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London Coins Auction 164
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Grange Hotel Bracknell, Charles Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1ED

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Auction 163
Medals World War I and a group of nine to Lieut. (E) Joseph William Brand R.N, HMS Gossamer 1914-1915 Star, World War I War Medal, World War I Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Star, 1939-1945 Medal, 1939-1945 World War II Medal, Long and Good Conduct Medal, and Distinguished Service Cross, (1942), EF in presentation box, comes with photograph and copies of papers detailing the HMS Gossamer and details of the career of Joseph William Brand. The HMS Gosamer was a minesweeper of the Halcyon class. At the evacuation from Gossamer made six trips to and from that port or the beaches and brought home 3200 men. In April 1942 the Gossamer left Murmansk with two other ships of her flotilla to assist the cruiser which had been torpedoed. Gossamer rescued 440 survivors. Gossamer red in North and on June 24 1942 was sunk by a direct bomb during an air attack.
£1,200 London Coins : A163 : Lot 131 : World War I and World War II a group of nine to Lieut. (E)  Joseph William Brand R.N, HMS Gossamer 1...

Auction 163
World Cased -The of the 1939-1945 a 6-coin set comprising 2016, 3.11 grammes of .999 , 2016 , s 2016 in silver (4) each with a different design, s FDC in the folder of issue, all but the Twenty Pounds with certificates

Auction 163
Medals Captain Oliver Gordon MVO RN trio (as Lieutenant, Star to Sub-Lieutenant) and Member of the Order, (4) War Medal, Star, Star and 1939-45 star, in box of issue with original ribbons, also epaulettes, Captain Oliver Gordon was Captain of HMS , a heavy cruiser, during World War II during which she was sunk in the of the Sea March 1 1942. The lot includes the Book `Fight It Out` written by Captain Gordon in 1957 describing the epic encounter against overwhelming odds during the battle in 1942. He was taken along with the survivors by the ese after the ship was sunk in the battle. The lot also includes many Christmas Greetings received by Captain Gordon during his time as a POW. Between the two World Wars he served on the Yacht Victoria and Albert and the lot includes photographs of Captain Gordon, some with King George V and Queen Alexandra, also letters from Buckingham Palace one signed by King , a restricted letter from of , a letter from the War Museum, photographs of crew and ships, along with a copy of a newspaper cutting reporting Captain Gordon`s . Also included is the paperwork details and letters relating to the Companion of the Order of the , though this has been retained by Captain Gordon`s family

Auction 162
English Cased 2001 100th of Marconi's Wireless bridging the S.K11 nFDC with a few very minor flecks of tone, in the box of issue with certificate

Auction 162
World Cased World Sets (2) British of Nations 1983 30th of the :- 25 Dollars, 25 Dollars, Ten Dollars, Ten Dollars, Five Dollars Proofs nFDC to FDC in the box with certificates, Birds 50 Cents 1995 a 4-coin set Grey Jay, White-Tailed Ptarmigan, Puffin and Whooping Crane Silver Proofs nFDC in the box of issue with certificate, and Singles (10) Canada 15 Dollars 1999 Silver Proof with gold reverse cameo, Canada Dollar 1999 International Year of Older Persons Silver Proof, Canada Twenty Dollars 1997 Canadair F-86 Sabre - The Golden Hawks Silver Proof, FDC in the box of issue, Canada Twenty Dollars 1999 De Havilland Canada DHGC-8 Dash Silver Proof FDC in the box of issue, Canada Twenty Dollars 1999 De Havilland Canada DHC-8 Dash 8 FDC in the box of issue with certificate, St. Helena Fifty Pence 1995 the Silver Proof Piedfort FDC in a Westminster box with certificate, Five Pound Crown 1995 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Silver Proof Piedfort FDC in a Westminster box with certificate, Fifty Pence 1995 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Silver Proof Piedfort, FDC in the Westminster box with certificate, Five Pound Crown 2007 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Silver Proof FDC in a Westminster soft case, Jersey Five Pound Crown 2007 King Henry VIII Silver Proof nFDC with a small spot on the reverse

Auction 162
Medals , and Campaign group of four awarded to D/JX 815073 S.V.HILL A.B.R.N, The 1939-45 Star, The Star, World War II Medal and General Medal with MALAYA bar NEF to GEF

Auction 162
Medals Copy or defective medals (13), V.C., G.C., N.G.S. bar , of bar Ava, 1861-66, Abyssinia 1867-68, Kabul to Kandahar Star 1880, Jummoo & Kashmir Star 1895, Ashanti Star 1896, (renamed), & Medals, South Medal 1982. (13).

Auction 161
Medals /USA Bicentennial 1776-1976 in .375 gold UNC in a presentation box, Charles A.Lindhberg 50th of the First Trans Flight 2.85 grammes of 10 carat gold UNC in a presentation box, USA Mint - Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society 1976 in 22 carat gold UNC boxed with certificate, Sovereign 5.17 grammes of 9 carat gold by Pobjoy Mint UNC with certificate, along with an additional Pobjoy certificate

Auction 159
English Cased 2001 Wireless bridges the - Marconi 1901 100th S.K11 FDC in the box of issue with certificate, 2500 issued

Auction 156
Group of six awarded to Lieutenant Commander J.E.Pontet, Atlantic Star, Burma Star, 1939-45 Star, 1939-45 War Medal, Defence medal, Volunteer Reserve Decoration EF cased along with Institute of Medical Social Workers badge, this along with details of Military Service History and family tree £60

Auction 152
Medals Medals in a photo frame (10) 1939-1945 Star, The Star, The Air Crew Star, The Star, The Star, The Star, The Star, The and Star, GB War Medal and Medal in mixed grades

Auction 152
Medals Father and Son group (6) World War I pair to Sapper F.G.Harrowell, and group of four , , 1939/45 Star and meal to Flying Officer W.F.Harrowell in Air ministry box NEF to EF

Auction 150
Bonds and Shares , , & Western Co. 1905 Bonds for £100, green & black, with coupons, issued 1906/09. GVF. (8).
£60 London Coins : A150 : Lot 3 : Canada, Atlantic, Quebec & Western Railway Co. 1905 Bonds for £100, green & black, wit...

Auction 149
Medals Replica medals (10) includes V.C., G.C., D.S.O., O.B.E. & M.B.E., , South & medals. Miniature Medals (28) includes , campaign, jubilee & issues. EF. (38).

Auction 148
English Banknotes s (22) numbers UNC, along with s (2) LJ21 and HA80 GEF to UNC also Canada Atlantic Quebec Western Railway Company £100 1905 5% First Mortgage Debenture Bond About VF with some coupons

Auction 148
World Cased 4-coin silver sets (2) 2004 Fox 5 Dollars, 4 Dollars, 3 Dollars and 2 Dollars Fine Proofs FDC in the case of issue with certificate, 2005 Canadian Lynx 5 Dollars, 4 Dollars, 3 Dollars, 2 Dollars Fine Silver Proofs, FDC in the case of issue with certificate, Series 1976 (3 sets) each comprising 10 Dollars (2) and 5 Dollars (2), 8 Dollars 2004 Grizzly Bear Silver Proof with 2x 8 Dollar stamps, 5 Dollars 2005 Walrus Silver Proof with 2x 1 Dollar Stamps, 5 Dollars 2005 Deer Silver Proof with 2x 1 Dollar Stamps, 4 Dollars 2007 Prehistoric Beasts Silver Proof, 3 Dollars 2006 Beaver Square Silver Proof, One Ounce Maple Leaf 2008 UNC with golden Maple Leaf, 50 Cents 2008 Milk Delivery Green Triangular Silver Proof, FDC in the cases of issue with certificates, Canada/ a 2-coin set comprising Canada 5 Dollars 1999 Proof FDC and Norway 20 Krone 1999 Proof FDC in the slip case as issued

Auction 147
Medals Stars & medals, 1939-45 (2), (3), (2), (2), & (2), (2), War Medal (5). VF or better (18)

Auction 147
Medals & group of nine, & Medals (J.51855 W.C.R. LamprillBoy 1 R.N.), 1939-45, (F & G bar), , & Stars, War Medal, Fleet Reserve Long & Good Conduct Medal, GVR issue (Sto.1. R.F.R.). Mounted as worn on frayed ribbons, VF. (9)
£90 London Coins : A147 : Lot 1382 : First World War & Second World War Naval group of nine, British War & Victory Medals (J.5185...

Auction 146
English Cased 2001 Marconi FDC cased as issued with certificate, accompanied by Book 'Marconi's Leap' by Gordon Bussey in new condition

Auction 145
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., certificates (7), and Annapolis short line Railroad Co. 1906, The Mohawk and Malone Co. 1892, and Railroad Co. 1880, Eire and Union Railroad Co. 1909, Utica and Black River Railroad Co. 1890, Fairmont, Morgantown and Pittsburgh Railroad Co. 1893, Escanaba Iron Mountain & Western Railroad Co. 1890. Some with cancellation holes otherwise GVF.

Auction 143
Medals A scarce Two D.S.M. group of seven to Petty Officer D.N.Garrett R.N., D.S.M. issue, fixed suspension (JX 134386 D.N.Garrett P.O. R.N.) , 1939-45 Star, Star with & clasp, Star, War Medal, Long Medal G.VI.R. issue (JX 134386 D.N.Garrett C.P.O. H.M.S. Daedalus (Fleet Air Arm Base)), these mounted as worn. Together with a Naval General Service Medal bar Near East E.II.R. issue (JX 134386 D.N.Garrett D.S.M. C.P.O. R.N.), GVF. (7). D.S.M. Gazette 1.1.1943 "For and outstanding service ... in dangerous waters ...). Probably awarded for Convoys.
£1,000 London Coins : A143 : Lot 758 : A scarce World War Two D.S.M. group of seven to Petty Officer D.N.Garrett R.N., D.S.M. George VI iss...

Auction 140
Medals The Official Emblems of the World's Greatest Airlines 50 piece silver miniature ingot set UNC in the box of issue with certificates, GB Set 2000 FDC in the case of issue, Medals (11) Star to 2.Lieut H.W.Perry-Gore, (7) Star, Star, Star, 1939-1945 Star (2), Medal, Medal 1937 in brass, Medal reproduction in Pewter, German Reproduction, in mixed condition, plus Silver pendant 25mm diameter engraved with a bird, Collectors Knives (2) 1983 of Morgarten 1315, 1984 Battle of 1339, UNC boxed

Auction 139
Medals 1939-45 medal group of five, 1949-45, , & Stars, last with bar, War Medal, mounted as worn. VF.

Auction 138
English Cased 2001 Marconi FDC cased as issued with certificate, accompanied by Book 'Marconi's Leap' by Gordon Bussey in new condition

Auction 135
Medals 1939-45 Stars (8) 1939-45, , Air Crew , , , , & & . Medals (2) and . EF (10). Together with other coins, medals & stamps. In display cases. only not suitable for posting.

Auction 134
Medals R.C.A.F. group of four, 1939-45 and Stars, and Medals to F/O H.R.Cuddon. Together with a Observers and Air Gunners Flying Log Book, cloth and metal s & insignia and buttons, Air Firing and Bombing silver

Auction 126
Medals 25th of the Charter 1966 a 2-medal set each 1 Troy ounce of 22 carat gold depicting Franklin D. and Winston FDC cased as issued with certificate number 171 out of only 250 sets issued

Auction 126
Medals 1939-45 Medals & Stars (9), 1929-45, with F.&G. bar, , , & & Stars. (2) and War Medal. GVF

Auction 125
Medals group of four attributed to Flight Sgt. R.O.Cowley, 1939-45 & Stars, & War Medals. In glazed display case with photograph of Cowley in uniform and cloth "AG" . EF.

Auction 123
English Cased 2001 Marconi Wireless FDC cased as issued with certificate, comes with book 'Marconi's Leap' by Gordon Bussey new condition

Auction 123
Medals 1939-45 Stars & Medals (9), 1939-45, , , , , , & , & Medal. EF

Auction 123
Bonds and Shares U.S.A., 28 insurance policies, dated 1872-1930, titles include, , 1895, Mutual Life, 1905, Niagara Fire, 1930, German n, 1884, Glens Falls , 1874, Trans Fire, 1885, National Fire, 1899, , 1888, Merchants Insurance, 1872, City Insurance of Pittsburgh, 1888, many with vignettes, lot includes a few sundry related items, mostly F-VF. (28).

Auction 123
Medals 1939-45 Medals (5) 1939-45, & Stars, Medals (2). Extremely fine, one War Medal lacking suspension rod. Together with a soldiers pay book for the Pioneer Corps

Auction 117
Medals Of Aviation interest (2) Trans Flight of Baron Gunther Von Huenefeld and Hermann Kohl 13 April 1928 36 mm in silver Obverse conjoined

Auction 115
World Banknotes private issues (3) Bank of $5 iers dated 1841, torn and Western Railroad dated 1862 perf. cancelle

Auction 109
Misc Items s (2) 'The ' Second Edition by Michael A. Marsh 1999 edition, and 'Marconi's Atlantic Leap' by Gordon Bussey excellent condition

Auction 107
World Bulk Lots G. B. (40) A Islands St. Helena etc. (31) all Unc and different Including 15 s plus earlier Tokens (9) Fair to Fine

Auction 101
World Bulk Lots (57) a of their possessions 1797-1995, Terceira, , , Madeira and St. Thomas & Prince all differ

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