107
World Bulk Lots 1691 S5659, , s I (2) and s Charles II (2) Fair-VG

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