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Auction 162
World Bulk Lots (5) 2 s 1879 lic Issue X#M5 Lustrous UNC , 50 (2) 1934 KM#2850 UNC, 1936 KM#2854 UNC, 1931 Mozart KM#2847 UNC or near so, some spots in the obverse field, 1939 Exposition KM#43 Lustrous UNC with a hint of toning, 1938 KM#84 GEF/AU with some tone spots

Auction 161
World Banknotes (4) & (1), Estonia 100 Krooni dated 1935, (Pick66a), about VF, 20 Krooni dated 1932 (Pick64a), Uncirculated, 25 Marka dated 1922, (Pick54a), some light staining to edges, good EF, 5 Marka dated 1919, (Pick45a), good EF, Lithuania dated 1991, (Pick47a), Uncirculated
£65 London Coins : A161 : Lot 266 : Estonia (4) & Lithuania (1), Estonia 100 Krooni dated 1935, (Pick66a), about VF, 20 Krooni dated... London Coins : A161 : Lot 266 : Estonia (4) & Lithuania (1), Estonia 100 Krooni dated 1935, (Pick66a), about VF, 20 Krooni dated...

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots World a small group (11) Half Macuta 1851 KM#56 GVF, 1927 Parliament House KM#31 EF, 1969 KM# 2 UNC, 1928 KM#24 NEF, 1930 GVF, Free State 1906 KM#9 UNC with some lustre, 1916 KM#561 UNC, 1897 Oscar II Jubilee KM#762 UNC, 1936B KM#21 About UNC and lustrous, (2) KM#84 GEF, 5 Litai 1936 KM#82 UNC

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots World a small group (8) - 1888A KM#510 Lustrous UNC, 50 a 1932 KM#16 VF/GVF, 1957 2500 Years of Buddhism A/UNC and lustrous with a hint of tone, 1897 Jubilee of Oscar II KM#762 UNC and deeply toned, 5 Corona 1908 KM#2809 GVF, 1938 KM#84 EF, 1939 Exposition KM#43 A/UNC, Austria 1 Corona 1914 KM#2820 like UNC

Auction 160
World Bulk Lots 1921 VF, 1936 NVF 2 Latis 1925 Fine along with Russia and Latvia (15) in mixed grades

Auction 148
World Banknotes =Pastresults&searchterm=Lithuania&category=2&searchtype=1" rel="tag">Lithuania, a Wilkinson reverse unfinished proof, value of 1000 litu, circa 1907, (an unadopted early design with an extra strip of coloured print), printers pencil annotation, stuck to thin paper from a book page.
£220 London Coins : A148 : Lot 285 : Lithuania, a Bradbury Wilkinson reverse unfinished trial proof, value of 1000 litu, circa 1907, (an ...

Auction 148
World Bulk Lots a 14-coin set (2), 5 Litu (2) and 2 Litu to as 1925 and 1935 issues in mixed grades, along with Litas 1925 (2), 50 Centu 1925, 20 Centu 1925, 10 centu 1925 (4), 5 Centai 1925 (2) NVF to EF

Auction 129
World Bulk Lots 200 Korun Specimen strikes (8) 2005 100th Anniversary of the Production of the First Car in Malada Boleslov, 2006 (3) 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Jaroslav Jezek, 700th Anniversary of the death of Wenceslas III, 500th Anniversary of the death of Matej Rejsek, 2007 (4) 650th Anniversary of the setting of the foundation stone in the Charles Bridge in Prague, 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Jarmila Novotna, 50th Anniversary of the launch of the Sputnik Satellite, 550th Anniversary of the founding of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, all Specimen strikes with SPECIMEN counterstamp, originally sent out as promotional examples, Choice UNC in capsules and presumed rare

Auction 123
World Bulk Lots World Slabbed items (16) One 1918b KM#524 (3) all PCI MS63, Indian 5 1936 Y#67 (3) all PCI MS65, 1000 1964 Year 39 Y#80 PCI MS67, 1947S KM#185 PCI MS66, Peso 1897 KM#210 PCI AU55 we grade AEF-EF, Philippines Five Cent 1927M ANACS MS64, 1936 PCI AU53, 1929 PCI MS67, Peso 1953 PCI MS64, 1000 2000 MS70 Deep Cameo, One 1923W ANACS MS62, 1871 ANACS MS64

Auction 117
World Bulk Lots a 14 coin set comprising all Pre-Reform Coinage issues as follows:- 1938 EF, 10 Litu 1936 NEF, 5 Litai (2) 1925 GVF, 1936 NEF, 2 Lit

Auction 107
World Bulk Lots 1936 average EF (19)

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