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Misc Items : Auction 118

Date Sold Category Lot Description Sale Price

Auction 118
Misc Items Abafil carrying case with 10 trays approx. 355 mm x 105 mm x 255 mm in very good condition

Auction 118
Misc Items - The Coinage of Suffolk by Charles ing " REGAL COINS, LEADEN PIECES, Tokens of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries", over

Auction 118
Misc Items s a useful collectors library Krause paper money catalogues (2) Krause Coin Catalogues (2), Spinks 2004, 2005, English Paper Money by Duggleby, pl

Auction 118
Misc Items s C.W.Peck 'English Tin and Coins in the British Museum' 1970 edition, J.J.North English Hammered Coinage Volumes I and II as part o

Auction 118
Misc Items Brooches (3) Four Victoria Coins on a pin and chain mount, Five Victoria Jubilee Head s on a single pin mount, Netherlands 2 1/2 Guld

Auction 118
Misc Items Coin Albums (6) for specific coin, Shop soiled condition

Auction 118
Misc Items Coin professionally made lockable with key 210 mm x 165 mm x 55 mm with four lift-out trays with all felts by Peter Nicholls of St.Leonards, e

Auction 118
Misc Items Coin professionally made lockable with key 250 mm x 200 mm x 190 mm with 14 drawers almost all with felts by Peter Nicholls of St.Leonards, ex

Auction 118
Misc Items Drawing of Jersey 234 mm x 220 mm made by Norman Sillman, the designer of the Jersey 1972 Wedding and Silver coinage, the vendor

Auction 118
Misc Items s an impressive many by C. Ready made in the late 19th century some reported as being offered in Seaby's bulletins from the 193

Auction 118
Misc Items s and copies of Ancients (27) c.336-500BC and Roman 14 BC-117 AD, all attributed and supplied with the original sales paperwork from Baldwi

Auction 118
Misc Items or a massive 85 mm diameter and 9 mm thick, and Fantasy or Imitation a massive 85 mm diameter and 9 mm

Auction 118
Misc Items Lindner Trays (8) to hold a variety of coin sizes, all in excellent condition

Auction 118
Misc Items Masonic - An interesting lot of primarily Masonic items including a group of elaborate crests, and emblems, keys, crossed swords, eagles etc. c

Auction 118
Misc Items Paranumismatic - s (14), Forgeries of World Coins (8), Spade s (43), Machine Tokens (123), and an unusual group of un

Auction 118
Misc Items Paranumismatic (55) a in two trays with strength in s

Auction 118
Misc Items Paranumismatica in two stock boxes a varied group includes World, Tokens, Jetons, s, Forgeries etc. in mixed grades (several hundred)

Auction 118
Misc Items (5) Double-Headed (4) Victoria Old Head, George V Small Head (2), Elizabeth II all being two coins skilfully joined at the edge F-VF, 1927 abo

Auction 118
Misc Items 1951 English struck about 5% off-centre with about 1 mm of blank flan at 7 o'clock on the reverse, plain edged EF

Auction 118
Misc Items Holders in the shape of a fob watch (2) one having at it's base the obverse coinage design of Edward VII, along with a 1951 boxed nFDC

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