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London Coins Auction 164
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1366 Sovereign 1831 First Bust, Marsh 16 UNC or near so, a most attractive example £3,000 - £4,000
1374 Sovereign 1851 Marsh 34, in a PCGS holder and graded MS65 choice and rare thus £4,500 - £5,500
1379 Sovereign 1859 Ansell S.3852E, Marsh 42A with the additional line on the lower part of the ribbon, in a PCGS holder and graded AU55 £4,500 - £5,500
1487 Sovereign 1920M Marsh 238, UNC or near so and lustrous, Very Rare, rated R2 by Marsh £5,000 - £6,000
1490 Sovereign 1923S Marsh 283 GEF Extremely Rare, one of the key dates in the series £9,000 - £12,000
1492 Sovereign 1926S Marsh 286, S.4003, rated R4 by Marsh, in an NGC holder and graded NGC MS62, now lists at £31,500 UNC in Spink £18,000 - £22,000
1524 Two Guineas 1681 S.3335 F over E in ET some light scratches between the T and I of GRATIA, the rim with a small graze at 11 o'clock, GVF/VF and a pleasing example with plenty of eye appeal, our archive database, stretching back to 2003 shows that this is only the second example, and the finest example of this date that we have offered £5,000 - £6,000
1526 Two Pounds 1823 S.3798 UNC or near so and lustrous, the obverse with some small contact marks on the portrait, a very attractive example the fields prooflike £3,500 - £4,500
1689 British West Africa One Tenth Penny 1956 KM#32 lustrous Unc a hoard of approximately 2,000 pieces accompanied with the original Royal Mint bag and seal. Before this hoard these coins were rare with the three examples we have previously offered realising between £300 and £460 and Krause lists them at $700 in MS60 (most or all of this hoard would be in much higher grades than MS60) £6,000 - £9,000
1900 USA Morgan Dollars a spectacular hoard of 286 choice grade Morgans 1879 - 1904 every one in MS65 and graded and encapsulated by NGC and in their holders. We seldom see Morgan Dollars in MS65 and this group appears to have be a long time being formed as it includes three different styles of NGC labelling current style, previous style and earlier style. The vendor has supplied us with the Grey Sheet Bid which represents what dealers active in Morgan Dollars in the USA publish as their buying in prices and the total for the group is reported to be $31,208 which makes this an ideal investor or wholesale parcel as at the lower end of our estimate this lot could sell for less than US dealers would pay. 1879S (22), 1880S (22), 1881S (59), 1882S (22), 1883 (1), 1883O (6), 1884O (31), 1885 (7), 1885O (21), 1886 (20), 1887 (21), 1888 (2),1889 (1), 1896 (1), 1898O (6), 1899O (12), 1900 (3), 1900O (7), 1902O (2), 1904O (20) all NGC MS65 £20,000 - £24,000

This category is split into 2 pages. This is page 2.

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