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Atlantic : World Banknotes

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 167
World Banknotes & Obsolete Currency (9) in mostly higher grades average VF-GVF to EF-GEF comprising Confederate Richmond issues including a Rare Pick 45 (Criswell T41) dated 1st December 1862 number 78552 plate Z uniface and stamped on reverse "Issued at Montgomy/ ALA / 10th Jan 1863 / T. Sanford / Depositary" along with 17th February 1864 issues Pick 67 (Criswell T69-559) plate B series 2 number 3580, Pick 68 (Criswell T69-547) plate A series 5 number 92422 along with a 6th April 1863 issue Pick 61b (Criswell T67-517) plate D series 2 number 8328 cut- and red stamp July, 1863. Obsolete Currency (5) issues include a Western & Railroad Atlanta, Ga. dated 1st July 1862 perforated "PAID". Macon & Railroad Company Macon, GA. 1 Dollar dated 1st February 1867 number 31458 punchole cancelled. Bank of Windsor number 159 circa early 1800's both signatures Emerson with different first names. State of 5 Dollars "Baby bond" circa 1870's date unfilled number 747 number 108427 with 5 Coupons for 7 and 1/ numbered 7 through 11. The Canal Bank New Orleans 20 Dollars Unissued Remainder Plate D circa 1800's reverse in red and obverse 3 Allegorical women at top, steam ship at bottom left and Allegorical woman at right with Bald Eagle above. An attractive group

Auction 166
World Banknotes World War II Occupation notes (3) in comprising 2 s Pick 18 (BY GU27a) serial number A/D 3629 signed H.E. Marquand titled Treasurer and the note printed on paper in blue with "2'6" in brown at centre in the underprint and the reverse featuring a blue panel at centre with the Guernsey Seal at centre, about Fine Minor Cuts/Tears. 6 Pence Pick 24 (BY GU24b) dated 1st January 1942 serial number X 0456 signature H. E. Marquand and the note printed on blue paper and in black on blue/mauve underprint featuring the Guernsey Seal at centre reverse, VF or near so. 1 Shilling Pick 29 (BY GU25b) dated 1st January 1943 serial number T 0728 signed H.E. Marquand Red on Pick 26 (BY GU26) and printed on white paper in black on yellow and brown underprint on obverse and brown reverse featuring the Guernsey Seal at centre, VF - GVF. The German troops landed in Guernsey by plane on 30 June 1940, after an offensive through and the government decided the islands were not strategically important and left them undefended which resulted in the start of five years of occupation. The islands were turned into an "impregnable fortress" on the express orders of Adolf and a fifth of all the defence works in the Wall were built on the Chanel islands. Scarce and interesting notes
£320 London Coins : A166 : Lot 268 : Guernsey Treasurer of The States World War II German Occupation notes (3) in comprising 2 Shillings ... London Coins : A166 : Lot 268 : Guernsey Treasurer of The States World War II German Occupation notes (3) in comprising 2 Shillings ...

Auction 165
World Banknotes Obsolete & Fractional Currency along with States issues (58) in mixed grades comprising The County Bank Calais dated March 1806. The Citizens' Bank of New Orleans 5 Dollars unissued remainder "FIVE" in cursive pink font at lower centre. The Citizens Bank of Louisiana Shreveport unissued remainder "TEN10TEN" in green at lower centre. The State of 1st January 1863 Montgomery issues (3) 25 cents, 50 cents and 1 Dollar. The Central bank of Alabama Montgomery 1 Dollar unissued remainder "ONE" in red at lower centre. Augusta Insurance & banking Co. Augusta (4) dated 12th March 1862 horse running from train at upper centre, 1 Dollar dated on Christmas Eve 24th December 1861 Man watering horse at centre left Red underprint, 5 Dollars dated 10th March 1860 (?) man and barrels at lower left and girl child at lower right and red underprints, 1 Dollar dated 18th March 1862 blacksmith at upper centre. The cochitate Bank (2) 2 dollars blacksmith resting at upper left and 5 dollars sailing paddle steamship at sea surrounded by smaller vessels at upper left. The of New Amboy State of 1 Dollar dated 10th July 1856 Farm animals at upper centre man with hat sitting at lower left. The Valley Bank of land Haggerstown 5 Dollars dated 1856 Woman and anchor on shore and stormy seas and ship in background at upper centre "FIVE" in red at lower centre. The Egg Harbor Bank New Jersey dated 1861 dogs herding elk at upper centre "ONE" in green at lower centre. The Bank of Clarandon at Fayetteville State of 5 Dollars dated 1st November 1855 "FIVE" in red at lower centre. Fractional Currency Pick 124, Pick 123a (2), Pick 122b, 10 Cents Pick 98c, Pick 105a. Along with St. Louis, MO- Terre Haute Alton & St. Louis Rail Road Company 10 Dollars dated 21st March 1859, this railroad was part of the & rail line. The Merchants Bank, Augusta, Georgia 5 and 10 Dollars both dated 1st October 1861 and both promise to pay Mr David L. Roath. The State of e 1863 issues (3) 10, 25 and 50 cents. a Silver Dollar Martha Washington Pick 321. The State of North Carolina Raleigh (3) 5 Cents 1st January 1866, 1 Dollar 1st January 1866 and 2 Dollars 6th October 1861. The State of Missisipi (10) 25 Cents 1st May 1864, 1 Dollar Cotton Pledged underprint in green dated 1st May 1862, 2 Dollars dated 1st May 1862 (2) Cotton Pledged underprint in green and blue, dated 1st May 1862 Cotton Pledged underprint in green, 5 Dollars dated 1st May 1862 Cotton pledged underprint in green, 10 Dollars dated 1st May 1862 Faith of the State Pledged underprint in blue, (2) dated 1st May 1862 Cotton Pledged underprint in green and 7th March 1862 Cotton pledged underprint in grey, dated 1st May 1862 Cotton pledged underprint in green. Also includes an assortment of unissued remainders from various issuers

Auction 115
World Banknotes private issues (3) Bank of $5 iers dated 1841, torn and Western Railroad dated 1862 perf. cancelle

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