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25 Ringgit

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Auction 161
English Bulk Lots GB and World (525) GB Crowns 1977 (103) GEF to UNC, Falkland Islands 1977 Jubilee (44) A/UNC to UNC, Jersey Crowns 1977 Silver Jubilee (15) GEF to UNC, Malaysia 1982 25th Anniversary of Independence KM#32 (47) A/UNC to UNC and lustrous, plus World Crown-sized (14) - 1960s and 1970s issues UNC, South Africa Rand 1979, Russia 1 (3) 1975, 1979, 1984 UNC, the 1984 Prooflike, GB s (298) EF to UNC a few with spots

Auction 152
World Cased World Proof sets (3) 1976, 1976, 1975, a 2-coin set 25 Ringgit and 15 Ringgit 1976, a 2-coin set 1976 25 Tugrik and 50 Tugrik, 50 Pence 1983 Proof nFDC-FDC cased with certificates

Auction 144
World Cased 1976 25 Ringgit and 15 Ringgit KM#19-20 Proof FDC in the red case of issue with certificate

Auction 143
World Cased World (8) 25 Ringgit 1985 Silver Proof, 20 Birr 1984 Silver Proof, 50 Rupees 1985 Silver Proof, 500 Forint 1980 Silver Proof, 20 Rufiyaa Silver Proof, 50 Gulden 1998 UNC, 10 Krooni 1998 Silver Proof, Half Diner 1968 Piedfort Prooflike UNC uncased

Auction 143
World Cased Mint Sets 1976 (2) 2-coin sets 2 and 15 Ringgit Wildlife KM#19 and KM#20 UNC in the cases od issue, the case outers with some darker patches

Auction 142
World Bulk Lots (4) 2 1976 (2), 15 Ringgit 1976 (2) all s FDC

Auction 142
World Cased a 2-coin set 1976 comprising 2 and 15 Ringgit Silver both UNC in the case of issue with certificate

Auction 141
World Cased (14) 5 Dollars (13) 1980 Proof, 1981 Changai Airport Silver Proof, 1982 Benjamin Shears Bridge Silver Proof, 1983 12th SEA Games Silver Proof, 1985 25 Years of Public Housing Silver Proof, 1988 of Singapore Fire Silver Proof, 1991 Civil Silver Proof, 1993 17th SEA Games Silver Proof, 1995 50th of the UN Silver Proof, 1995 30 Years of Independence Silver Proof, 1997 50 Years of Singapore Airlines Silver Proof, 1998 Charity Work Silver Proof, in the cases of issue with certificates, 1989 Mass Rapid Transport nFDC, 1997 KM#104.1a Vanda Miss Joaquim Flower Silver Proof, (2) 15 Ringgit 1989 15th SEA Games Silver Proof, 10 Ringgit 1989 Proclamation of Melaka as a Historical City Silver Proof FDC in the cases of issue

Auction 140
World Bulk Lots World , unusual and scarce types, 1976 y 50mm diameter, 2 (3) 1984 (2), 1990, 1966, Vijf Euro, 1994 Ski-Jumping, 2000 1976, generally Unc to BU

Auction 131
World Cased World Proof sets & coins (22) cased, mostly including Crowns and 1976 15 & 25 Ringgit. FDC.

Auction 121
World Cased 1982 KM#PS10 comprising 500 Ringgit , 25 Ringgit .500 , 1 Ringgit - nFDC with slight toning cased as issued with certificate

Auction 121
World Cased 1977 KM#PS6 comprising 200 Ringgit , 25 Ringgit .925 and 1 Ringgit - nFDC cased as issued with certificate

Auction 109
World Banknotes (1982-84) Pick25, scarce high value, printer BWC, GEF

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