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Auction 166
English Banknotes (54) in mixed grades comprising 1 Pounds (5) including a First Period Green B239 issue 1934 prefix K71A along with World War II Emergency B249 Blue/Pink issues 1940 (4) prefixes C36D, C84D, T26E and R37H. (3) including 10 Shillings B266 issues 1950 (2) prefixes K01Z and R28Z along with 5 Pounds note B270 dated 23rd September 1949 serial number O50 079958. O'Brien (3) including 10 Shillings B271 issues 1955 (2) prefixes O84Y & Y11X along with 1 Pound Green B273 issue 1955 prefix Z10K. QE2 Portrait & seated Britannia issues (32) including 10 Shillings B310 issue 1967 prefix A87N. 1 Pounds 1967 issues (31) including B301 (23) including FIRST series prefixes B30Y, B36Y, B49Y and B75Y amongst others as C04Y, C51Y, D02Y, D21Y, D33Y, H28Y, K14Y, A28Z, A64Z, B22Z, C77Z, D55Z, D64Z, E53Z, E85Z, E90Z, H06Z, H88Z and J75Z. B303 G reverse issue prefix E91Y. B305 issues (7) prefixes N23B, N26B, N37E, N30J, N99J, N15K and N89K. 1 Pound QE2 Pictorial & Sir Isaac B337 issue 1978 prefix Y11. 1 Pounds QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac Newton B341 W reverse issues 1981 (9) including a FIRST RUN serial number AN01 453602 amongst prefixes AY24, AZ69, BT65, CN51, DR72, DT19, DT42 and DT64. 10 Pounds QE2 pictorial & B354 L reverse issue 1988 serial number HS17 102486.

Auction 165
English Banknotes and (105) in mixed grades includes about UNC - UNC comprising s Fforde QE2 portrait & seated Britannia 1967 issues (15) including B308 issue series N08M 671102. B303 prefixes E06Y, E15Y, E83Y and K02Z. B307 prefixes R29B, R12L, R16L and R71L. Near set B305 (6) series N43L 381467 through N43L 381473 missing only N43L 381472. s Fforde QE2 portrait & seated Britannia (84) comprising a consecutive set B309 (4) a consecutive pair first series 61R 080265 and 61R 080266 along with prefixes 14W and 41Y. B310 (80) consecutive set of 79 notes series C40N 314402 through 314480 along with prefix C30N. Also includes One Pounds Somerset QE2 pictorial & Sir Isaac B341 issue 1981 (6) prefixes AN06, BU81, DU08, DU19, DT66 and DT69.

Auction 165
English Banknotes QE2 portrait and seated Britannia 1967 issues (29) in mixed grades comprising s (18) B301 (4) a trio series A21Z 852878 - A21Z 852880 and a FIRST series prefix B66Y. B303 (3) prefixes K45Z, K58Z and E83Y. B305 (7) includes a SOLID number 777777 amongst the prefixes N10B, N57C, R34J and T06J which includes a consecutive trio. B306 issues (2) prefixes R41M and S10M. B307 (2) prefixes R92L and U02E. s (11) include B309 (6) prefixes FIRST SERIES 39R along with 59T, 70T, 55X, 88Y and 98Z. B310 (3) prefixes A76N, B11N and C02N. B311 Replacement issues (2) prefixes M58 and M80

Auction 134
English Banknotes B303 issued 1967 very first run E01Y 171593, "G" reverse, VF
£75 London Coins : A134 : Lot 422 : One pound Fforde B303 issued 1967 very first run E01Y 171593,

Auction 130
English Banknotes (4) B306 (2) QE2 portrait issued 1967 prefixes R41M in UNC and S10M in GEF plus B303 (2) E83Y & K45Z "G" reverse EF or better

Auction 129
English Banknotes (11) B301 (8) issued 1967, various prefixes ranging from A52Z 000033 to L84Z and B303 (3) prefixes E11Y, K15Z & K63Z, average EF to UNC

Auction 117
English Banknotes s (2) B303 prefixes E62Y & K35Z both with "G" reverse, about UNC to UNC

Auction 114
English Banknotes (6) B303 prefixes E78Y, GEF & E81Y (5), some , almost UNC

Auction 113
English Banknotes accumulation (19) blue £1 to £10 LL , face value £27.50 all firsts, lasts and replacements includes B303 p

Auction 111
English Banknotes s portrait (47) B282 (12), B288 (13) and Hollom B301 (6), B303 "G" reverse, B305 (11) and B307 (4) "G" reverse, average gFine

Auction 108
English Banknotes In high grade £201.50 including 17 Goebels B303 , others

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