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Auction 157
World Banknotes Short snorter banknotes (4) £1 dated 6-8-41 warcode B Pick2c, 1943--this with "Short Snorters Club" written left border, 1935 and 1941, all with written annotations of locations visited such as , Morocco, , etc., some RAFTC based, average Fine
£75 London Coins : A157 : Lot 250 : Short snorter banknotes WW2 (4) Ireland Currency Commission £1 dated 6-8-41 warcode B Pick2c, ...

Auction 153
World Banknotes an extensive in two albums (346), includes 19th Century issues from , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , North and , also and s, a small group of modern fantasies in mixed grades, also early 20th Century issues and some later issues in high grades

Auction 148
World Banknotes Banque De Syrie Et Du Liban 10 Livres 1939 First Issue P17 excessively rare type with no price given in Pick, US auctioneers Stacks+Bowers&category=2&searchtype=1">Stacks Bowers Galleries sold a similar note in their March 2011 Auction lot 11328 for US $16,520 their note was graded F 15 and they state only 5 pieces of this type are thought to exist, this note we offer looks better a nice Fine one tiny tear right edge does not detract
£4,329 London Coins : A148 : Lot 279 : Lebanon Banque De Syrie Et Du Liban 10 Livres 1939 First Issue P17 excessively rare type with no pri... London Coins : A148 : Lot 279 : Lebanon Banque De Syrie Et Du Liban 10 Livres 1939 First Issue P17 excessively rare type with no pri...

Auction 145
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., certificates (7), and Annapolis short line Railroad Co. 1906, The Mohawk and Malone Co. 1892, Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Co. 1880, Eire and Union Railroad Co. 1909, Utica and Black River Railroad Co. 1890, Fairmont, Morgantown and Pittsburgh Railroad Co. 1893, Escanaba Iron Mountain & Western Railroad Co. 1890. Some with cancellation holes otherwise GVF.

Auction 143
World Cased GB s (2) 1983, 1984, 50 Cents 2005 1/25 oz. Proof in capsule, Mint Sets (2) 1963D, 1964, USA Half Dollar 1967 EF GB Five Pound Crowns (12), GB 25p Crowns (14), Five Pound Crowns Proofs (7) 1994 D-Day (3), 1995 , 1995 Hurricane, 2004 Cross, 2006 II 80th Birthday, Crowns 2006 Silver Proofs (3) Griffin, Pride of (2) nFDC uncased, Fifty Pences (4) Isle of Man (3) 1979, 1980, 1980, 1969 in mixed grades

Auction 138
Bonds and Shares , Kokand-Namangan bond for £20 1910, City of St Petersburg, VIIIth bond (2), City of Moscow Loan bond 1908, U.S.A. & certificate for 100 shares, across signatures. All framed & glazed and unsuitable for posting. (4).

Auction 126
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., 25 streetcar certificates, Continental Passenger Co., of Philadelphia, 5 x certificates, 1890-91, all signed by William L Elkins, Philadelphia Rapid Traction Co., 5 x certificates, green 1905, Philadelphia Traction Co., 5 x certificates, 1898, Second & Third Street Passenger Railway Co., of Philadelphia, 5 x certificates, 1870-72, all issued and , plus Navy Yard, Broad St. and Fairmount Railway Co., 5 x unissued certificates. All certificates in lot with vignettes, mostly VF. (25). *William L Elkins. 1832-1903, oil promoter. Refined the first gasoline. With Widener, see previous lot, built a greater streetcar mileage than anyone else - in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and .

Auction 126
English Banknotes , 6 railway bonds and 4 railway certificates, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co., 3 x different certificates, 1899-1914, Rock Island Co., certificate, 1910, , Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Co, 4 x bonds, two types, all 1893, and Colombian National Railway Co. Ltd., 2 x debentures, two types, 1903-1910, mostly VF. (10).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., 21 railway bonds and certificates, dated 1851-1956, titles include, & Co., 1853, Rail Road & Co., Augusta 1851, Union Passenger Co., 1890, , and St. Louis Railroad Co., 4 types, 1945-50, Consolidated Railway Co., 2 types, unissued, Lehigh Valley Railroad Co., 4 types, 1931-44, all with vignettes, mostly VF. (21).

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., 40 modern certificates, dated 1913-1974, titles include, Lackawanna Securities Co., 1927, United Printers and Publishers, 1949, Peel-Elder Ltd., 1974, Western Union Telegraph Co., 1969, Grand Union Co., 1961, Faberge, 1971, General Foods, 1972, and Co., 3 types, 1927-9, Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co., 1913, all different, all with vignettes, mostly VF. (40).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., Brashears Parlor and Sleeping Car of City, certificate of capital stock, 1888, large vignette of cutaway view of parlor car, black, VF. (1).

Auction 121
Bonds and Shares , 7 bonds and certificates relating to hotels, Hotel , 1930, Hotel , 2 types, both 1924, Claridges Hotel, bond, 1919, Royal Monceau Hotel , 1924, Carlton-Hotel de Lyon, 1931, and Royal Hotel-Lyon, 1912, all with coupons, F-VF. (7).

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