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Asia : World Cased and Proof Coins

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 166
World Cased 1998 Culture of the Dragon One nFDC in capsule, 1990 KM#246 Silver Proof nFDC retaining almost full mint brilliance, China Numismatic First Day Covers (4) 1990 11th n Games One Yuan coin and set of 3x stamps 30 Fen, 20 Fen and 10 Fen, 1992 s comprising 10 Yuan 1990 High Jumper Silver Proof KM#302 and 25 Fen stamp on the envelope of issue, 1992 Barcelona Olympics comprising 10 Yuan 1990 Diver Silver Proof KM#301 with 50 Fen stamp, 1996 Olympics Centennial comprising 10 Yuan 1993 Fencing KM#524 Silver Proof nFDC and 20 Fen stamp on the envelope of issue

Auction 162
World Cased The Judean Coin Collection a 14-coin set 134BC-79AD John Hyrcanus I to Vespn a coin from each emperor, in mixed grades, in a presentation box with certificate, II The 90th Birthday Coin Collection a 19-coin set comprising issues from , Pre-Decimal GB issues, and , by 'The Bradford Exchange' all plated in a presentation box most with certificates, also 'The Millionaires Collection' a 6-coin set includes three pieces in plated gold these weighing around 4 grammes each, the others in .925 silver, Crowns (3) 1891 Fine, 1894 LVIII Near Fine, 1953 EF, Five Pound Crown 2006 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday Proof FDC, Ten Dollars 2006 Proof in gold plated base metal, Isle of Man Five Pound Crowns 2006 (2) with different reverse designs UNC, and Penny 1908 VG, in a Westminster box, Five Pound Crowns (19) 1998 Prince of 50th Birthday (3), 1999 (3), 2000 100th Birthday, 2005 200th of the of , Crowns (2) 1972 Queen Elizabeth II and Wedding, 1981 of and Lady Spencer GEF to UNC, along with a George V Fantasy Sovereign Token

Auction 159
World Cased South 1986 Seoul South East n Games a 5-coin set 20000 Won (2), 10000 Won (2) these Proofs, with 1000 Won - Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate, South Korea Proof Set 1988 Seoul s (5 coins) 10000 Won Silver Proof, 5000 Won Silver Proofs (2), 2000 Nickel Proof, 1000 Won Cupro-Nickel Proof, FDC in the box of issue with certificate, Mint Set 1980 UNC boxed, Proof Sets 1979 2-coin sets the Development Oriented Sets 50 Rupees and 10 Rupees (2 sets) nFDC in the cases of issue, along with unofficial sets and singles includes , and Siam (38, in mixed grades coins in total) and GB over £11 redeemable currency

Auction 157
World Cased 200 1977 9th Southeast Games KM#24 nFDC in the blue wallet of issue with certificate, the wallet a little dirty from storage

Auction 147
World Cased (5) 1999 Cricket World Cup FDC boxed, 1998 50 Years of Independence Silver Proof FDC boxed with certificate, (2) 1990 40th of the of Sri Lanka Silver Proof, 1993 2300rd Anniversary of the Buddha's Teachings in Sri Lanka Silver Proof 1991 5th South n Federation Games Silver Proof nFDC uncased

Auction 142
World Cased (7), 20 Ringgit 1981 , 1 1999 Malaysian Grand Prix BU cased, (2) 1987 Silver Proof, 2001 21st SEA Games Silver Proof, 5 Ringgit (2) 1989 Heads of State Meeting Proof, 1989 15th South East n Games Proof, 1987 UNC, (7) 1984 KM#32 Silver Proof nFDC, 1987 of the National Museum Silver Proof FDC boxed with certificate, 1990 Aluminium UNC in wallet, 1994 International Year of the Family Silver Proof FDC boxed with certificate, 1996 World Trade Organization Silver Proof FDC boxed with certificate, 1995 Bimetallic A/UNC, 2000 Bimetallic A/UNC

Auction 141
World Cased 2005 4th East n Games FDC in the tin of issue with certificate

Auction 138
World Cased (2) 1998 19th Conference of East n Insurance Congress FDC cased as issued, no certificate , 100 Patacas 1980 Silver Proof FDC in the red case of issue with certificate

Auction 132
World Cased GB and World (24) with many in includes Proof items (8), Crowns (3) 1937 (2), 1935, plus modern recent Crown-sized n Replicas (11) these in mixed grades, in a Westminster box

Auction 123
World Cased Mint Set 1986 n Games Seoul 5 coins 20,000 Won (2) in torch bearer and Pul Guk Temple KM44 and 45, 10,000 Won (2) in silver soccer and tennis KM42 and 43, 1000 Won - Lion Dance KM 41 BU in a brown velvet hard case

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