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London Coins Auction 171
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Auction 170
World Banknotes - South & Central (24) a delightful selection of all high grade notes about UNC - UNC and different denominations and issuers. Comprising 5 Australes Pick 324 ND 1985-89. Pick 407c 1965. 20 Sucres Pock 121A 1988 without printers imprint & "Sociedad Annonima". (3) including de s = 1/2 Quetzals (2) Pick 58c 1983 and Pick 72a 1989. Also a 1 Quetzal Pick 73c 1992. Pick 22e ND 1966-92 signatures Mathews & Greenridge, TDLR print. 1 Lempira Pick 68c">Pick 68c 1989. (5) including 5 Dollars Pick 70d 1991. Pick 71d 1992. (2) Pick 73b 1993 and Pick 79c 2002. Pick 80b 2002. 1 Cordoba Pick 173 Series A 1990. (4) including 5 Soles de Oro Pick 83 1966. 50 Soles de Oro Pick 101c 1974. 50000 Intis Pick 142 1988 and 100000 Intis Pick 145 1989 this a Banco de print. e (5) including a 2 and 1/ Pick 119 1985. Pick 132b 1988. 10 Gulden Pick 137b 1996. 25 Gulden Pick 138c 1996. And a 100 Gulden Pick 139b 1998. 2000 Nuevos Pesos Pick 68 Series A 1989. Some of these notes with matching last numbers in the serials.
£34 London Coins : A170 : Lot 123 : America - South & Central (24) a delightful selection of all high grade notes about UNC - UNC an... London Coins : A170 : Lot 123 : America - South & Central (24) a delightful selection of all high grade notes about UNC - UNC an...

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (50) a in an album in mixed grades including higher ones comprising 1 Dollars Pick 58d (2). (5) including 1 Dollar George VI Pick 312 along with (4) including the 2 varieties Pick 315a without prefix and Pick 315b with prefix (3). George VI 2 Rupees Pick 17b prefix B/72. s Pick 25b">Pick 25b plate letter A s on India Pick 25 (2) prefixes D/25 & C/95. 1 George VI Pick 16. George VI 1941 issues (5) including 10 Cents George VI Pick 8 (2). Pick 7b. s Pick 6 (2). ese Occupation notes (7) including 1 Dollars (2). 5 Cents (2). 1 Cents (4). Netherland Indies (3) including Pick 111 and Pick 110a (2). . eille tram tickets dated 1941. " Trésorerie - Région Économique d'Algérie Pick 99b." 1943 WWII First Issue 5 Francs Pick 24a. 5 signature Makram Ebeid star in serial numbers Pick 164 (2). Premium Savings Bond 1 . 20 Mark. (6) si, si (2) and si (3). 1 Dollars (14) including Silver certificates blue seal Pick 416D2f series 1935F, Pick 419a series 1957A, Pick 419b series 1957B along with notes (12) including Pick 462a series 1977, (10) Pick 480b series 1988A (9) along with Pick 480a series 1988. Alexander Hamilton Pick 482 series 1988A. Post World War II Motor Ration Coupons (6) dated 31st August 1950 and May 1950. Includes some claimed. 20 Pick 49 issue 1984. 50 Deutsche Mark Pick 33d issue 1980 serial number KL1224224B. France Pick 152d dated 1989. 1 Fen Pick 860b 1953. e 100 Gulden Pick 128b issue 1985. 50 Zlotych Pick 142c issue 1988. Pick 133 issue 1987. 100 Pick 117a overprint issue 1961 (1976). 1 Pound Pick 53d dated 1995. Poland Pick 143a.

Auction 166
World Banknotes World (387) a mixed lot of notes, Travellers s, Cheques and Postal orders, States Contemporary Copies also known as Bubble Gum notes and promotional leaflets from various an countries regarding the introduction of the Euro. Some notes include 1 Jiao Pick 881 (100), 50 Pick 62 (100), ese Occupation Currency (50) including 1 Dollar Pick M5c (20) and Pick 111 (30). & (55) including & Regional notes and many issues. Specimen Travellers Cheques in presentation folders including n Thomas Cook & Son Limited, Manufacturers Trust Company, Fuji Bank, Banque Nationale De , Amro Bank, Amsterdam - Rotterdam Bank N.V. Also includes Yesterdays Money presentation pack displaying Boy's own paper accompanied by a 1958 coin also a Money of the World presentation folder including a note along with a Silver 1969 D Kennedy .

Auction 165
World Cased 5 Roubles 1904 NEF, 2 1/2 Pesos Gold 1945 EF, along with s (6) 1999S (9 coins, with State Quarters), 2000S (10 coins, with State Quarters), 2001S (10 coins, with State Quarters), 2002S (10 coins, with State Quarters), 2003S (10 coins, with State Quarters), 2004S (10 coins, with State Quarters), Proof Set 2006S (10 coins), USA 2005 State Quarters Silver Proof Set (5 coins), USA State Quarter Proof Sets (2) 2007S, 2008S (5 coins each), USA Presidential Dollar sets (2) 2007, 2008 (4 coins each), USA Congressional Coin Set 1989 Silver Dollar and - Half Dollar Proofs, USA Coins 1991 a 2-coin set comprising Silver Dollar and Cupro-Nickel Half Dollar Proofs, 1995S field a 2-coin set comprising Silver Dollar and Cupro-Nickel Half Dollar USA Dollars (5) 1986S Ellis Island Silver Proof, 1987S Silver Proof, 1990P Eisenhower Centennial Silver Proof, 1991P n War Memorial Silver Proof, 1992S US s - Baseball Player Silver Proof, USA Half Dollars (5) 1982S Silver Proof, 1982D George Washington Silver UNC, 1986S 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty Silver Proof, 1991S Mount Rushmore Cupro-Nickel Proof, 1995SUS Olympics - Baseball players Cupro-Nickel Proof, Silver Eagle 1986S Proof, USA Bicentennial Proof Set 1976 a 3-coin set comprising One Dollar 1976S, Half Dollar 1976S and Quarter Dollar 1976S Silver Proofs, USA Mint Sets (3) 1990P, 1990D, 1996D UNC in the original plastic, USA Dollars Susan B.Anthony 1979 a three-coin set , and Mints, UNC, USA Cents (7) 1982P (4), 1982D (3), UNC and lustrous, USA Cents in a Whitman folder (56) 1959-1984 Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco issues Lustrous UNC, includes aluminium token and Cupro-Nickel medal UNC, USA Dollars (3) 1904O in a PCI holder and graded MS64, 1921 Morgan VF, 1922D NVF, USA Half Dollar 1976 GVF, USA Cents (2) 1862 Fine, 1904 VG, Halfpenny 1723 Woods Fair, USA The National Bicentennial Medal 1976, UNC, USA The Official Brooklyn Bridge Medal 1983 UNC in a slide case, Franc 1975 EF, USA Satirical Medal -The Oil Crisis, Reverse-Three wise monkeys in UNC, East Mint Set a mixed date set (6 coins, One Mark to One Pfennig) 1980-1990 UNC in a slide case, the 20 Pfennig with corrosion, USA/ a coin and Banknote set comprising USA Half Dollar 1969D NEF and Peru 100 Intis banknote 1987 UNC

Auction 137
World Coins 1986 150th Anniversary of the Birth of hal Ca Lustrous UNC with a colourful tone
£11 London Coins : A137 : Lot 921 : Peru 100 Intis 1986 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Marshal Caceres Lustrous UNC with a colourful ... London Coins : A137 : Lot 921 : Peru 100 Intis 1986 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Marshal Caceres Lustrous UNC with a colourful ...

Auction 105
World Banknotes 1940 10 (156), three different coloured notes (502), $5 P22f (30), 10,000 Intis 1988 P140 (25), £100 1992

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